20 Times Kids And Their Parents Were Just Plain Hilarious

Upon having a child, the lives of said child and their parents become completely intertwined for decades to come. Especially when the child is at their youngest, relying on their parents to provide for them and raise them in the best way they can.

So, it's no surprise that children and their parents can get up to some high jinks together. Here are a few times that happened, when kids and their parents were just plain hilarious.

"Just lost my foot after a motorcycle accident. This is the sticker my son chose to decorate my brace."

Kids who are of the age where they don't always understand the severity of situations are some of the best supports to have during those times. They always manage to make us laugh and bring levity to whatever's going on.

"Kids [these] days are like adults."

I'm obsessed with the girl who caused the traffic and her absolutely unbothered expression. Sure she's the instigator of a five-car pileup, but she doesn't care. She'll continue to sit here and make everyone wait for her.

Also, that kid behind her will definitely grow up to have road rage. He's being introduced to it early.

"My daughter is at the Ivan the Terrible torture museum. I consider this a masterpiece."

As you should, it's a perfect image. One that I'm sure you will always remind her of as she gets older, thoroughly embarrassing her for the rest of her life.

Or maybe she'll embrace it, as she should. She was clearly a pretty metal child, may she remain this cool as she grows up.

"Kids, man."

Kudos to the parents for the funny and creative means of dealing with the situation, but I do worry that this would only encourage the kid to draw on the walls more so they can build a whole gallery display. Maybe start encouraging them to do canvas work instead.

"Second day of life and my daughter is already not impressed."

In her defense, the first few days aren't exactly thrilling. A bunch of adults you don't know yet holding you and passing you around, you're in this series of boring white rooms, not much is going on. I'd get pretty bored pretty quick, too.

"My son received a playdate business card from a classmate."

Yes, it was probably the mom who came up with this idea, and it was very smart of her, but it's admittedly funnier to think that the kid came up with this by himself. "I need to streamline the playdate process. I can't wait until the next day to hand them a handwritten note from my mom, it has to be immediate and snappy!"

"My wife asked my kid to write in what he wanted for dinner. (He wanted pho)."

Sure, that's what he told you later when you asked. In reality, he was just feeling really ticked off that you guys wouldn't let him sleep over at his friend's house and was just getting some anger out. He just happened to have the perfect cover story.

"My 4yo and I did each [other's] makeup and he drew something on my chest that makes me worried for my soul."

Seeing as you've appeared to also capture a ghost in your photo as well as your son looking more than a little out of focus, maybe you should worry. Maybe you should worry and hire someone who can cure a potential case of possession.

"My son asked why there was a picture of a woman throwing a baby on the ground."

This is the perfect opportunity to teach your child a lesson by scaring them into behaving. "Because this is where moms leave their babies who are misbehaving," you could say, thus frightening your child into being good in public so they don't get left in the child-drop-off zone.

"How my kid views me and my wife."

I wouldn't worry much about this, I feel like this interpretation is nearly universal. Something about dads just makes them feel bigger and squigglier. More erratic, maybe. Actually, has your kid ever seen you get electrocuted? Maybe they just have that image stuck in their mind.

"My daughter just came around the corner wearing a lavender face mask and scared the absolute hell out of me."

Yeah, face masks tend not to look too flattering on anybody, let alone a child whose face is definitely too small for it. Maybe buy the type that comes as a paste that you spread on next time, just to avoid the ill-fitting look.

"My kid is 4 so his teacher filled in the written part on his first day. Horrible, but funny. He did come home happy though at least."

His saying he felt bad mixed with the bright red handprint does make it look like he was part of some blood pact or sacrifice on his first day of school. That would definitely put a damper on his mood.

"Going through my old photos and found one of my daughter plotting something."

She has absolutely perfected the evil, scheming face of a movie supervillain. It'd be impressive if it wasn't so worrisome. Her schemes will start early, tricks played on you and whoever else is in the home, escalating in scale once she enters school. If no one stops her, world domination will be well within her grasp.

"Son fell asleep while playing hide and seek."

No offense, but you must be really, really bad at seeking if it took you so long to find him that he fell asleep. Was that on purpose? Probably, and I get it, but the point remains anyway.

"Is there a more simple way to find happiness?"

Other than making a baby look funny? Definitely not. Given the sheer amount of inconveniences that babies add into peoples' lives, parents have earned the right to make them look silly in public for a laugh.

"Life with a toddler."

Something about them leaving the last donut alone is very funny to me. They felt the need to test every donut in the box, but hit that fifth one and decided it was so good they needed three bites. Then they were too full to even look at the last one.

"My dad said I worried him as a child. I asked why and out came my old drawings."

Yeah. Yeah, alright, that's fair. These are so on-the-nose concerning they almost seem fake, they're almost stereotypical.

Though, based on the info provided, it's very funny that your father saw these and only thought to be worried instead of actually seeing if you were okay.

"Before I had a kid I thought dogs and babies were basically the same. Now that I have a kid, I can confirm I was right. Three begging puppies."

As someone who loves dogs and has zero plans on ever having kids, I'll just take three actual puppies instead, thanks.

The two dogs do look pretty tired of the kid stealing their shtick. They don't get all the attention anymore and are kind of peeved about it.

"Stepped out of the kitchen for a moment & my daughter tried to help season the potatoes."

Hey, she could be onto something here. Dessert potatoes? Instead of adding milk and mashing them, add icing maybe? She already added the sprinkles, you may as well roll with it and see where it goes! This could be revolutionary!

"My daughter asked her dad to be launched into my photo where she struck this pose. Now she is convinced she is a real superhero."

Of course she's convinced, look at that perfect pose! She was born to be a superhero! It all comes way too naturally for it to be a coincidence, there's definitely a hero gene in her somewhere.

She'll be testing her potential powers for weeks to come until she unlocks her natural, world-saving talents.

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