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19 Live-Saving Tips According To One Viral Thread

The wondrous world of Reddit has taught us a lot of interesting things.

You can learn about shocking family history, stories of how people discovered their partner cheated, and relatable husband fails.

In the midst of all this, you can also learn life-saving tips. Redditor u/luciflerfather got things started when they asked, "What fact could probably save your life?"

You'll want to write these answers down!

Mixing bleach and ammonia together makes poison gas.

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Always, always, always read the labels of cleaning products before you use them! Additionally, don't mix different cleaning products, have proper ventilation, and use proper protective gear.

If you’re scuba diving and you’re going to vomit, puke right into the regulator.

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"Don’t take the regulator out of your mouth because after you vomit the natural instinct is to inhale. The puke will blow out of the exhaust valve with your bubbles." - u/OnTime4SocialEvents

Knowing the color of flags at the beach can save your life.

"Purple flags at the beach mean dangerous sea life in the area. Most people understand the other flags, but purple can be confusing." - u/TheRabidFangirl

Don't use water to remove chemical burns.

This Redditor lost a chunk of skin under their armpit because they rinsed a chemical burn with water and carried on with their work. Act accordingly!

If you're trapped on thin ice, lie down on your stomach and crawl or wiggle back to shore from the direction you came from.

"Chances are if the ìce held you then when you were standing up, it will continue to hold you with your weight dispersed over more surface area." - u/Breakfastdestroyer

If you need to break a car door window, don't smash the window dead center.

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"Car door windows should be tempered glass, which are much more brittle along their edges so strike there instead." - u/waffleiron525

If you see a bear cub, a very angry mama bear isn't too far behind.

Let this be your warning before you stop to admire the little cutie or even try and get a selfie. That might be the last picture you take!

If you get lost in the woods, stay where you are!

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"The chances of finding the way out on your own are pretty slim and you’re just creating a larger search area for SAR." - u/TheCopenhagenCowboy

Never attempt the Heimlich Maneuver on someone who's coughing.

"It can lodge the food further into their throat and actually block it. If someone is actually choking, they won't be able to cough. In that situation, perform the Heimlich Maneuver until they start coughing." - u/Capt_BlueBeard

Don't escalate confrontations.

Yes, that person may have cut you off in traffic or that drunk girl may have stolen your drink at the bar.

But, as this Redditor pointed out, there are people who don't care about going to prison or having a fair fight.

If you feel yourself sweating while outside during the winter, take off a layer or two.

"And make your first layer is moisture wicking if you can. Sweat will cause hypothermia if you don't go inside." - u/BibbityBobbity

There is a time to leave. To stop. To walk away.

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"It can save your life. Listen to your gut," this Redditor wrote. This applies to a lot of domestic abuse relationships, such as the case of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie.

Avoid driving on Saturday nights between one and three a.m.

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Sadly, most drunk driving deaths occur during these times. Think about it: many people don't do the right thing and get an Uber after a night of drinking.

If an armed person tries to rob you, give them your money, phone, whatever.


"In fact, take it out slowly and carefully, drop it and back away. Then, if you can run. If they try to force you to go with them, put up a massive fight and yell fire fire fire." - u/Joe1972

If you have to sleep outside for whatever reason, find something to put between you and the ground.

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"Cardboard works great. All your energy will not warm the Earth and many people have frozen this way as the ground absorbs more and more energy." - u/MaxHannibal

Sleep with the door closed.

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According to this Redditor, fires that happen while you sleep can leave your room almost completely untouched if the door is closed. This is definitely a tip that could save your life.

If you vomit what looks like coffee grounds or poop what looks like tar, go to the doctor immediately.

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"It means you're bleeding internally. Coffee grounds are a result of bleeding in your stomach, tar is a result of bleeding in your intestines." - u/Sleeplessposter

If you’re being attacked or taken, always remember to scratch the bejeezus out of the person.

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"This way you’ll have their DNA under your nails," this Redditor wrote. This tip has helped detectives solve many cases.

Seatbelt, windows, out. Drill this phrase in your head when there's a risk your vehicle could end up in the water.

"Undo your seatbelt, open your window, and get out. Your car can sink fast and you may mentally lock up with indecision. So it helps to have a simple mantra to remember." - u/RHJfRnJhc2llckNyYW5l

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