30 Times Someone Found Evidence Of Something Cool

To find a cool thing doesn't always mean finding a cool thing. Sometimes it just means finding a place where a cool thing might have been, or that shows things aren't always what they seem.

These things are evidence of something even cooler (or at the very least, more interesting). They show that sometimes, the tiny details are what make a thing super cool.

"Back when Coke had the ingredients listed. Cocaine removed."

Well, I'm glad that's cleared up, then.

In all seriousness, it's crazy that cocaine, a drug that's now illegal, was common enough at one point to be in the most common soda in the world.

"I have used the same wheel and pedal set for racing games for 6 years and you can see the outline of where I seem to always subconsciously put my feet as I play."

I didn't even know you could own pedals for racing games. This kind of changes everything. Well, not really, but it's at least a really cool sight to look at.

"This monkey sticker has been on our fridge well before we moved in, 10 years ago."

It's hard to tell because that sticker is a bit faded, but there's a monkey hanging off a tree branch. I wonder who put that sticker there, though. (Also, did these people really go so long without needing to replace their fridge!?)

"Found where someone's been hiding these in Home Depot."

I feel like we weren't supposed to see this. It's, like, the forbidden Home Depot security tag drawer or something.

And no, those aren't from a bunch of stolen items. They're completely intact, which means they were manually removed by a staff member at some point.

"While on a morning walk two years ago I saw a rain-soaked photo album in a box on the side of the road. Curiosity got the better of me and I opened it. Every single page was completely filled with selfies of the same woman in roughly the same pose."

Well, this is evidence of... something. Strange art project? Someone with an incredibly enthusiastic fixation on this exact angle of their face? Yeah, who knows?

"'Thank you :)' was written on this hotel notepad by the previous people staying in this room."

It's nice to know that, in a world where people can be really rude to workers in the service and hospitality agencies, there are some nice people out there. I sure hope the next person left a friendly note behind, too.

"My sister got a mini starfish in her mussels."

I've seen plenty of tiny crabs inside of mussel or clam shells, but never a tiny starfish. How did it even get in there? I can't really picture what a starfish or a mussel looks like while they're moving, so I just don't know.

"Found what’s left of a car in the woods."

Nothing will wake you up more than finding a mystery car in the middle of the woods. Bonus points if it's almost completely buried in the dirt!

I'm trying to imagine what kind of stuff could be left over in that car and I... don't like it one bit.

"Body heat making it look like little ghosts are floating at the bus stop."

Cold air and condensation plus the warm air coming off people's bodies equals ghostly imprints at the bus shelter. But hey, ghosts have places to be, too. They can't sit around haunting one place for the rest of their afterlives!

"Spotted this vintage-looking ice cream truck."

To think, there was a time when ice cream trucks looked a lot more like this. That must've been something else.

Too bad ice cream trucks are kind of ugly, now. We should bring this kind of coloration back.

"This triangle shaped rock I found."

I really want to know where this triangular rock came from. It could be related to anything. The Legend of Zelda, the Illuminati, basically anything with a mysterious triangular motif.

Or it could just be a fake rock that someone left laying around there.

"There’s a cobweb on the part of the pin pad that we don’t use."

This has the same energy as when people use sprays and stuff to find finger prints on keypads in spy movies. Except this time, it's a spider doing all of the espionage work.

Never mind the fact that these people put their hands so close to a spider's home.

"Whoever owned my car before me had a Transformers decal, and I never noticed until my windows got foggy."

Well, if the previous owner wanted to hide the fact that they used to have a Transformers decal on the back of this car, they failed miserably. Leave it to the fog to ruin everyone's plans.

"My push broom broke and it gave me a mini broom."

The downside: it's probably going to be a lot harder to use that broom from now on. The upside, this person now has a mini brush for... mini brush purposes. I'm sure it'll be useful for something.

"Found this cool moss covered shoe in the woods."

