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15 Huge Stars From The '80s And What They Look Like Today

What defines a decade? For me, the answer is simple: it's the films, movies, and actors that we all hold dear. Whether you want to admit it or not, it's cinema that defines our paradigm.

One of my favorite decades, bar none, is the '80s — what a golden era it was! Have a look below and check out these 15 huge stars from the '80s and what they look like today.

Goldie Hawn

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No matter how much time passes, one thing remains — Goldie Hawn is just as stunning now as she was back in the '80s. Goldie is someone whom I feel doesn't get enough respect. She's a force on the screen and provides non-stop laughs.

Michael Douglas

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I feel like when I was a kid growing up, Michael Douglas was quite literally in everything. Not only that, but Michael was without a doubt one of the most well-rounded actors of his age, doing everything from hard-hitting dramas to sidesplitting comedies.


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Although she's not known for it today, back in the '80s and into the mid-90s, Madonna was one of the most sought-after actresses on the planet. She even took home a Golden Globe for her career-defining role in Evita.

Harrison Ford

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If you had to name the top three coolest actors of all time, it would have to be James Dean, Marlon Brando, and Harrison Ford. I mean for goodness sakes, the man played both Han Solo and Indiana Jones — it doesn't get much better than that.

Whoopi Goldberg

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Before The Color Purple, Whoopi was known as a comedian and nothing more. From that point onward, she'd begun to stake her claim as one of the most talented actresses in all of Hollywood.

I still get chills every time I watch.

Christopher Walken

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Christopher Walken has crazy eyes, there's no denying that. He also happens to be one of the more divisive actors on this list. Is he a genius, an aloof idiot, or something in-between? The answer will be debated for generations to come.

Drew Barrymore

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By the time most of us were learning to walk and use the toilet, Drew was already starring in feature films. Even from a young age, it was easy to see that Drew was destined for great things.

Mel Gibson

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Speaking of crazy eyes, let's talk about Mel Gibson for a moment. Before all of the controversies and DUIs, Mel was considered by critics, as well as his peers, to be the greatest actor of his generation. These days, all he has is his legacy.

Molly Ringwald

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I honestly don't know how many times I've seen The Breakfast Club all the way through, but I do know it's one of my favorite films to quote. I also used to have a huge crush on Molly, but that's neither here nor there.

Bill Murray

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To say that Bill Murray is an enigma doesn't even begin to do the man justice. It goes without saying that there will never again be another person quite like him. He's a legend whose comedic timing just gets better with age.

Glenn Close

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If you want to see two actors performing at the top of their game and at the height of their fame, look no further than Fatal Attraction. It's a haunting film of lust and obsession and should be considered a must-watch for any serious film buff.

Al Pacino

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I ask you, is there a more quotable line than "Say hello to my little friend!" The answer is no, there is not.

I have to say that Al impressed me in Hunters. I wasn't expecting to like it, but by the end of the second episode, I was hooked!

Sigourney Weaver

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This is kind of embarrassing for me to admit but I've never seen Aliens — not even once. I don't know why because I loved the first film, I've just never gotten around to it I suppose.

Robert De Niro

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If Robert De Niro isn't the greatest living actor, he's easily in the top five. Of all his incredible and groundbreaking cinematic achievements, Raging Bull is the one that I keep coming back to time and time again.

Meryl Streep

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Finding Meryl Streep on this list should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. While there may be some debate for the Greatest Actor of All Time, when it comes to naming the world's greatest actress, it isn't even close. Meryl takes the top spot, hands down.