30 Funny Pics Where It Took A Moment To Get The Joke

Practically everyone can appreciate good comedy. But while some comedy hits you over the head with its humor, there's also a more subtle variety.

It shouldn't take you long to see the humor in these pics. But it might take you a moment.

"The Halloween display in front of the original Yuengling’s Brewery in Pottsville, PA."


Yuengling totally gets what the Halloween spirit is about: skeletons helping each other do keg stands on bales of autumnal hay while pumpkins vomit in the foreground. Well done.

"A few years ago a buddy and I had 300 pens made that said this. Gave them away everywhere. We still find them now and again."

Reddit | Oilboilerfeind

This pen has one of those statements that's undeniably true and has the potential to chill the reader to the bone.

"SpongeBob the movie."

Reddit | Kerrawesome

I don't think free-range sharks would get much out of a Filet-o-Fish, but I have no doubt that they'd be very interested in the components that make up a Filet-O-Fish. That means this photo could technically be considered canon.

"My dog needed to get prepped for surgery tomorrow and I couldn’t resist."

Reddit | happy_Mcknight

This is deeply, profoundly unnerving. The sunglasses sit on the tail perfectly, and the tail itself makes for a creepy nose. If I saw this, I'd turn around and walk away.

"This high school’s Google Maps photo."

Reddit | PoppaSquatt2010

The students (it had to be students, right?) who did this were probably thrilled to find that the timing of their prank coincided with Google updating its satellite imagery. It's truly an example of perfect timing.

"My dad said people at work wouldn’t stop using his personal cup, so this was his solution."

Reddit | gavynray123

This is a funny sign and probably achieved its intended result, but I want to know what kind of horrible co-workers would just use someone else's mug.

"I hear he’s a real psycho!"

Reddit | PastelCurlies

Something about this sign tickled me just right. I know that Sprinkles Gelato wasn't part of Tony Soprano's gang, but it feels like Sprinkles Gelato was a part of Tony Soprano's gang, and that's all that really matters.

"At Comic Con, my 5 y/o was terrified to take pictures with Ghostbusters, yet ran up to these fine folks and asked for pictures. He explained it was because they were 'on his side.'"

Reddit | RebekahR84

This is a perceptive kid. If you're the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, you should keep your distance from the Ghostbusters.

"It’s finally here!!"

I appreciate this joke, but I'm not even sure if 2,469 floppy disks would be enough to install a modern application. I remember using these disks and putting, like, four school assignments on them would max out the space.

"I recently found out that my male pattern baldness looks like a, well…. 🍆."

Going bald isn't a fun experience. Depending on this guy's sense of humor, the shape of his baldness is either salt in the wound or a hilarious silver lining.

"How was your delivery? It was AARGHYGAHGAHAHAHAGRRRRRR!"

Reddit | Mountainpilot

I'm incredibly paranoid about porch pirates stealing my deliveries. I suppose having a tiny, excitable dog drawing attention to the delivery would make things that much worse. Then again, maybe it would serve as a guard dog.

"The face on this Swiss cheese."

Reddit | FrodoBolsonaro

The window in this package of cheese could make things work out nicely, like you can see here. Conversely, it could also lead to monstrous-looking cows with multiple eyes on their snouts. Either way, fun design.

"Found at my local 'mall sword store.'"

Reddit | Vensyth

This sign does a great job of bringing would-be mall ninjas back to earth. There's nothing wrong with buying one of these silly swords, so long as you don't let it make you believe you're a real samurai.

"Sprint is not very nice to me."

Reddit | SamHatesGames

I especially like how the "HI PIECE OF S**T" is in all caps. It's like you've barely even started to process the email and Sprint is already screaming insults at you. That's the phone company experience, I suppose.

"Panoramic photos are funny when you try to photograph a building."

Reddit | RealGermanBoi

The effect here is subtle, but noticeable. It looks like someone tried to inflate this old church like a balloon and got halfway before thinking better of the whole thing.

"Eminem just opened Mom's Spaghetti in Detroit. They only serve spaghetti and spaghetti sandwiches."

Reddit | flyart

In the 21st Century, we repackage old content, turn it into memes, get celebrities on board, and monetize the whole weird thing. Here's a prime example.

"Took me too long to realize the packager wasn’t trying to send me a funny message.."

Reddit | Salty-Ad-3518

At first, this looks like a block of sarcastic, sentient cheese, and that makes me smile. But, as it turns out, it's just some mostly inscrutable codes.

"I don't know what I did wrong but my parfait is not amused. At all."

Reddit | C8H10N4Otoo

When you see something like this, you just know that today isn't your day. You just have to hang on, because maybe your yogurt will smile at you tomorrow.

"My dog is from Serbia, just found out his legal name."

The only option is to change whatever name you gave him back to this. You get that, right? There's no other course of events here. His name must be Funky Fusion Steptown, there is simply no other way. It's too perfect to discard.

"Found in a rest area bathroom stall along I-5. More uplifting than your average bathroom graffiti."

You can just tell that this was written by a man who just finished a long, heartfelt conversation with his mom that left him tearing up, so he had to go to the bathroom and hide in a stall to compose himself. Now he's just trying to spread that same joy.

"It took me too long to figure out why this wasn't working... Turns out my girlfriend hoovered a spider last night."

I understand the mindset here, but let's be honest, if a spider can survive the whirling inner mechanics of a vacuum enough that it'll try to crawl out, there's no way any flimsy layer of plastic wrap will be stopping it either.

"Regardless of which one is correct, I assume my friend was too close when she took the pic..."

It's a step-by-step process. You read the sign at the top and back up 100 feet, then you see the next sign and back up another 100 feet, then you spot the mudflaps and back up the final 100 feet. Makes for a smooth transition.

"The people at my work have way too much time on their hands."

Hey, don't stifle the creative genius of your coworkers! They're looking for even a moment of joy and whimsy at their job, and if that comes in the form of little office supply monsters, then so be it.

"New baby was getting too much attention from Nana, according to the cat. So, this happened…"

The way that cat is looking at that baby has me a little worried. Jealousy has already been established between the two, and shockingly, the cat has a size advantage here. I would keep an eye out if I were you.

"Can someone explain what is happening here at h&m? Who is buying these gowns from the 1918 funeral collection?"

Honestly, I would be perfectly fine with dresses like these coming back into style. They look like what a mourning, yet vengeful victorian ghost would wear, and I think that makes for a real unique fashion statement.

"Can’t say people in Louisiana don’t have a sense of humor."

There's something about the word 'forbidden' that immediately makes me want to do whatever they're saying is forbidden. Is it reverse psychology, me having the mental constitution of a seven-year-old, or both? Who knows! What I do know is I want to dip a toe in that hot tub,

"My wife found this on one of her tables today at work."

Sometimes you go into a meal with a lot of confidence in your calculating abilities, then you get even one drink too deep, and that all goes out the window.

Hopefully, your server is happy to be getting tipped at all, so the extra math homework won't bother them too much.

"Thought this was funny."

Reddit | FloridaMan126

Any time I'm on the highway and see a car being towed by an RV, I get freaked out that someone's tailgating so close, then feel like an idiot. It's good of this driver to add some humor to the setting.

"Found this at Spirit Halloween - Michael Myers ate a lemon."

Nobody, no matter how scary or tough they think they are, even the most infamous of horror movie slashers, is immune to the shock that is eating a lemon. You're not better than the rest of us, Michael!

"My steak pie came out Canadian."

Reddit | Jofflecopter

It took me a second to get this joke, but then I remembered that South Park exists. As a Canadian, though, I should offer this disclaimer: we don't all have bulbous, flappy heads with beady eyes in real life.

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