30 Funny Pics That'll Keep You Chuckling For At Least A Couple Of Minutes

The day is filled with tiny in-between moments. That time after one of your major tasks and the next, where you're left with a few minutes of stalling before continuing on with your day, what are you meant to fill it with? Just standing around?

Why not fill it with this list instead? These are some funny pics that'll keep you chuckling for at least a couple of minutes.

"This is music to my eyes…"

I understand the joke just fine, but the word 'continue' insinuates that your life was on pause while your piano was being tuned.

You wouldn't have been able to secure that promotion or pursue and romantic interests because your whole life stopped as soon as your piano started sounding off.

"When you forget cut your pumpkins teeth just add dentures."

This is immediately and infinitely scarier then having teeth cut into it. Oh my god.

The pumpkin itself looks pretty nice. Like, that expression is polite, if not a little nervous, but the idea of a pumpkin with human teeth makes it so unsettling.

"My 4 year old brought me a rubber band and asked me to do this to him."

He's practicing his angry face and needs some help figuring out where his eyebrows should go. He's had enough of you telling him he can't have a second serving of dessert. He'll be sure to express his frustration with ease and efficacy!

"A genuine request."

Would more get done around cities if we were allowed to put up giant signs asking for it? A giant neon arrow flashing at a nasty pothole, or a billboard rented out to ask the city to ask if the sidewalks on your street could be repaved?

"This very specific trash can at a coffee shop in NYC yesterday."

This coffee shop hates Halloween, and hates anyone who participates in it with any sense of spirit or joy. Let alone people who wear costumes outside of Halloween, like actors, they're even worse!

"What I’m 'returning' to amazon after refusing to refund undelivered item."

You can feel the cathartic rage with which this letter was written. You scrawled out that final 'NOTHING' and had to catch your breath after.

When Amazon opens this, they'll certainly sense the rage terminating from the page. They will know how much hurt they've caused.

"How they gave me my iced latte today."

I love a little quirky coffee shop with a gimmick. I think they're cute and make for a fun experience.

However, I'm not sure how I'd feel about being handed my coffee in a receptacle usually used for potentially dangerous chemicals. The mood might be off just a little bit.

No Vacancy! None!

Reddit | CapnFancyPants

As explained by the user who took and uploaded this photo, "We bought a 'Bee Hotel' made especially for native 'Solitary Bees', but woke up this morning to find [it's] been slightly overbooked by a swarm of honeybees."

"And a lingering smell..."

There's a 99% chance that last word is supposed to read, "farther," but when it's cut off like that, it really changes the context of the other words. You'd probably be in for a long flight on that plane...

"I don’t think I accounted for how daunting this snowman would be at night."

Wow! Extremely startling, thank you. A snowman constantly looking into the house, even during the day, would be offputting, but then the dark of night covers the scenery behind him and it's just the two of you. Staring at each other.

Hmm, I think it's a sign.

If you were looking for something to talk you out of breaking out into donuts in the middle of the freeway, here it is! Not that you should do donuts in the middle of the freeway in any case.

"Misfortune cookie, piece of paper was an insult and it tasted like charcoal."

They never said it was going to taste good. It has the word 'misfortune' in the name and the packaging features a monster. All those signs point to 'this will be a bad experience' and yet you ate it anyway.

"My kid was casting spells at random people at Lowes today."

I'll be honest, I have no idea what I would do if a child walked up to me and cast a spell on me. I think I'd just panic and pretend to die, which would, in turn, freak her out, so she'd start crying, then her parents would come over and ask what my problem was, then I'd be escorted from Lowes.

"At the Dentist."

Let's face it, we've all done that song and dance at the dentist. It always ends with us promising to do better, only to forget after two days, and then the same exchange happens at the next appointment. There's no use in lying, and yet we always do.

"Free edible mini pumpkins!"

If I found this as a kid, I'd probably get really angry and want to egg this person's house. But as an adult, I'd probably end up taking the whole bowl and using it for tonight's dinner. No in-between.

"Local church sending out death threats now?"

Obviously, it wasn't their intention to have this pamphlet sound so passive-aggressively threatening, but that really is how it came out.

Or, maybe, this is how they meant it. Maybe they're trying a new method of recruitment.

"My Dachshund buries new toys in mud then bring them into house once found, this is my sister negotiating for the toy back so we can clean it."

How could you do this to her? She looks so unsettled. It's a lot for her to process. That toy means a lot to her, you know? That's why she buried it in the mud, because she loved it.

And sure you could take it, but what if you don't give it back? She's not sure about this.

"Label on mum’s dried parsley jar."

To be fair, parsley is a pretty special herb. It basically goes in any tomato-based sauce, and makes garlic bread so much better. It gives you the kind of magical high that no other substance can.

"We all fight down here. You'll fight, too."

Could you imagine if IT ended up in New York city, among the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or pretty much any superhero that's ever existed? Pennywise wouldn't have stood a chance.

"I am the only one in the building today. Someone pranked me and scared me to death."

This is a pretty top tier prank. I applaud the person who decided to do this to their coworker. If only we could see the look on their face (both the prankster and the prank victim).

"And here I thought he was the Mayor of Flavortown."

I suddenly have an urge to dress up as Guy Fieri, mayor of Flavortown for Halloween. Oh, wait, sorry, not mayor of Flavortown. Governor of Tasteville. There's a huge difference, even if the frosted tips stay the same.

"My campus had a bunch of staff leave found this on the HR door due to her doing 3 different jobs."

We've all had days where we've been so busy we probably wouldn't notice if we were on fire. On those days, I wouldn't want anyone bothering me either, even if I was on fire. Just let it consume me.

"This joke on the side of a contact lens box."

I almost feel like we shouldn't even look at this box. After all, it's for this person's eyes only. They must be taking a huge risk just by showing it off to the rest of the world!

"This tire cover I spotted earlier today…"

If you're ever stuck in traffic behind this jeep, at least you'll have some company. If you're there long enough, you'll probably start to talk to it, consider it a friend, just for it to be taken from you when the roads clear up again. A fleeting, but cherished, relationship.

"For real! It’s nuts at times!"

I can't count how many times autocorrect has screwed me over. It's always messing with what I want to say. Because, for whatever reason, it keeps thinking people actually want to write "duck" in regular conversation.

"It's anti-bully week and the kids got to hang up their own posters."

"Sure, this isn't necessarily false, but it doesn't have anything to do with anti-bullying week."

"I just thought it'd be good to remind people."

"I'm...going to set you up with a meeting with the school counsellor."

"Spaceballs the Helmet."

In my mind, I see him curling up into the helmet like a turtle into its shell if he were ever to fall off his bike, thus protecting his whole body from harm by skidding down the street like a bowling ball.

"Took my boy Ghost up to the stables once, can’t say he enjoyed it."

Imagine you've never seen a horse before. You go your whole, say, first 18 years of life without seeing a horse. Without even knowing about them. There has been no indication in your life that horses exist.

Then, on your 18th birthday, you see your first horse. Would you not be a little scared?

"My grandfather’s assisted living facility on a street trying very hard not to use a ‘dead end’ sign."

The seniors who lived there would probably have had a better sense of humour about it than their families if that sign did say dead end. They tend to be so at peace with morbid humor like that, it ends up being funny on its own.

"My unopened razor deliveries. Remember to cancel your unused subscriptions, folks."

Forgetting to unsubscribe from, say, a streaming service, I understand. If you're not using it enough that you want to unsubscribe, it probably doesn't cross your mind, you might even miss the charge!

But this? You received a physical product in the mail you didn't want anymore and still forgot to unsubscribe for this long?

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