18 Times People Couldn't Figure Out A Weird Find Right Away

Have you ever stumbled upon a mysterious object whose purpose was unknown to you? That is such a conundrum. Am I right?

Well, if that ever happens to you, know that there is a place you can go. You can check out a special Reddit for that very purpose. Over there, people are always eager to help identify things in our lives.

1. This Interesting Find

Somebody found this odd wooden "book" of sorts and had no idea what it was. Apparently, the script is an old Javanese script called Kawi. The whole thing is called Lontar Kawi. Lontar is a strip made from palm leaves. Wow!

2. These Unusual Pliers

I honestly thought that these were some kind of pliers. But the answer definitely surprised me. Would you have guessed these were pizza pan grippers? Who knew these even existed, huh? I suppose all the pizza places must have them, no?

3. This Weird Table

Here's a weird table I've never seen before. What could it be used for, huh? Does anybody know? Apparently, it's a butler's table. Since I've never had one, that's why I had no idea what it was, haha.

4. This Pink Dust

If you find this pink dust on your ceiling, it's definitely a source of concern. No, it isn't black mold, but you do need an exterminator to handle it. These, my friends, are some kind of mites. Yuck!

5. This Kitchen Utensil?

If you found this small metal object with a handle that twists to vent something, would you know what it was? It also has some internal mesh and fabric. This is actually a burner you can use to make fondue and such.

6. These Strange Wooden Scoops

Somebody on Reddit thought it was a horse pooper scooper, ha, ha! They weren't too far off, though. It's for animals, alright, but you actually scoop their feed with those things, haha. That makes sense, no?

7. This Kitchen Fixture

Somebody found this fixture in their kitchen and didn't know what it was. Thankfully an ex-terminator chimed in on Reddit and said it was to kill roaches. I heard roaches and blanked out. I would be moving out if I were you, ha, ha!

8. This Weird Contraption

This contraption here has a wire screen and a hole along the long side about the width of a pencil. If you can believe it it's a holder to keep the queen bee and a few workers until they're ready to be released. Oh my!

9. This Strange Looking Thing

If you're a lover of all candies, you'll get a kick out of this find. Oddly enough, it's a candy stove. You would use a copper pot to heat a candy mixture to the desired softball or hardball stage. I want one of those, ha, ha!

10. This Interesting Find

Apparently, even the antique store owner didn't know what this strange-looking object was. But a clever Redditor identified it as a pony relay. They would've been used for telegraphs way back in the day. How cool is that?

11. This Weird Muffin Pan

Okay, so I've baked muffins before, but what the heck is this thing? Apparently, it's a cupcake pan. The batter goes in like normal, but you use a little less than for a muffin. Then you place the top on so the batter bakes in a cup shape. Hmm, yum!

12. These Spikes On A Fence

If you ever see your neighbor put these spikes on their fence, it's probably to deter your cat from climbing it up, hee-hee. That's really it, folks. I think it's kind of mean, but to each its own, I guess.

13. This Unusual Keychain

Somebody received this rather mysterious keychain at work. But I bet there's more to it than that. As it turns out, it's an amplifier for a cell phone. Stick your phone in it, and it basically megaphones the speaker. Nice!

14. This Odd Apparatus

Speaking of phones, this one has something to do with one, too. What do you think it is, huh? Well, what do you know? It's just a phone stand and screen cleaner combo keychain. Isn't that so handy or what?

15. These Straps On A Jacket

Have you ever seen a jacket that has straps or a belt like this one on the inside? Well, apparently it's been designed this way, so you can carry it when it gets too hot. How nice?

16. This Crazy Cabinet

I guess people on Reddit are much smarter than me because they all thought this was a game of some sort. And they were totally right. It's a Perus Sapo game. The object of it is to choke the frog. Um, okay.

17. This Weird Find

What is this thing with a hole inside of it? I thought it was some kind of funnel. But as it turns out, it's just an egg separator, ha, ha! The whites flow through the opening, and the yolk is left behind. Aha!

18. This Frightening Creature

I'm a little afraid to ask what this frightening wooden creature might be here. If you're the same, I have some good news for you. It's actually a very odd-looking nutcracker. OMG, what? LOL! That's pretty funny, no?

Weren't these odd finds so fascinating or what?

I had a grand time discovering the purposes of all these today. Isn't it so cool that there are people out there who can jump in and identify them? I love it. So which one baffled you the most?