I don't really want to know why this shoe — that's otherwise in pretty good condition — is in the middle of the woods by itself. But judging by the moss, it looks like nature is getting good use out of it, at least.

"Blockbuster sign still up in my town because nobody wants to pay for the removal."

I'm still not over Blockbuster closing down, so I'd be more than happy to leave one of its signs up in my town. They should treat this as a historical artifact and leave it up there forever.

"A Hungry Bug's Progress."

It's hard to tell which direction the caterpillar was moving in. Did it get increasingly hungry as it went from right to left, or did it start from the left and get less hungry as it got to the right side?

"What the head of a snake looks like in freshly shed snake skin."

Creepy? Yes. Gross? A little? Cool? Absolutely.

After all, how often do you get to see a completely intact snake skin? Probably not that often. Plus, the actual snake isn't even there, which makes it a lot less intimidating.

"Deer ate our Jack-O-Lanterns last night. They mostly left the bigger one alone because it had sharp teeth."

Who knew there were so many hazards to jack-o-lanterns? Teen pranksters that like to smash them, the natural progression of pumpkin rot, and deer, apparently.

Somehow, though, they ended up making the creepy one even creepier.

"The remote for my Sony KDL-46XBR2 TV still uses the original batteries from 2006."

Even though that 15-year-old television probably doesn't look as nice as the models you can get today, it's pretty awesome that it somehow still works off the same batteries. And they didn't leak or anything!

"This polyester resin cured in its container because it was so old."

I guess it could be worse. Since resin is kind of super toxic in its liquid state, it's probably better to find it completely cured than, say, have the container spill all over you. Handle with care, of course.

"The inside of a toy my dog destroyed from 'Bark Box.'"

I hope the toy that had this inside of it at least got to be lovingly used for a while. As in, not for a single doggy play session. Some dogs out there really love ripping things apart, after all.

"The way moss has enhanced the features of this carved sandstone head."

I like the fact that this head looks like some kind of ancient artifact. One that has crazy brows, a moustache/beard combo, and scraggly hair, but one nonetheless. Show this to an archeologist in, like, a hundred years, and they'll probably think this is how we used to look.

"UV damage on a red plastic box that sat in a window for 15+ years, vs one (same age) away from sunlight."

If I had to guess how old the box on the right is, I'd probably say that it's brand new. The one on the left looks like a relic from the 20th century (even though it isn't that old). Hard to believe they're the same age.

"A Hawk feather my husband found in our backyard, it is pretty big. Our backyard is part of their hunting grounds."

I'd definitely rather find a hawk feather than the hawk itself. Even just knowing that they tend to fly around this person's yard is a little freaky. Hawks are birds of prey, after all.

"I ordered a 119 year-old book online and quite a few pages are uncut- meaning no one ever read it."

You know that feeling when you buy a brand new book and you know that no one else has ever read it before? Yeah, this book would have that feeling, except multiplied by, like, 8000. So cool!

"Beavers helped make this table."

I've heard of taking inspiration from nature, but never of collaborating with nature to make furniture. I'm pretty sure the beavers have no idea they helped make this table (they also probably wouldn't care), but at least we can acknowledge their hard work!

"This spotted feather I found on my walk."

Here's another random bird feather, but this time very spotty. I think it would make for a really cool decoration, like on a hat or something.

Apparently it's from a Guinea fowl. That... means nothing to me, but still an interesting fact (?).

"Finally dug up the slippery stone block outside my door, turns out it was a headstone."

From the looks of it, this person's only been dead for 30-ish years. You'd expect to find random headstones from the 1880s used as pavers, not the 1980s.

Hopefully, the person whose headstone this is isn't also buried in this person's yard...

"My robot vacuum got stuck in a loop because of a broken wheel, and drew a self portrait."

Well, would you look at that. It knows how to draw itself. How cute!

Yes, cute. Totally not terrifying. It's not like the robot vacuum is showing signs of sentience, and is going to come to life and take over the world or anything.

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