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19 Stories Proving We All Have Dramatic Dads

Oh, dads.

Some are strict and overbearing, while others are easygoing and think their dad jokes are sooooo funny (insert eye roll here). And then there are the dramatic dads.

These are the ones who go the extra mile to annoy their kids. It's annoying for them, but hilarious for us!

So come laugh at these stories people are sharing about their dramatic dads!

This dad who thinks he's soooo funny

This dad is walking a very thin line!

Pretty soon, the reply from his daughter will write, "you can no longer send messages to this person" or "number, blocked."

The traffic cones

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"When I was learning to parallel park, my dad used my sister and brother as traffic cones," this Twitter user wrote.

"I had to park between them. So my lesson consisted of dad yelling at the traffic cones not to move and me trying not to run over my siblings."

The practical dad

"My dad used to be so dramatic when he would teach me how do to stuff," this Twitter user wrote.

"Like that time he woke me up to change a tire in the rain. 'This might happen, and you better be ready. The elements don’t care about you son.'"

This dad's first day sending his son to school

While some parents pop the champagne once it's finally the day to send their kids to school, other parents act, well, dramatic like this. This kid should be so lucky to be loved!

This dad who censored his child

"My wife doesn’t want our newborn son’s face posted on social media," this Redditor wrote. "So she asked me to censor over it. Needless to say, I won’t be asked to do that again."


"My dad used to play in Street fighter tournaments in the 90s so i asked him, What's your playstyle in fighting games,'" this Twitter user wrote. He just responded with 'Winning' and left the room."

This dad who had other ideas

Ain't no one going to take his baby! Maybe unless he's a prince or a huge celebrity. This dad has high standards for his princess, as every dad should.

The smart parent

"When my kids were young and I was teaching them not to ever run into the street, I showed them flat frogs that had been run over," this dad tweeted.

"Gross but it made the point. I also showed my teenage son with a pushy girlfriend the cost of diapers when he wanted a car. Diapers or car?"

This dad who was prepared for game night

"I told my dad that I bought the game 'Risk' and wanted to play it with him," this daughter wrote.

"He said he’d never played. I show up to his house and find him with printed out battle plans and map strategies."

The dinner reservation

Dramatic, yes, but also so sweet! This dad just misses his daughter and wants to make sure she'll be joining them for dinner. This hotel deserves a solid five stars and a positive review!

This dad who took advantage of his empty office

"My dad was the only one at the office today, so he made this picture and sent it to my family," this Redditor wrote. If only he could unload his work on his twins!

The check-out

Unsplash | Nik Lanús

"When I was still living home my dad would say I know this is a hotel but you still have to check out when you leave when I would go out without telling anyone lmaooo," this Twitter user wrote.

This dad who got to hold a three-week baby goat

It's hard to call this dad dramatic when this would be our very same reaction! Also, can we just point out that this girl's dad is a splitting image of George R. R. Martin!

The military dad

"I couldn’t be 2 minutes late for anything without a 5 minute lecture from my dad on what would happen to a naval destroyer in the heat of the Korean War if any of its officers reported for duty 2 minutes late," this exasperated daughter wrote.

Rise and shine!

"that mf woke me up 7 in the damn morning talking bout some rise and shine WE PAINTING THE HOUSE and imma show you how to clean the gutters," this tired son wrote. "i didn’t talk to that mf for a week."

This strict dad

We can hear the dad's excuse now: "rules are rules, son! I can't make an exception for you just because you're my kid."

What kind of revenge do we think this son is plotting?

The dad shoes

"Put on my dad uniform today and began the journey of fatherhood!" this Redditor wrote. "I had to use my dads actual shoes cause my wife wouldn’t let me buy dad shoes."

This dad who picked his daughter up from the airport

"My dad told me it might be hard for me to find him at the airport because he looks so much different after losing weight," this unimpressed daughter wrote.

This dad who got his payback

After having his kids interrupt all of his Zoom work calls, this dad got his revenge! Since his kids were also on Zoom for class during the pandemic, he showed up in the background dressed like this!