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20 Designs That Caused The 'Bad Idea' Side Of The Scale To Break From The Weight

I'm really not sure if there are more good ideas or bad ideas in the world. I mean, it would be nice to think that the good stuff outnumbers the bad. But after compiling this list, I think that might just be an impossible dream.

"Who wouldn’t want a ceiling that looks like it’s covered with hair?"

Reddit | im-jared-im-19

If there's a silver lining here, it's that having ceiling tiles that look like hair seems slightly less gross than having floor tiles that look like hair. Maybe that isn't a silver lining at all.

"A local newspaper's layout giving Sesame Street a darker tone."

Reddit | honanog

Unfortunate newspaper layouts like this are one of life's simple pleasures. I'm pretty sure the headline isn't related to the picture, but then again, I can't be sure about it either.

"'Tie dye' design hoodie just looks like grease splashes (probably why its on sale!)"

Reddit | robgod50

I'm not so sure this isn't just a hoodie that someone returned to the store after frying up a bunch of messy bacon. I can't imagine this design being intentional.

"waY gOal rUles R."

Usually, these badly designed signs have a coherent message if you can look past the bad design. But in this case, I'm truly not sure what it's trying to tell me. Having 'you' rather than 'your' as the center piece might help.

"Give THONKS."

Reddit | jkharr200634

Yeah, this is dumb design. But ever since the advent of the 'stonks' meme, I just can't get enough of words, or non-words, that end in 'onks'. Yeah, I know, this means the internet has made me dumber.

"Can’t fit two USB adaptors for my USB-C-only Mac at the same time."

Reddit | iwonteatpickles

Sure, this person could get an extension cord or dock to remedy this problem, but by the same token, Apple could have spaced these two inputs a little bit further apart.

"A go sober advert....featuring people drinking alcohol."

Reddit | ll-w

They could have used literally any abstract portrayal of people on this sign and it would have worked, so of course they picked a design that explicitly shows people drinking from champagne and martini glasses.

"At a hotel in Mallorca..."

Reddit | jasketxd

At one time this sign made sense (albeit in a vague, new agey kind of way). But ever since someone went to town with the extra letters, it's felt like a fever dream. Dance twon the jgbjgb bed, indeed.

"A spot for kids to be measured, on a sloped ramp. Lotteria restaurant in Korea."

Reddit | Grubula

This is a bad place to get an accurate height measurement, but the perfect place tor devious short kids who want to seem a little bit taller.

"This traffic safety sign…"

Reddit | psuranas

This sign is so badly designed that it might give a stalker plausible deniability in a court of law. Even if the words were all equally legible, this is still a pretty clunky message to convey.

"Saw the last carpet in the bathroom so I raise you CARPET WALL BATHROOM."

Reddit | MaddisonBriggs

Carpeted bathrooms are one of those things that shouldn't exist, but somehow do exist. Carpets on the walls of said bathrooms are on another level entirely.

"This elevator button layout."

I was almost on board with this layout for the first few buttons. After all, 0, 1, 2 and 3 all follow an unorthodox but semi-logical layout. Then you get to 5 and the wheels kind of fall off.

"My Sharpie came with no ink."

I'm a big-time Sharpie stan, but I can't defend this marker. A Sharpie is useless once it runs dry, and this one looks like it didn't run dry, but started out dry. I guess they can't all be perfect.

"This was one of the product photos for cockroach traps I bought."

Reddit | Citadel-Citizen

The Photoshopping here is laughably bad, but even taking this pic at face value, I don't know what the designer is going for. Even if the roaches are getting trapped, you probably don't want it going down so close to dinner prep.

"The size of the bars makes no sense."

Reddit | sajriz

Someone needs to tell the water company that bar graphs are supposed to represent actual quantities. It isn't enough to just make some bars bigger and some smaller. This makes it look like 714 litres is not much more than 205.

"Defective Pikachu."

Reddit | EnderMax2106

There's something about off-brand kids' rides in old malls that feels post-apocalyptic. I appreciate the effort here, I really do, but in no universe does that look like a legitimate Pikachu. I wonder how many kids actually want to ride it.

"This notice they just put up in my uni cafeteria."

Reddit | baby_eater9

I wonder if this campus is against people using microwaves to cook food, or using libraries to conduct research and read books, because this makes no sense.


Reddit | coyotoka

This has all the basic components of a stop sign: a big red octagonal shape and the word 'Stop.' Somehow, though, things just don't seem right. I'd never seen a stop sign I'd describe as 'off-brand' until I saw this.

"With this poster nobody will cheat...right?"

Reddit | [deleted]

I wonder if the designer of this sign had no clue what information they were putting on the board, or if they knew exactly what they were doing. In any event, I'm sure marks were high all around.

"The instructions are on the back of the sticker and completely unreadable."

Reddit | will_take_bribes

In theory, it makes sense to print instructions like this. Bottles are small and instructions can be long. But they need to do a better job of keeping things legible.

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