20 Irritating Pics Tailor Made To Make Control Freaks Squirm

There's nothing worse than having your day ruined by something irritating. Sometimes, it happens because someone else is out to get you (or is just super careless). Other times, it's because of something you can't control.

Get ready to have your day ruined, because these irritating things are probably going to make you shudder in annoyance. What utter messes they all are.

"Accidentally dropped tuna can in my sink…"

On one hand. the fact that the can was the exact size to fit in the drain is a little bit satisfying. But on the other hand... trying to get that out is going to be an absolute nightmare.

"I set a password on a note from years ago. This is the hint I left for myself."

Don't you ever want to go back in time and kick a younger version of yourself in the shins? Because this seems like the exact thing younger me would do, and I'd react in that exact way.

"Someone locked my brake cable in with their bike."

You kind of have two options here: either wait until the other person comes back, or find some way to break the lock. They did this to themselves when they messed with someone else's bike, after all.

"This parking lot at my grandparents' house."

The spots in the middle and the back are one thing, since they have to accommodate for the weird bend in the lot. But those two at the front are... really frustrating to look at. Why are they so crooked?

"My stepdad opens every pack of tea like this without fail."

The worst thing about packages is that, once you tear them open, there's no going back. I don't see why some people have hard time grasping that, since they love to just tear boxes and bags all willy-nilly. Or maybe they just don't care.

"The tile at my doctor's office."

I'm glad this is just a picture, and I'm not actually in that doctor's office. Because if I were, I'd probably be tearing those floors apart just to fix these tiles. That's how much it's bugging me right now.

"The [*sic*] was only one left."

I wish Minesweeper came with a redo button. Even if they took away points, or you could only use it once. To get so close, only to lose... it's enough to bring a tear to your eye.

"20+ plastic tags used to secure an $18 bath towel set."

I almost feel like, at this point, packaging the towels in a box would've been easier. And the worst part is you just know there's a tag or two hiding inside one of those towels still.

"My nephew cut a mango."

I know there are a few right ways to cut a mango, but not like this. Never like this.

I didn't even know you could cut through the pit. Did the person who did this have super strength or something?

"A single ant just crawled and died INSIDE my 4K TV."

You know what? How dare that ant go inside of someone's expensive television and just die. What if I went to an anthill and just died on top of it?

Actually, the ants would probably like that, as morbid as it is.

"Mold on food I bought today that doesn’t expire for a month."

I know that expiration dates are more guidelines rather than steadfast dates, but this is ridiculous!

I guess it's better to find the mold beforehand, and not realize you have moldy food after you've already started eating it.

"Literally just why."

This is just like that other set of floor tiles, but I can't decide if it's slightly better, or slightly worse. Either way, there's no way I could ever be in that stairwell without short circuiting. Not when that exists.

"My brother's phone..."

The cost to buy a screen protector and phone case to keep your phone from breaking is, what, like $20? Meanwhile, the cost to replace a phone after it's been dropped and cracked a million times over is in the hundreds. A clear choice, and yet...

"This server room in a hotel in London."

This picture is actually causing me physical pain. Imagine trying to find where any of those cords lead. I'd say it's probably impossible.

Some people just don't take cable management seriously, when they probably should. It's not rocket science, people!

"2 + 2 x 4 = ?"

This is such a strange poll. It's like the person who posted it knew that people would either think the right answer is 16, or wanted them to get really angry because the actual correct answer (10) is nowhere to be found.

"Somewhere in Albania..."

If I had a superpower, it would be the ability to move trees with my mind. That way, I could put those trees in the plots, thus making this sidewalk make sense. And be less of a tripping hazard, too.

"Halloween mask showed up just in time."

Whether you're hopping on the Squid Game trend or you have another costume in mind this Halloween, I hope your masks don't arrive slightly crooked like this one. Good thing the holiday only comes once a year.

"My Disappointment Is Immeasurable."

Everyone who's anyone knows that the pink Starbursts are the best Starbursts. I'm actually surprised that no one's made a petition to get Starburst to make a higher percentage of their candies the pink ones yet.

"How my dad leaves the kitchen drawers."

What's the point of having cupboard doors if you aren't going to close them? It just looks like this kitchen got burgled by a strangely neat robber who didn't even end up taking anything with them.

"My lasagna pan exploded for an unknown reason."

If someone asked me to name the saddest thing I could think of, I'd probably just talk about this. That's just sad. All that food went to waste, all thanks to a temperamental pan (or oven, or cheese?).

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