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20 Times Real Life Proved To Be Full Of Easter Eggs

By this point, we're used to our favorite movies and TV shows including little Easter eggs — under-the-radar references or acknowledgements that only some viewers will pick up on.

If you're truly eagle-eyed, though, you'll find that real life is full of Easter eggs, too. Let's check out a few.

"Nachos for the win."

Reddit | shifoc

I guess it's nice for the furniture manufacturer to mix up the otherwise boring instructions with this recommendation, but it's kind of a cruel tease if you don't have nachos available at the time you read it.

"Under a cup at work."

Reddit | germaniko

This is a very simple Easter egg, but I'm totally here for it. Sometimes you're doing dishes or doing some other kind of kitchen drudgery, and seeing a happy little face might be enough to lift your spirits.

"Accurate tag on my t-shirt."

Reddit | Luromed

I'm wondering if the person who designed this tag knew they were being sarcastic, or if this is a truly earnest instruction. In any case, it would be nice if they gave a few more details.

"Inside my pizza box."

Reddit | BookerTree

I don't usually find myself vibing with and relating to a pizza box, but this particular pizza box makes a good point. 2020 was an experience, to say the least, and Tiger King was a part of that.

"Tree in the middle of the freeway decorated for Christmas. No clue how or why."

Reddit | immaunel

I love things like this — private displays on public land that spring up seemingly overnight. If this went up outside of the holiday season, it's even weirder.

"Just noticed this outside my local hospital."

Reddit | brandizzles83

It takes a creative mind to look at a fire hydrant and see its potential as a painted figure. The end result almost reminds me of a Lego minifigure. I wish all hydrants were like this.

"Hidden snail at the local park made me smile today."

Reddit | presstwood

This is simpler than some of the Easter eggs on the list, but it's one of my favorites. Sometimes the best things are the ones you have to discover for yourself.

"My dog finally chewed through his Christmas present toy and this unhappy ball was inside!"

Reddit | mattQW

It seems like dog chew toys often consist of a new cover on some older toy. When your dog inevitably chews through it, it's almost like getting a bonus toy.

"Realistic lizard decoration on this trailer."

Reddit | Churii

This would be an alarming sight to see on the freeway, especially if you've got a soft spot for lizards. Fortunately, not a single lizard was harmed in the capturing of this photograph.

"Found on bathroom door lock."

Reddit | tyrannosauross2

Sure, the handle could just say 'locked' and 'unlocked.' But that isn't fun. The wording here communicates the same thing, but in a much more creative way. I mean, maybe you want to do this kind of thing with friends.

"Toppled Pipe People New York, New York."

Reddit | zootedonamonday

This family unit of knocked-over pipes doesn't look exactly happy to be in their predicament, but they are at least pretty determined to continue to keep a watchful eye on their surroundings.

"Just found this tag inside my new shorts. Hopefully it works!"

It isn't unfathomable that someone's shorts might be the one factor that could influence a romantic partner to go on a second date, but I do think it's pretty unlikely.

"Field Museum in Chicago doing better then Isla Nublar."

Reddit | SirSimcoe

Since I'm a nerd and have nothing better to do with my time, I did the math (without accounting for leap years). Basically, this sign is saying nothing has happened in 75 million years, so their math checks out.

"This fake toast in Hollywood."

Reddit | kuriT9

Why would someone make fake toast and place it on a sidewalk in Hollywood? Some questions are better left unanswered. All that likely matters to the original artist is that someone noticed it and snapped a picture.

"Found while digging through some old CAT5 cables at work."

The length of a pterodactyl wingspan from the Mesozoic Period isn't a standard unit of measurement, but it's still valid. Maybe I'll start trying to bring it back, because it's far more fun than feet and inches.

"Donkey Kong sculpture on public square bench in Trondheim, Norway."

Reddit | ZemogT

These sculptures usually show creepy gargoyles or characters from long-forgotten fables. I'm a big fan of updating the old ways and basically replacing everything with Nintendo characters whenever possible.

"Cadbury snuck their trademark 'C' in the middle of their Roses' rose."

Reddit | JayOhEe91

This is a super clever usage of the Cadbury logo in an unexpected place. The swoopy, organic nature of the signature 'C' lends itself well to being placed in the middle of the rose.

"Little stone face tucked away in a corner in Sheffield."

Reddit | cello-mike

I wonder how this face came to be. It almost seems to be deliberately placed out of the way, in a spot where few people would notice it. Maybe it's the artist's signature.

"Roulette at Frankfurt Airport baggage claim."

Reddit | nikemater

I don't think anything could make the baggage claim experience less dreary and aggravating, but this airport is doing its best. Good on them for trying, but I still don't think this would make the experience fun.

"Hiding under a bag of coffee."

Reddit | andrew_1515

I like this, because there's really nothing to it. The small rush you'd feel after finding the hidden message would dissipate once you realize that there's no prize and no message beyond, "Here's a message."

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