Unsplash | Ocean Biggshott

19 Things We All Experience But, For Some Reason, Don't Talk About

You know, for a world full of over seven billion people, we're really not all that different.

Most of us are obsessed with cute doggos, macaroni and cheese, and spend far too much time scrolling videos on TikTok.

We also experience a lot of the same things, like forgetting our passwords, dispising slow drivers, and procrastinating like it's our day job.

Here are 19 other things we all experience, yet don't really talk about.

Throwing out loads of uneaten food.

Does anyone else throw out a package of mixed greens every week, or is that just us? The motivation to eat at home is strong, but the call of UberEats is stronger.

The inability to get rid of a box.

So many questions run through our minds as we contemplate the tough decision. What if we move someday? What if we want to get organized one day? What if we get a cat?!

The same thing goes for plastic bags. I'll need this someday.

Smacking a hanging leaf when you pass by it.

LOL. It's true, though, isn't it? It's like the past 20 years of frustration goes into that one smack. It also proves that some childhood habits are hard to die.

Keeping slow drivers in check.

It is SO frustrating dealing with slow drivers! This is especially the case when they are driving in the lefthand lane aka the fast line. So, of course, you throw a glare their way when you pass.

Treating your dreams like they're a TV show.

Oh, if only our dreams were like Netflix and we could pause and restart anytime we want.

How could we miss the dream episode of Chris Evans professing his love for us?!

The struggle of online shopping.

You even give a little stomp as you aggressively get up and grab it. This is why we just save all of our credit card information, despite knowing that it will likely make us spend more.

The struggle of a wrong password.

It's such an infuriating process since it means several steps. This includes entering your email for password recovery, logging onto that, and then getting to reset your password.

All for it to NOT work in the end!

Not being able to multitask an eye rub and conversation.

That eye rub is feeling good, though.

It basically takes you into another dimension. So we'll need five business days to notice if you'd like to have a chat, kthnx.

Driving past horses.

The same goes for cows, too. Basically, any animal that you see when you're driving with someone.

You're also a psychopath if you drive past a dog and you're not so distracted that you almost hit someone.

Not trusting five stars.

Look, we have every right to be skeptical. Even McDonald's advertises 100 percent beef!

Guaranteed, every single one of those 5-star reviewers is a family member or close family friend of the seller.

The struggle of using Microsoft Word.

All we wanted to do was be professional and add a picture of a koala bear on our resume and this happens?! You know, for someone so rich, Bill Gates should have this fixed.

Your bed is a no-sleep zone.

Maybe it's because your bed has become the spot to watch TikTok videos until 4 a.m.?

Either way, we all know the best place to sleep is on the couch after you promised your partner you'd stay awake for a movie.

Procrastination is what keeps us afloat.

It's been a tried-and-true method for years. If the clock said 3:31 p.m. in university, we missed our queue to study and had to wait until 4 p.m.

Consistently being late for work.

It doesn't matter how many alarms we set or the fact that we live five minutes from our workplace, we will leave the house late. It takes at least an hour to say goodbye to our dog, after all.

Spending your life behind a phone screen.

We're feeling pretty attacked right now. If you were to keep a log of all the things you do in a day, Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, and TikTok would cumulate to a life well wasted. Oops!

Forgetting someone's name the second they say it.

It goes in one ear and out the other. Then, we look like a jerk when we ask them what their name is again. That, or stick to saying, "hey, you!" at parties.

Throwing out the cooking instructions when we still need them.

It doesn't matter how many times we accidentally do this, we will never learn from our mistakes. How else will we know how to make a bowl of oatmeal?

The final brush before the dentist.

Yep, this is a habit our parents taught us as kids that many still do as adults! The confidence we have that this one brush will undo months of candy-eating and neglect on our teeth.

The real walk of shame.

Let's hope no one takes our mug shot over this! Hahaha, get it? Okay, we'll see ourselves out. But for real, this is a weekly occurrence when you drink lots of coffee and you're lazy AF.