20 Neat Things We Don't Expect To See In Day To Day Life

In this world, we should probably do our best to expect the unexpected. But even if you start your day expecting to see some super weird or random things, you might not be able to predict everything.

I'm sure the people who found these neat things didn't see them coming. But they made the right choice in taking pictures to share with the rest of us.

"Ben and Jerry’s is so expensive where I live that they have to put security devices on each pint."

I guess there are some places in the world where Ben and Jerry's is super valuable? Like, it's pretty expensive in general as far as ice cream goes, but this is a little extreme.

"Wooden escalator inside Macy's NYC."

That escalator looks old... I don't think I'd be taking any trips on it anytime soon.

You'd think, though, that a store like Macy's would be able to afford to at least restore the wood on the escalator.

"A neighbor built an entire haunted Wheel of Fortune display."

Some people take Halloween decorations to the next level, and I can't get enough of it. This one is especially awesome.

I just hope the prize puzzle round doesn't award a trip to Hell or something.

"Broke a wine glass, made a tiny chefs knife!"

It looks cool, but at the same time it looks very dangerous. As amazing as it is that this glass broke in such a distinct shape, I'd maybe get it in a garbage bag sooner rather than later.

"My fruit snacks melted into one fruit square."

This must be reverse evolution or something. If we wait long enough, maybe it'll go from a single fruit square to a single fruit.

Except it's from a bag of mixed fruit gummies, so would it turn into a new hybrid, thus actually being evolution all along?

"My husband found a NOAA sensor in the woods, there was a postage paid return envelope inside the plastic tube."

OP thinks it fell from a weather balloon and was meant for surveyors to find and, well, survey stuff. Still not the kind of thing you'd just expect to find while wandering around in the woods, though.

"I lifted up this tablecloth and revealed a perfect imprint of dust."

And I thought the dust collecting on my bookshelf was bad. On the plus side, though, the pattern is really pretty. It almost makes you want to not dust it away. You know, if it wasn't just the pattern on the tablecloth.

"My movie theater was out of butter and cheese."

There have been supply chain disruptions over the past year and a half that have caused shortages in the most random things. I guess not even our favorite movie theater popcorn is safe from supply issues.

"Crayola colored pencil factory goof. Supposed to be teal."

You don't think... what if the machine that manufactured this colored pencil is color blind. What if it messed up a whole bunch of other colored pencils because it couldn't tell if it got the labels right.

"My mom sent me this picture of a beast acorn! Fork for scale."

I'm sure that this person's mom was not expecting to find an acorn that size while out and about. In fact, she probably wasn't expecting to see acorns at all. Because really, who actually goes around looking for acorns.

"Someone drove a 70s ford tractor to Canadian Tire in the middle of the city."

There's something about the combination of the specific store, the specific location, and the specific vehicle that's really getting me. This tractor must've travelled a long way, just for the driver to have a chance to redeem some Canadian Tire money.

"Our group's colors happened to cover the full spectrum of the rainbow."

When I talk about color coordinating outfits with my friends, it doesn't end up like this. The fact that they had every color and pink (which isn't even in the rainbow but still) is pretty crazy. I'm going to be expecting this from my friend squad from now on.

"This marshmallow abandoned and forgotten in the back of the oven."

If you told me that this was a brownie, I'd believe it. But the fact that it was at one point in time a white, fluffy marshmallow is pretty surreal. The act three plot twist no one was expecting.

"Found a bird skull (I believe a crow) on the sidewalk today."

The sidewalk definitely isn't the place where you'd expect to find bird skulls. This one looks pretty clean, which means the feathery pal has probably been dead for a long time. That's actually super creepy.

"This mutant aloe plant found in an apartment complex window."

I can't tell if this is the result of someone taking really good care of their plants, or if the owner just let the plant run wild. In any case, I know where I'll be going if I get a sunburn.

"Map of the pond is a pond itself."

I know that they probably didn't mean for the map to turn into a pond, but they should've. It makes it so much cooler and more interactive. Way to accidentally transform a boring old pond into something a lot more interesting!

"Pregnant shrimp."

Can shrimp even be pregnant? Or is it just going to lay those eggs in a bit? I mean, either way it's kind of creepy if you look at it for too long. Creepy, and a little bit gross, too.

"My niece's skateboard she bought at a yard sale has 14 wheels."

I have a feeling this skateboard isn't supposed to be used as a skateboard. Its actual intended use is as much of a mystery to me as it is to you, though.

What a shame. It was only 10 wheels away from being usable, too.

"Squirrel found an entire cookie outside a dining hall on campus."

I'm pretty sure this squirrel is having a better day than I am. Look at him; he's got a cookie, and he's just vibing next to that tree over there. What more could you want out of life?

"Made a giant 2ft tentacle for my wife's Halloween centerpieces. It's hollow and can be used as a fake octopus arm."

Nothing more Lovecraftian than a giant tentacle that does nothing but... look extremely menacing. It would definitely be a conversation starter, though.

...Especially if it was being used as a fake octopus arm in front of guests.

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