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15 Lies That Are Still Being Taught To Children

You've probably been told on more than one occasion that a lie has no legs. Essentially, this means that a statement has nothing to support itself and can be easily dismissed.

However, when you're a child, it can be almost impossible to make the distinction. That's why we need to put a stop to these 15 lies that are still being taught to children today.

Collective punishment is actually a war crime.

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"That collective punishment is ok. First of all it’s not because that just teaches children that they should worry about what others are doing… which then they punish for later on because they are either bothering others or not paying attention to work." - Reddit u/Tombstone40556

"Boys don't cry."

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First of all, yes they do. To try and suggest that male toughness and strength should stem from their repression of emotions is not only ludicrous but it's also dangerous as well. We need to normalize men becoming in touch with their feelings.

Cracking your knuckles will not give you arthritis.

"That cracking their knuckles will destroy their hands. Like, just [expletive] say it annoys you, Jessica. Ask them to stop, it's not that hard. Stop feeding them [expletive]." - Reddit u/tropicalzhu

"Carrots help you see in the dark. Saw it on a kids' show." - Reddit u/Purplociraptor

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While it is true that eating carrots will help to promote and maintain good vision, by no means will your eyesight gradually improve with the more carrots you eat.

Lying to keep them from lying never works.

"In general, stop teaching "You will not be in trouble if you tell me the truth" if you are going to punish them. It's teaching them it's more important to not get caught, that your word means nothing, and to lie anyway as you will earn the punishment." - Reddit u/CrazyCoKids

A 4-year degree is the secret to health, happiness, and financial success.

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Do you know how many people with advanced degrees and Ph.D.'s are currently waiting tables now for minimum wage plus tips? Too many to count. I wish I'd figured that out before I decided to study Philosophy at University.

The correct way to deal with bullying.

"That if you are being bullied the two best solutions are: Tell your teacher. Sit down with the bully and explain how hurtful their words are," Reddit user cpdf98 said.

All this will do is make a bad situation worse.

If a boy hits you, that means he likes you.

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Why are we teaching young girls that violence is nothing more than a male inability to properly express and convey emotion? Isn't that just grooming them to normalize abusive relationships with the opposite sex?

There's no such thing as a permanent record.

"Your school record will follow you your entire life. My record from Mount Lebanon didn't make it to Venetia school. Venetia record didn't make it to McMurray, only a few miles away. Entering college, nobody knew anything about the schools I'd attended." - Reddit u/snarlyelder

Abstinence as the only form of sex education.

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Asking children to withstand from acknowledging their sexual feelings and emotions is a recipe for trouble. It encourages them to lie, deceive, and ultimately make decisions that may negatively impact them for the rest of their lives.

Stop teaching biology through a rose-colored lens.

"My 5th grade[sic] teacher taught us that our blood was blue until exposed to oxygen and that's why our veins looked blue. 10 year old me called [expletive] and got detention." - Reddit u/Caity26

The ones you love can't hurt you.

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I'd actually argue the complete opposite and say that the only ones who can truly harm you are the ones you love. The hurt that comes from the betrayal of a loved one is far greater than any stick or stone.

The truth about death.

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"When they don't teach children how to handle death and grief but they instead lie to said child to spare the pain that they should learn to understand so they can handle more in the future." - Reddit u/cmchris61

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me."

I remember hearing this phrase as early as nursery school, and oh boy — what a complete and total crock. We may not see the scars and bruises from words, but that's not to say that they still don't hit just as hard.

At the end of the day, your exams don't really mean all that much.

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"Your whole future depends on your exam results. [expletive]. You can return to education later on and succeed if you are motivated enough and don't tie yourself down financially." - Reddit u/Scallywagstv2

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