20 Spooky Pics That Are Totally Shivering Our Timbers

The month of October may officially be Spooky Season, but I think that there's never a bad time of year to get your scares in. Every season is Spooky Season.

Whether you're reading this on Halloween Night, or you've found it in the middle of the spring, you're bound to shiver in your boots after looking at these totally creepy pictures.

Nice try, but I'm not falling for that one.

If a scary murder hole wants you to go inside, then you do the opposite. It's a very obvious trap, and I'm not gonna fall for it.

In fact, I'd probably just get the house condemned so that whatever cursed thing is laying in wait will get exorcised.

There's something off about this snowman...

You know, I didn't think I'd ever have to say this, but snow-people shouldn't have teeth. Especially not someone's actual pair of human dentures. Paired with the tiny eyes, this thing looks like it's ready to crawl straight into our nightmares.

"As I was lowered 70’ inside a 150’ chimney by a crane in a one-man basket this was the view into the horizontal venting of an industrial boiler system."

I can't stare at this picture for too long, or else I'll start imagining some monster standing at the end of that corridor.

"The image AI created for me when I gave it the text prompt 'My Sleep Paralysis Demon in the Corner of the Bedroom. Scary Renaissance Painting.'"

I'm pretty sure the next time I get sleep paralysis, I'm going to see this. Which means it's probably time to stop sleeping altogether. What a shame, since sleep is such a nice thing.

"Edge clothing store at the Miracle Mile shops in Las Vegas."

Somehow, these headless, handless, feetless mannequins are even creepier than regular mannequins, which I didn't even think was possible. At least if these ones came to life, they'd have a harder time chasing after us.

"This entire 70’s crafting book is a fever dream, but these Paper-mâché glove puppets take the creepy cake."

Sometimes, I feel like every kids' toy that was made before the 21st Century was made to look scary on purpose. Even some toys that are still in circulation (I'm looking at you, Furby).

That wolf puppet really does look like it'll eat my grandmother and I hate it.

My guess is it's an attempt to avoid copywrite issues.

The thought process behind this probably went something like, "Kids love Pikachu, but we can't use his exact likeness, so let's just make a terrifying version instead!" Either that, or Satan himself conjured these cursed Pokemon scooters up.

"I found this at a beach in Thailand I am not sure what it is but I don't like it."

It's probably some kind of dead tree (?) , or like a post or something. During the day, it most likely won't be anything to worry about.

But everything looks scarier at night. And this definitely looks like a creepy ghost thing.

"Saw this baby while walking into work."

Spotting someone's creepy baby toy hanging off the passenger side of a car is one thing. But if you find one of these and it starts moving, run. Run as far as you can, and don't look back.

This is a Face Swap double whammy.

It's bad enough that the dog looks like it's about to steal that girl's soul, but someone went ahead and Face Swapped the picture. And the end result is worse. Much, much worse.

"My little brother coloured in the Numberjacks..."

On the plus side, the kid's coloring skills are pretty good. But... those eyes. The eyes on every single one of those Numberjacks numbers are really bugging me out. I feel like they're going to try and force us to join a cult or something.

"This trailer in the back area of my job seemed oddly menacing."

Oh yeah, nothing suspicious about a random unattended trailer at the back of someone's workplace. Totally fine and normal.

I really hope this person decided not to get any closer and just went home or something.

Don't let the snowman in.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this is why you probably shouldn't build snowmen so close to your house. Or at the very least, have some blinds on your windows so you won't have to see your snow creation staring at you all night.

"My 9yr old son drew me a picture."

I'm, like, 85% sure this is supposed to be a scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas. But it looks super creepy nonetheless. The fact that "help me" is repeated so many times is definitely the freakiest part of it.

"A cabbage farm that kinda looks like a field of alien pods waiting to hatch."

Thanks, I hate these cabbages. They could be props in literally any science fiction alien movie. Even some monster movies.

And yet, they're actual cabbages that people will eat at some point. Do we have to start looking out for vegetables, now?

"My bus stop is straight up from a horror movie."

I'm not saying you shouldn't be taking buses, but if the bus stop looks anything like this one, maybe consider getting an Uber instead or something. Or calling mom to come pick you up. Whatever will keep you away from that.

"Found on the wall of a school."

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be comforted or freaked out by the quote on the door. Because it seems like it could be encouraging, but the execution leaves it looking pretty sinister. I'm not sure if Snoopy is okay right now...

"Homeowner finds doll inside wall with bizarre handwritten note."

I'm convinced that all dolls are cursed, and this really isn't helping. How do we know someone left that doll inside there? How do we know it wasn't the doll itself, just waiting, biding its time until it can get to its next victim?

"This terrifying garden decoration used to be a flamingo. Not entirely sure why it’s still on display since it looks like something that would kill you in a dream."

As if I wasn't already worried about sleeping tonight thanks to the sleep paralysis demon AI image. Now I have to worry about this thing, too. Sigh...

"A dolphin in a tank at night."

Knowing that dolphins are among the most intelligent creatures in the entire world makes this picture so much worse. The way this guy is standing there, watching... waiting... It just seems like it's planning something. And whatever it is can't be good.

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