30 People Who Were Super Lucky Or Super Unlucky Depending On Your Outlook

As we freely traipse through our little lives, blissfully breathing in the fresh air and trying not to get too angry while talking to insurance companies, we all have moments of good and bad luck.

And so, bearing this in mind, why not take two minutes to relax and enjoy these 30 people who were super lucky or super unlucky depending on your outlook!

"This 5-inch moth we found in our yard today."

This is like something out of Fallout. Maybe they should get someone to check out the radiation levels in their back garden? Something is definitely interfering with the moths in this area!

"Today I learned that I sleepwalk."

That is pretty embarrassing. But still, I would rather that I found out like this rather than by waking up in a police station or a hospital. That would be pretty alarming to say the least.

"400 kg of liquid chocolate leaked onto the street after the tank containing it fell of a trailer. Sweet Mother of God."

"Oh no, what are we going to do about this truly tragic catastrophe? What a horrific accident!"

"Dave, could you maybe stop eating the chocolate off the floor for just one second?"

You Have To Take Whatever You Can Get!

Sure, they didn't get the right Woody, but they still managed to meet Woody Harrelson, which is something that a lot of people wish they could do! Good on him for still signing it as well!

"I found $10 while scooping sludge at my wastewater treatment plant."

I would have rather spent $10 to not have had to pick up this specific $10. I admire their positivity though, don't let life grind you down and all that jazz!

"At least the cat is enjoying it!"

I am glad to see that this food is not going to waste thanks to this nice white cat. That poor woman's expression of disappointment is unbearably relatable though.

"This really sucks, but at least it didn't make a mess."

I guess that this bowl was not microwave safe. That is one hell of a neat way for it to have cracked, not sure that I would still risk eating that soup though.

"I found a pile of snail shells in my car engine."

They could have found much worse things in their engine if you think about it, like a plague of rats, a thousand little figurines of Kiefer Sutherland, an eldritch God, the list goes on!

" least she's honest."

Either she will find him and prove that he is cheating or she won't and will be able to sleep soundly knowing that he is being faithful. She's staring pretty intensely into that camera though!

"A man got a skin graft from his scrotum to his pinky to repair a burn. This is what happened when he hit puberty."

I mean, it is not exactly ideal, but it is certainly better than having a big hole in your finger or no finger at all!

As Far As Spillages Go, This One Is Pretty Bad!

"Housemate is a beekeeper, his friend helped him transport the honey for the first time...two buckets spilled out and there's honey all over the parking lot. At least it smells nice," wrote the person who posted this.

"Lanyard caught on the handle and my keys swung inside the door as I closed it. Stupidest way to lock yourself out?"

The odds of this happening are slim-to-none, so I suppose that you could say they were pretty lucky. Although, I bet they didn't see it that way!

"I found a metal bat symbol in my yard."

Sure, you have an authentic Batarang, but now you need to be wary of Joker henchmen walking around your neighborhood. It might be time to fashion your own bat-signal in your backyard!

"Just trying to chill on a lighting post. It was later saved by someone with a long pole!"

This poor little fella was pretty unlucky to have gotten trapped on this post. Although, the fact that someone was able to save it is pretty incredible.

"Guess who will never throw an unsecured bottle of parmesan cheese into their laptop bag ever again?"

Time to prepare a nice pasta dish and then shake this laptop over the top of it once it is done. That is the only way forward!

"Well, I guess I'm the chandelier now."

There is a positive spin that could be put on this. You could just tie a load of fairy lights around their legs and turn them into a chandelier! It's the cheaper option and it could look quite cool!

"We found a missile while out blueberry picking..."

This person went on to explain, "We dug it out. Initially there was just half of a fin sticking out." However, I can image that digging a missile out would be pretty damn dangerous, right?

"I went into the office for the first time since March 2020 and found the kiwi I left in my desk."

Wow, that looks more deflated than a clown after realising they have just failed clown college. I don't know why that comparison came to mind, it just did.

"Splitting firewood and found a piece resembling the sky in 'The Starry Night.'"

Apparently there is a reason behind this occurrence, as someone added:

"That's burl wood. Something stressed the tree out when growing, i.e. injury, disease, fungus, etc. Wood carvers pay top dollar for that."

"I found the shadow from my sculpture more interesting than the sculpture."

Now you can just say that the sculpture itself was not the intended outcome, but the shadow that it casts was. This is the beauty of the art world, you can make up whatever crap you want!

"When you need to check the mooring lines of your submarine, but there's a Walrus sleeping up on the bow."

I know that the temptation would be to wander over and just roll it back into the water, but these creatures are not to be messed with! Cool to see one up close though!

"Amazon sent me 4 copies of The Aristocats. I ordered 0."

Look, this is undoubtedly a great film, but I am not sure if I would suddenly want four copies of it to turn up on my doorstep. It could be worse though, as one person added, "I got a bunch of zippers once. Just the zippers, ones for making your own bag or something like that."

"My grandfather had a red-headed woodpecker land on his leg."

This person's grandfather was absolutely made up to see a woodpecker! However, he was also a retired pirate with a wooden leg so the woodpecker pecked right the way through his leg which was a bummer.

"A classroom in my university has a tree growing inside of it."

Or does this tree just have a university built around it? Yeah, that is the kind of philosophical questioning that you come to expect from an article like this isn't it? You love it, you little philosophy nuts, I know you do!

"My friend works in mines and found a mummified mountain lion."

This is a pretty interesting thing to find, but I cannot avoid the fact that it would have been better to see a live one. Although...I wouldn't want to see one up close!

"A group of black cats out in the wild."

I personally would love to find this many black cats randomly in the street! However, I suppose that there would be quite a lot of superstitious individuals who might have an aneurysm if they came across this gathering.

"My friend has the best luck on airplanes."

Well, at least they did not do it as soon as they sat down! They got three whole minutes of having dry trousers on that plane journey and that is nothing to be sniffed at!

"Caught a shiny lobster!"

"Got her in Oslo, Norway. We ended up throwing her out after taking a few pictures. She was 36cm or 37cm long, so a bit over the maximum legal size," the person who posted this went on to write.

"This was taped to the door of the hotel room next to mine. Good luck, John."

Wow, I hope that John and Rebecca managed to have a nice discussion at some point. That is one hell of a note to wake up to when you are alone in a hotel room isn't it?

The Luckiest Day In The Arcade!

The story behind this image was:

"This little girl climbed into a Ft. Lauderdale claw machine today & passed out free stuffed toys to patrons unknown to arcade workers. The arcade was full of patrons who seemed to have great luck at the machine today."

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