20 Crazy Things People Found When They Least Expected It

Do you handle surprises well? People tend to fall on a spectrum that has 'completely unfazed' on one end and 'immediately thrown into a breakdown' on the other regarding their reactions to surprises, and it's always interesting to find out.

The people in this list ran into surprises of their own, crazy things they found when they least expected it, and decided to share them with the world. They all fall somewhere in the 'must take a photo' section of the spectrum.

"This useless staircase I found in the wild."

Something about this is giving me really eerie vibes for some reason. Clearly, there's more staircase under the grass, so this has been here for a long time. What did it once belong to? What happened to it? Is the rest of the building just chilling underground?

"This kid’s mini Range Rover parked on a [New York City] street got a parking ticket."

This feels cruel. Sure, it's taking up a parking space, but it's a toy that belongs to a child. It isn't even a registered vehicle. Some cop must have been really bored if they thought this was worthy of a ticket.

"Took This Picture Right As My Mom Hit The Rough Part Of The Road And It Came Out Strange."

This picture looks like the visual representation of the sound that's made when you wobble a metal sheet. You know the sound I'm talking about. The satisfying one that makes you want to wobble every piece of metal you get your hands on throughout your life.

"My restaurant table was made from a bowling lane."

Don't get me wrong, I love recycling and this is a pretty cool system, but is are bowling lanes torn up enough for this to be a broad program? Or did this restaurant replace a bowling alley specifically and they just didn't want to buy tables?

"These candles melted together and formed Cthulhu."

Sure, the fact that it melted into an ancient cosmic god with the ability to destroy worlds is pretty cool, but I'm more impressed that you managed to pop that all off in one piece! That takes skill!

"A frame in the middle of a lake [...]."

When I was younger, I used to hate doing yard work with a firey passion. My mom would joke and say that when I grew up, I'd have to buy an apartment rather than a house in order to avoid it.

Well, mom, looks like I have some new options.

"A lady who walked by me today in full crochet with purse included."

Two things I admire are are mastery over an artistic form and commitment to a bit. This photo displays both so perfectly. There's no one I will ever respect more than this woman. I hope she loves her yarn suit.

"This truck bed full of carrots [I] found today."

Someone in the comments said this was likely for baiting deer, but how many deer does one person need to bait where buying several thousand carrots is the way to go? No matter the reason, this feels excessive!

"Our local shop grows its own salads and herbs on site."

This is so cool! I've had salad made with fresh, home-grown greens before. Being able to access that whenever I want would actually make me eat salad more. Please, open one of these near me, my body will be so grateful!

"Me and My Boss Found Cache of Ammunition in a Washing Machine."

How else are you supposed to wash a ton of bullets? By hand? That'd take ages! Sure the washing machine may be loud, but it'll be way more efficient.

Make sure to wash them on cold, though, and leave them out to dry.

"There's a roulette minigame at the Frankfurt Airport baggage claim."

Ah yes, the perfect thing to ease the nerves that come with travel, gambling.

Except you don't win a prize if you bet right. Instead, you get whatever bag lands in the spot you bet on. Hopefully it's yours!

"This sign that only appears in the day."

I like this a lot, it's super cute and very clever, making your brand memorable.

However, this store can only truly exist in places that are never cloudy, and heaven forbid you try going when the sun's down. You'll never find it!

"While fixing my walkway, I turned over the stones to discover that a couple of them are [actually] old headstones."

This would be an awful discovery, I think. I would hate to find out I've been stomping on people's graves this whole time, it feels disrespectful.

Also, where did they come from? Surely this isn't common practice? Who put them there? It's all too much for my frail heart to handle!

"My beer foam looks like a spooky little ghost."

It is the spooky season after all, ghosts are coming out of the woodwork to give people their yearly frights!

Well, I don't know if this one is trying to frighten you. If he is, he's unfortunately not succeeding, he's just too cute!

"This pickle jar has a built in plastic basket with a stem so you can pull the pickles up to the top."

This might be the greatest, yet most simple invention of all time. No longer will you soak your fingers in pickle brine grasping for the last of the jar, nor will you dirty a fork for the sole purpose of fishing one out. We're in the future now.

"Bird made a nest behind the bird spikes on a pipe."

That bird is probably so grateful. A nice, secure place to build its nest where larger birds can't get at it. You basically built it a home with a full security system, they'll be back year after year to rent out the property again!

"A caiman with a different tail."

Is this probably an extremely rare mutation that has only happened a handful of times before in history in the specific areas where caimans are located? Yes.

Am I going to believe that these things are what led people to believe mermaids were real for a long time? Also yes.

"My Reece’s cup had 17 extra wrappers on it."

That one cup was just very nervous about traveling. It had heard that the ride to their final destination can get pretty bumpy sometimes, and it wanted to be safe! So they wrapped it up with extra padding so it wouldn't get hurt.

"This fall themed junk mail I received doesn't advertise anything."

Hey, a free, pretty postcard is a nice thing to get in the mail! I'd love to just receive random art that supports the postal service sometimes, a nice break from being bombarded with adds anyway.

"When ripping out my ceiling drywall I found a report card from 1957 a kid must have hid up there. Someone failed the 8th grade..."

No report card can be hidden forever! Especially not this one, since your parents will definitely be notified if you fail a grade, but otherwise, every test or grade that's been hidden by a student will turn up somewhere down the line.

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