30 People Who Just Did Their Own Thing And Somehow Managed To Get Away With It

Some people relish the chance to march to the beat of their own drum. My old roommate used to do this, but I got really sick of the constant drumming so had to move out.

That God-awful "joke" aside, I hope you take more enjoyment from these 30 people who just did their own thing and somehow managed to get away with it!

"Bird made a nest behind the bird spikes on a pipe."

Just look at how proud of itself this little bird looks. It may as well be saying, "Yeah, you tried to keep me out and I just turned your defences into my own defences!"

"Behold, my homemade pontoon boat..."

This is actually a pretty cool little build. I can imagine that they will get a lot of fun and use out of this home-brew pontoon boat! This guy could start a business of selling these as well.

"This man saved our dog. You can see our cat jumping out the window."

That cat looks kind of like the Puma logo in this picture. I like to think that this cat was too stubborn to accept being saved so just did it itself.

"A tattoo of an air fryer, because why not?"

They must just really love air frying things I guess? I mean, it would be even weirder if they hated air frying stuff and yet still decided to go out and get this tattoo done.

"A city made entirely out of toothpicks."

One person went on to explain: "This is at the Exploratorium in SF. The man who made it is oftentimes there adding more and talks to the kids about his art. This is all made from toothpicks and elmers glue!"

"Was searching through street view in Mexico and ran across this. I'm kinda jealous of it."

This could be terrible, but there is something about it that is just making it inherently appealing to the eye. I would love a go at driving it!

"These high-heeled chucks!"

The only problem with this is that the heels do not match the colour of the shoe's soles. The heels should also be white surely? Aside from that, I think that these are just majestic!

"This sign someone put up during my city's recent election."

Sure, you could vote for Palpatine as a city councillor. But do you know for sure if he's going to represent your best interests, and not some kind of take-over-the-world agenda?

"Played a little game of Scrabble using mini Snickers."

To be fair, I would probably also play Snickers Scrabble if I had enough of the bite-sized ones. Not all of us went out trick-or-treating this Halloween, though.

"My work truck, meet 'EngineGetter.' I use her to pick up engines for the cars I teach teens on for my free engine R&R class."

If it gets the job done well then that is all that matters! It's definitely not built for style that's for sure.

"My students' prank turned into the coolest thing ever: my own teacher fort."

What a great way to give yourself a cubicle! Also, I think that you could probably class this as a form of recycling, so it's good for the environment too!

"There's a field of froggy statues near me for some reason."

Somebody took the time to buy and place all those froggy statues. For what reason, though? I fear we'll never know, and will just have to accept the fact that they're here.

"How my garbage collector’s truck managed to throw this full bag into the tree and it’s suspended there like a horrible holiday decoration waiting for the right person to drop down on."

It looks as though somebody should take care of that, and soon. I would not want to be the poor, innocent victim that gets hit in the head with a bag of trash!

"My 11-year-old scotch-taped the phone to his face so he could play Xbox and talk."

I am sure that I am not alone when I say that the most amazing thing about this image is the fact that some people still use their landline phone!

"This junk mail came with two dollars cash."

They say nothing in life is free, but it looks like this might be the only exception! I would probably just pocket the money and get rid of the junk letter, though.

"I got a mosquito bite next to a tattoo and it made the letters swell up into 3D."

If anyone out there knows the scientific reason as to why this has happened then I would very much love to know! Also, the mosquito didn't suck out the ink, it was just written in white ink!

"Small carved pumpkin munching on tangerine."

"[I] took the seeds out by making the mouth large enough to leave the top intact, tangerine stepped in as a gap filler, and a snack," this person added. The top being still attached is quite a nice touch.

"A neighbor handed out Jello 'shots' to the adults."

As cool as this idea is, I probably wouldn't accept it from just any old neighbor. It would have to be a close friend. You never know what those "shots" could really be made of.

"Guy in line at a coffee shop brought this in."

This is like the ultimate hipster mode of transport and I absolutely want one. I was going to say that I need to buy one, but I think that even I could probably knock one of these together.

"Spider made a web in the same spot on both shoes."

Is this spider an investor in a large city? Because it looks like it is balancing multiple properties. It surely has a hold on this corner of the shoe real estate market.

"Someone accidentally left a capital H in the cover art to this book between the I and N."

Despite their best efforts, even publishing companies can get it wrong at times. I wonder how many copies they printed before someone caught the mistake, if they have even caught it at all yet.

"I made some chess pieces made out of hardware."

They are actually pretty damn cute. A few people did think that the figure for the rook should be swapped with the figure for the bishop, but I quite like it how it is.

"This is the best-looking terrible idea that I have ever seen."

What on Earth was going through their heads when they designed this car? Presumably nothing was going through their head, and yet it still exists. What a stone-cold travesty.

"When you’re a hoarder but also want to go out in public."

There are two types of people in this world: those who won't let you in their car with muddy shoes, and those who collect enough junk in the passenger seats to start their own landfill.

"You can charge your phone in The Sphinx at Luxor Las Vegas."

At the very least, I can appreciate the fact that Las Vegas did everything they could to make their Sphinx look nothing like the real thing. And frankly, with that charger on the bottom, it's very 21st century.

"This is how butchers advertise their products in Scotland."

I am actually quite partial to a bit of haggis from time to time, but it has to be really well prepared. No one should ever be subjected to cheap haggis.

They Are Not Wrong...

So many people were sold a lie about being a garbage man. By which I mean a person who handles garbage and not a literal man composed of pieces of that would be incredibly terrifying.

"That is one way for them to boost sales."

They must be very small hats or deceptively large packets of biscuits. A biscuit packet that you could fit a sombrero in sounds like the right amount of biscuits for one sitting.

"I made a hotdog out of starburst minis."

I have no idea why anyone would take the time to make such a thing, but it is really quite cute. I would definitely admire this for at least five seconds before I ate it.

"My girlfriend made a stew inside a pumpkin."

I typically don't like things that have a pumpkin taste, which makes me the enemy of Starbucks when Halloween comes around, but this looks like it would taste absolutely fantastic. I might have to try this.

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