18 Pets Who Totally Won Halloween With Their Costumes

I think I've mentioned this before, but I didn't grow up with Halloween. So I never had the opportunity to get my pet in on the festivities. And now that we have a cat, well — forget about it. Sadly, our feline wouldn't let us put a costume on him.

So I'm always envious of those who can dress up their pets in the cutest Halloween costumes. And here are just a few awesome ideas for you.

1. This Sheep Costume

Here's quite the clever Halloween doggy costume for you. What I like about it is that it's easy and cheap to make. Just make sure your doggo doesn't want to eat it. That wouldn't be good for him, hee-hee.

2. This Boo

If your dog is a cute as this little Boo here, I've got a perfect costume. All you need is some paper towels, and he'll make the most adorable little ghost. This little cutie is giving me all the spooky feels.

3. This Colonel Paws

I already showed you the cutest kid's Colonel Sanders costume. And now I present to you the doggo version of it. I love how both dogs got to play a part in this. Aww, this is so fun.

4. This LIttle Dragon

I grew up with a bunch of guinea pigs. They were so cuddly and sweet. So I would have loved it if I got to dress them up for Halloween. Isn't this dragon idea here so cool?

5. This Delivery Man

I don't know about you, but I would much prefer him to be my delivery man. I mean, look how cute he is here. How can you be mad at your parcel being late if you see a face like this, eh?

6. This Little Bee

If Halloween isn't your favorite, this little guy is here to tell you that everything will "bee" ok. Get it? Hee-hee. Aww, I love how these cuties are the perfect ones to dress up for Halloween. No matter what, they look adorable.

7. This 'ET' Tribute

Who knew that your dog could be the best Halloween prop? In this case, this little pug is quite fitting Elliot, no? Haha, I love this entire scene here. It definitely brings me back to my childhood.

8. This Master Invader

Holy cow! Somebody actually made an AT-AT walker costume for their dog. I've got to give it to them. This idea is both really creative and so easy to do too. Are you digging it as much as I am?

9. This Master Of Disguise

The owner of this feline was out shopping for Halloween candy. And when he came home, he found his roommate and his cat conspired against him. Hee-hee, I wonder what these two were brewing, huh?

10. This Adorable Wizard

My friend has a bunny. I should definitely show her this picture to give her some inspiration for Halloween. What do you think? I hope she will get such a thrill out of looking at this.

11. This Ice Cream Man

Oh my goodness, isn't this doggo the most fabulous ice cream man? I really hope his owner gives him some treats after the great job that he's doing here. I've never seen an idea like this one before.

12. The Real 'Tiger King'

If this scene here doesn't make you do a double-take, I don't know what will. I mean, could this cat's face be even more spot-on or what? Wowza! This is creepy AF and funny as heck.

13. This Party Animal

Who knew that a little chihuahua could resemble Harley Quinn to a tee. Am I right? She looks like she has partied a little too much, haha. Her facial expression is killing me here. I bet Margot Robbie would get a kick out of this.

14. This Very Appropriate Moniker

If your dog suffers from some flatulence, you might appreciate the sense of humor here. I can't get over the creativity and the funny bone this dog owner has. The doggo doesn't seem amused, though.

15. This Spider Cat

OMG, just look at that? Our Mayu is a black cat, so I'm digging this idea here even more, haha. I just don't know if he would let us put it on him without wanting to rip it apart.

16. The Cutest Chewbacca

Well, what do you have here? Isn't this the cutest little Chewbacca you have ever seen? Oh my goodness. Who knew that a Yorkie is basically a mini version of Chewy, hee-hee. I absolutely love this.

17. Hairy Pawter and The Chamber of Fluffs

Oh my! The fact that this cat is so calm to take a picture like this is a big surprise. Our Mayu would already be rolling on the floor, throwing a fit. I'm totally impressed.

18. This Clever Idea

This dog really got into the Halloween spirit. Don't you think? Kudos to his owner for coming up with a simple idea that's super effective too. I hope he doesn't rub himself in mud before the night is over, though.

OMG, I can't get over how fun and imaginative are these pet costumes here.

Let me ask you, do you dress up your pets for this fun occasion? Or do you think it's too silly? I would have loved to have done this with my dog when she was still around.

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