18 Customer Habits That Irritate Costco Employees To No End

Who here shops at Costco? I admit this is one of our favorite stores to get some good bargains. I mean, what's not to love?

There are aisles of amazing products at affordable prices, friendly and helpful staff, and food samples, too! No wonder so many people flock there. However, as much as we love it there, the employees find some things quite irritating.

1. This Christmas Tree Blunder

Only at Costco, you'll see somebody have the gall to return a Christmas tree the day after Christmas. Their return policy lets you bring back virtually anything, but that doesn't mean the customer service won't give you that look.

2. The Food Sample Bandits

Did I mention Costco gives out food samples? Oh yeah! Go there at lunchtime, and you're all set, ha, ha! But be kind and don't litter all over the store. Put that garbage where it belongs.

3. This Jerk Move

Speaking of littering, this applies to the parking lot too. Just because you ended up eating your fries there doesn't mean you can leave stuff all over the ground. Okay? Costco employees shouldn't have to pick up after you.

4. This Interesting Situation

No, it's not okay for you to grab a plastic bag from the meat department and proceed to fill it up with free ice. Who even does that? If you can't afford ice, then what are you even doing at Costco?

5. This Random Observation

On the same token, somebody posted this baffling scenario on Reddit. They saw a lady come with a plastic grocery bag and proceed to empty all of the onions from the dispenser. OMG, what? That's pretty insane, right?

6. This Annoying Habit

Have you ever encountered this odd habit here? I have to admit I have seen it before in the wild. Why do people do that? I don't quite understand. Would it kill you to put the cart where it belongs?

7. This Stupid Move

It's okay if you change your mind and don't want to buy something. It happens to the best of us. But it's quite another thing to just ditch your frozen meats and other perishables on a random skid.

8. This Rude Behavior


Those employees that greet you at the door have one of the hardest jobs. Not only they're standing the whole time, but they have to deal with Costco membership bandits. You know those folks who won't show them the card? Ugh!

9. This Distracted Driver

We all know that the Costco rotisserie chicken is really yummy. But do everyone a favor and don't devour it while you're driving. Next time, eat it while you're in-store or wait until you get home. Deal?

10. The Customer Complaints

Unsplash | Patrick Tomasso

As with any retail store, you will get complaints from customers. However, if things aren't going your way, don't take it out on the employees. Most of the time, solving the issue is way above their pay grade. So chill out!

11. This Pit Stop

I get it — it's pretty tiring shopping at Costco. There are so many aisles, after all. So you may be tempted to take a short break. Just make sure you don't pick crushable merchandise. That's all they ask for, okay?

12. Mind Your Cart

Costco employees hate abandoned carts as much as dumped merchandise. If you're going to leave your cart behind, make sure it isn't in anybody's way, alright? Honestly, it's only fair. You don't want to complicate things any further.

13. If You Mess Up, Fess Up

Unsplash | Justus Menke

Here's a word to the wise if you make a mess, tell someone. I know it might be embarrassing to admit you spilled that yogurt jug on the floor, but it's better than causing someone else to fall.

14. This Cart Issue

It's awesome that you picked up a box to carry items to your car. However, it isn't awesome that you just left it behind for the employees to put away. That box is for you to take and keep. Okay?

15. This Scanning Issue

If you're a Costco cashier I bet you can relate to this. They literally tell people, "We need to scan your membership card," and the members show it with the logo first. It happens all the time, hee-hee and it drives them nuts.

16. This Mother Load

Whoa! This isn't something you see every day. Am I right? I honestly don't envy this cashier at Costco. I always sucked at math, so this would have been my worst customer of the day. You better believe it.

17. This Kind Plea

I know we're all more paranoid these days and have become germaphobes, but it still doesn't explain why this sign had to be put up here. Why don't people just go and use the bathroom instead?

18. This Obvious Move

This guy thought he was so clever to find an inconspicuous place to park. However, nothing gets by the dedicated Costco crew. So now, he's going to have quite the situation on his hands. Next time, better park like everyone else, ha, ha!

I hope I have given you some perspective next time you venture out to shop at Costco.

Those employees there are doing the best job that they can. So help them out, and don't be a jerk. Treat them with respect and don't litter everywhere, oh and don't scoff when they ask to see your membership card, too.