20 Cool Pics We Bet You Haven't Seen Before

You really don't know how much of this world you've never seen until you start looking at pictures online. Whether there are amazing things or phenomena you've never encountered, or strange events you wouldn't think possible, it's all on the web.

Check out this list for yourself, and you might just end up seeing some things you'd never even think of otherwise!

"Someone on campus is riding around with a spooky friend on his bike."

I've seen plenty of Halloween-themed homes, offices, and even cars in my time. But this is probably the first Halloween bike I've ever come across. The way people get creative with their decorations is what makes this holiday so great.

"Every Vauxhall car built since 2004 have a hidden shark somewhere in the car. Found mine in the glove box."

I've... never even heard of Vauxhall vehicles before. They must only be a thing in Europe and the UK. Either way, though, that's such a cool little Easter egg to include in a car's design.

"These are plastic things used to keep a dead person's eyes and lips closed for a funeral."

Even if you've been to open casket funerals/viewings in the past, you've probably never seen those things before. The whole point is that you're not supposed to be able to see them, after all.

It's kind of creepy, when you think about it.

"A classroom in my university has a tree growing inside of it."

It's kind of funny how there are so many pictures of buildings with trees going through them around the web, and yet most of us have probably never been in one of those buildings. It must be so weird.

"The lighting through the Golden Cathedral Arch strangely resembles my dog."

Not only does that bit of lighting look like a dog, but it specifically looks like that dog. Down to the shape of the ears, and how I'd assume his tail looks. It's just missing a bit of mud on the legs.

"The Book I am reading has handwritten notes from 17th century."

OP explained why they have that book in the first place: "I'm trying to do research about practise of religious donations in Finland after the Reformation." That's why you probably aren't able to read what it says.

"I’ve noticed this tiny plant growing out of the side of my apartment building."

"I almost ripped it out of there, but I thought I’d give it a chance to live. Today, it sprouted what appears to be the tiniest orchid I’ve ever seen."

I've definitely never seen a flower that small before. According to Reddit user giantbnuuy, "It's henbit! It's a weed in the mint family and thrives in cool, moist shade."

"Interesting innovation."

That's actually such a cool scooter! It looks like it was made with one long, continuous piece of wood, which was probably hard to come by. You could probably sell one of those for, like, hundreds of dollars.

"Unnatural looking citrus."

Is it a lemon? Is it a lime? Is it a strange hybrid? A pomelo? Whatever it is, it doesn't look like any kind of fruit I've ever seen before, which is at least a little impressive.

"The mortar and pestles found in my school's organic chemistry lab are are manufactured by Coors - they even have the same logo!"

Yeah, so, apparently Coors also has a huge ceramics company called CoorsTek that no one really knows about. Who would've thought that the beer company makes other things on the sly too.

"Grandpa’s calculator from the 40’s."

I'm not going to lie, I don't even know how one would go about using this calculator. I guess I'm too pampered by the easy-to-read, easy to use number pad on my cellphone to understand this analog model.

"Found this tiny pumpkin in a shop."

Just when you thought you'd seen it all, think again. Apparently, pumpkins come in super huge, large, regular, small, and unbearably tiny.

It looks like there's only enough here for a single pumpkin spice muffin or latte.

"Australian world map."

I guess when you think about it, there's no reason why north has to be up, and south has to be down. Sure, it throws the whole Never Eat Shredded Wheat mnemonic down the drain, but it'll also show you how well you really know your world geography.

"Stephen King reading a book at the Red Sox game."

It's so strange, seeing a famous person doing the most normal thing at an admittedly not-so-normal place. Hopefully he isn't missing any of the action by focusing on that book in his hands.

"The view from inside the drum of a concrete mixer truck."

Even though that mixer looks pretty empty, just looking at this picture makes me feel unsafe. I definitely wouldn't be going inside of the drum myself, so this picture at least shows us a view none of us would be brave enough to try and see for ourselves.

"Just trying to ride a bike near a nesting magpie."

On one hand, I'm kind of horrified that this happened. On the other hand, I'm actually really impressed that this person was able to get a picture of the magpie in the middle of the act.

"Black squirrels are a thing."

Today I learned that black squirrels are only really found in one area of North America (Ontario, Michigan, and other states near the Great Lakes). Here I was thinking they were super common. I saw, like, 5 of them on a walk the other day.

"This Red Corn from Georgia looks like its been soaked in blood."

Funny enough, a bunch of the comments on the original Reddit post talk about how much this looks like a strange pomegranate. Now that they've said it, I can't see anything else.

"A coatrack with titanium total joint prostheses as coat hooks at my work."

You usually don't see these things, like, at all. Anyone who has a titanium joint has it... inside of their bodies, so it's not like it'd be on display.

This rack, on the other hand, has a bunch of them on display. Hopefully they aren't used...

"Raven confronting a seagull."

Something about this seems forbidden, or cursed, or something. The fact that these two different species of birds are interacting with one another doesn't seem like it should be allowed to happen. They should both just mind their own bird business.

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