15 Pics That Prove Life Is Just One Big Treasure Hunt

Some people have all the luck.

People online love to share the odd things they find out in the world, and other people (me, it's me) love to look at those finds.

Whether it's by thrifting, by home renovation, or just on the street, these finds will have you feeling a little bit jealous you didn't get to them first.

Keep your car clean, kids!

"Just bought a second hand BMW and was installing a subwoofer and found a gold and diamond ring!"

I bet the previous owner looked for that ring for years and years.

Three words: Oh. My. God.

"Found four Le Creuset kitchenwares for $50! Retail is $1000."

PASTEL PINK LE CRUESET? That is my dream cookware, and I can't even cook! I'm so happy for this person and not at all jealous (she said, jealously, with a jealous tone).

Yes, this is real!

"My uncle just got this at a yard sale for two bucks." Yup, it's an honest-to-god signed copy of The Old Man and The Sea from Ernest Hemingway. And it's real!

These earrings were definitely NOT $6.99.

The finder of these earrings noticed that they were secured with fancier earring backs, so she took a chance and paid the $6.99. A jeweller appraised them at over $4600.

Ready to have your mind blown?

"I was told this was a green amethyst, and haggled to $42. Took it to a jeweler to have it appraised—it’s a rare green diamond, 4.4 ctw, over 100 years old, conservatively worth more than $8k!"


This is what dreams are made of.

"I have no words for what I did today."

I HAVE WORDS. Because I want one of these. I showed it to my wife and she agreed it was cool, so now I know I can buy one of these if I see it in the wild. I'm gonna put action figures in it.

This seller had no idea what he was selling.

"Found an entire Kent Coffey Perspecta bedroom set and a Heywood Wakefield chair and ottoman for $400 on FB marketplace."

I have no words for how beautiful that furniture is. Wow.

This might be the find of the century.

"My best thrift find ever, 18k gold necklace with 82 diamonds."

However, the HUGE news was in the comments: Someone said she may have picked up some uncut emeralds, and the necklace could be worth over $80k.

If you hear someone crying from jealousy, it's me.

"My thrift store find. Emerald and diamond 18k gold ring. $16."

The jeweller she took it to said it was worth over $2000, thanks to that gorgeous, clear Emerald. I'm here for those baguette diamonds! Ugh, so jealous.

This basketball card is extremely rare.

"Just found out I have the infamous Mark Jackson card featuring the Menendez bros."

So, it's also extremely creepy, huh? It goes for about $30, so it's not overly valuable. But it is one hell of a collector's item... I guess.

A surprising amount of people find safes in their homes.

"My sis and BIL moved into a new house today, found this safe in the floor and can't open it. Yet."

Tragically, the safe was empty. But hey, free safe!

I want this.

"Catch and Release: authentic bellhop trolley that would make a fabulous plant stand."

I have no use for this, but oh my GOD do I want it. It's so cool.

Okay I also want THIS.

"Brand new Kate Spade NY pride tote bag for $5.99 at Salvation Army. (At least it looks brand new, the wristlet still has the paper stuffing with the information booklet)."

I wanna do this to my floors.

"While tearing up their carpet, my in-laws found a giant Monopoly board."

Please enjoy this follow-up comment that made me laugh:

"This means that some Goodwill in your town probably has a connex container full of shoebox sized green houses and doll house sized red hotels they've been storing for 35 years."

Man, the only rocks I find are ugly.

"Found Amethyst pieces in a new gravel driveway."

Do you know how insane a crystal shop would go for those pieces? I'd be buying them up for like $10 a chunk.

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