20 Surprising Things More Out Of Place Than Michael Jackson In Men In Black 2

No matter where you look or where you go, life will always find a way to surprise you. Sometimes it might be through the discovery that toilet bowls grow on trees, or other times it might be finding that your cat has a minute thing that sets it aside from other cats!

With this in mind, please enjoy these surprising things more out of place than Michael Jackson in Men In Black 2.

"Sshhhh! It's a flock of wild toilets roosting!"

If you startle them then they will scatter, so be very quiet when trying to approach a gaggle of toilets. Also, if they have young bidets with them then they may become hostile.

"My new foster kitten has a men's bathroom pictogram on his back."

It was pointed out by a few people that this cat's name should absolutely be John, given this little marking. However, it came to light that his actual name is Ed.

"Found this in an old family photo album..."

I love that this kid's family immediately leapt to their aid instead of taking the time to go and get the camera, put film in it, and then snap a quick little shot of this scene.

"So I found a loop of paper attached to my cat's collar this morning..."

The person who posted this added, "Nala ventures in to the outside a lot. Luckily our neighbourhood is nice, so it's not a problem, but I was surprised when she had this on her collar." They also sent her back with a reply!

"This strange little chair-shaped coat hanger."

This little coat hanger will also helpfully double up as an extra chair if you have someone coming over who you really don't like and don't want to have to talk to all evening.

"He will be waiting for quite a while…"

The characters in Beckett's Waiting For Godot would have thought themselves lucky to have been stranded in a desolate wasteland if they were shown an airport after extensive delays. The apocalypse would be a mercy in comparison.

"Real talk I think I just found a shell with an ancient language on it."

I wonder what it says? Actually, on second thoughts, don't try and read it aloud, as if you succeed then it will probably summon some sort of ancient deity and they're a right nuisance.

Does It Run On Petrol Or On Wasps? Or Maybe Unleaded Wasps?

"Borrowed my neighbor's truck he never drives to haul some stuff. Wanted to be nice and bring it back filled up since it was almost empty when I got it," wrote the person who posted this.

"My mom grew a giant yellow cucumber."

I think that we will need a banana for scale and comparison, as the fact that this is not actually a banana is baffling. Also, what is she feeding the crops in her garden?!

"An old jacket hanging in the woods with a bird's nest built in the pocket."

It is good to see that someone is still getting some wear out of this jacket even after it has been abandoned in the woods. This looks like an item that would start a quest in a videogame.

"I told my mate that he should write a 'w' on this box..."

Look, he wanted to do as he was told so that he didn't look like a coward, but he also didn't want to commit to the juvenile humor. I kind of respect this level of self-control.

This Is A Crime To Behold!

If this was put up in a restaurant then I can imagine they took a real hit when it came to repeat customers. Would you head back to this establishment after noticing this horrific piece of craftsmanship?

"Finally dug up the slippery stone block outside my door, turns out it was a headstone."

Well, I would be very wary of digging any further down, unless you are in need of some very cheap yet realistic halloween decorations for this year.

"My cat has one little curly whisker."

Prepare yourself to hear the most adorable thing you will hear today, as one person wrote: "My grandma's cat had one of these and she always said it was because the cat had already used up one of its 9 lives."

"I found a dead robot in the woods out behind my house."

It seems as though someone in their neighborhood is doing some pretty weird stuff in their spare time. Either that or SkyNet really need to up their game.

"Around a lake in North England, people hammer coins into trees for good luck!"

This is one of the strangest good luck traditions that I have ever been made aware of. I wonder how much you could make if you went down with some pliers?

"My sister got a mini starfish in her mussels..."

It was suggested that if she eats it then she may get temporary invincibility. However, I really would not fancy eating it and taking the risk! It is pretty cute though all things considered.

"That is one way to boost sales..."

They must be some pretty small hats to fit inside of those packages. Unless you have to assemble the hat yourself, but who wants to have to build their own hats damn it?!

"I discovered a 5' deep sinkhole in my backyard this morning."

As far as things to find in your garden go, a giant hole which is nearly the diameter of a rake is not something you want to find in your garden.

Check Out This Adorable Little Tiny VW Bus!

This is one of the most painfully adorable vehicles that I've ever laid eyes on. I wonder how fast it can go? I would absolutely love it if it was insanely fast.

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