20 Funny Pics To Chuckle At While You Pretend To Pay Attention To A Zoom Meeting

Attending virtual meetings is something we've all mastered by now, to the point where they feel like just going through the motions. The beauty of virtual meetings, though, is that you have far more outlets with which to distract yourself when you can feel it getting a bit dull.

I present you another such outlet, with this list of funny pics to chuckle at while you pretend to pay attention in a Zoom meeting.

"My dad had a small reaction after his root canal today."

There are people out there who would pay big bucks to get lips like your dad has right now, and he got it for free! Well, the cost was discovering he has a medical allergy, but that's still cheaper than injections!

"Thank you."

I like to think this sign was put up immediately after that crash happened as a sort of preemptive measure. "Maybe if we praise people before reckless driving happens, it will help prevent flips and such, keep this road a lot calmer."

"This shower at my Airbnb."

The existential look in your eye really says it all. Your heigh has its benefits, but at what cost? Is there a shower out there that you won't need to crouch under? A bathtub you can fully fit in? Is there an Airbnb designed for folks like you in mind out there anywhere?

"Sympathy Cake."

Is this the same tactic where you buy someone a gift that you actually want so when they admit they don't want it, you can have it? It really feels like that, but this somehow seems crueler. Not only do they not want it, they physically can't have it.

"Free edible mini pumpkins!"

This is a surefire way to make sure no kid ever wants to trick-or-treat at your house ever again. If that was your plan from the start, then I salute you, for this is an absolutely genius idea. Just subtle enough.

"Say ALOHA to drugs, middle schoolers!"

You know this was the result of someone Googling 'how to say goodbye in Hawaiian' and forgetting that this also means hello. Of course, all the parents who see this sign will only remember that aloha means hello and not goodbye. This can only end in a PR mess.

"Came home to my girlfriend and cat in matching outfits."

The boyfriend was being a good sport about it in the comments, saying he loved coming home to it as he thought it was cute, but that cat has nothing but pure adoration in her eyes for your girlfriend. I hate to tell you this, but she might be replacing you.

"Happy Weekend Folks!"

This is really how it feels some mornings, isn't it? These are the days that you wake up, glare at your window for a few seconds, then roll over and pull your blanket over your head. Getting out of bed can be delayed for a while.

"Privacy? Never heard of her. Only showers with full viewing windows in this house."

What? What? No way, this better not be some sort of trend in the design world. I refuse to stay anywhere that doesn't have a fully walled-off bathroom, even if I'm living by myself! That's way too much vulnerability!

"Existential bread."

He'd spent his whole life wondering what he would become. Would he remain soft white bread for use in a sandwich? Perhaps grilled on a skillet for a perfect grilled cheese? Dried out for breadcrumbs, perhaps? Nay, his destiny was to be toasted, and now that it's come, he doesn't know what to do with himself.

"This guy's face in a product catalog."

This expression reads 'trying really hard to relax and have fun but is simultaneously having a panic attack that he doesn't want anyone to know about. Why did he even come? He knew he should have just stayed home, but he didn't want to seem anti-social'.

"Geologist Finds Rare Formation Inside Rock That Looks Exactly Like Cookie Monster on Sesame Street."

This is an absolutely wild coincidence, what an incredible find! Someone's going to offer this guy a pretty penny for this specimen, but to me, Cookie Monster rock would be priceless.

"Why have a picnic table and a swing, when you can have the worst of both worlds?"

Not only will it feel far too unsteady to eat on, but you can't even use it as a swing without smashing your stomach into the table. Who designed this? Was it being an impossible fixture to enjoy the intended outcome?

"At least there’s one place."

The reaction here really depends on what store this is. Do they sell clothing? Then yeah, I'd hope there's nothing flavored any sort of way in there. Is it a cafe? Then why pretend you're better than everyone and miss out on some festive fun?

"Uh, maybe later."

Are they asking if you want some or if you have any? Either way, this is framed really aggressively. The answer is no to both, but now I'm also uncomfortable and would like to leave this conversation, thank you.

"My mom sent me this in the mail."

Your mom is a real forward thinker. She already knew that you'd be questioning why she sent you this, but instead of answering that question, she just acknowledged it. It does hint at her not having a real answer. She just felt like being a little silly.

"Rick's not here to lie to anyone."

Stores like this are my favorite. There's a charm in admitting that you're just alright. You're not here to compete with the big names, you just want to make a decent living on your own, and that's respectable. Rick, your gas station is pretty good, kudos.

"He’ll be waiting for a while…"

I wonder if maybe a stranger will come along. Maybe they'll strike up a conversation, talk about life and things as he waits. Either way, I think this man will be waiting on Godot for quite some time.

"This Jack-O-Lantern Will Give Me Nightmares For Years."

Forget years, that's a nightmare that will last decades. The scariest thing about Halloween isn't the ghosts or ghouls, the monsters or the darkness, it's the periodic reminder of all our adult responsibilities!

"I feel observed."

Dang, this cat has been practicing its sneaking skills for weeks now! It thought maybe it was starting to get the upper hand on the humans of this building, but alas, not quite yet. It's alright kitty, keep training, soon you'll be undetectable.