20 Jokesters Who Always Have To Be Funny...Whether They're Successful Or Not

No one wants life to be a completely boring affair, do they? Well, I am sure that there are some people who do...traffic wardens and the like presumably.

However, the people on this list are the sorts of individuals who love to throw a pun around now and then. Please sit back, strap on your sheepskin sweatpants, and enjoy these 20 jokesters who always have to be funny...whether they're successful or not!

Pick Up Your Dog's Crap!

It really isn't that hard people, it's just part of having a damn pet! Also, between the passive-aggressive nature of this sign and the color of the sky, I would put any money on this picture having been taken in England.

"That is good to know..."

I hope that they just put this up as a completely irrelevant joke and not because someone actually tried to do this and complained to the store. You never know what some people will try.

"This gift could definitely make Christmas day a little bit more interesting..."

I can see this resulting in a lot of kids having to get therapy when they are older. Still though, it would be absolutely hilarious to crush one of your kids' spirits with this!

A Classic Knock Knock Joke!

I was actually quite amazed by how many people did not get what was going on in this picture. Are Knock Knock jokes not something that people still tell? I mean, it's not great loss if so I suppose, there aren't many good ones.

"Why you can't trust the public to select names…"

I mean, it is no Boaty McBoatFace, but it is pretty good. I am assuming that this is also a pun on the old song, "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini."

"What was your senior quote?"

"I didn't get one. I actually didn't even get my picture in my senior yearbook because there was another kid a year younger than me with my exact same name, and they f**king left one of us out by accident…" added one very angry person.

"On the way home from Newport Beach the wife and I stopped in Baker for drinks and found these 'delicious' flavors."

Unfortunately, this person went on to add that they did not buy them, so we have no way of knowing how truly horrendous they tasted. They may have been actually tasty!

"I pranked my wife..."

When their wife put up a sign that read, "Enjoy the little things," I do not think that she meant fake cockroaches. I hope that this guy was prepared for a frosty ambiance in the house going forward!

This Person Has Some Pretty Strong Opinions On Country Music...

If you are going to make some country music then at least do it properly! I mean, I have no idea what makes country music "proper" but I really don't want to disagree with this guy, he seems pretty intense.

"Bobby is apparently the go-to guy from divorce to steaks."

Who else can you call for a well-cooked steak and a haircut while your barber tells you what stocks you should be investing in? This is the way forward Bobby, a real one-stop-shop.

"Happy for you!"

It is always important to be happy in your body, take time to find the little positives in life like this! If I dropped my phone in the toilet I don't think that I would be able to touch it ever again.

"The person who did this was either joking or not sober."

But...isn't that just a glass bottle of San Pellegrino's sparkling water? Maybe they were trying to sober up, but I really think that this person was just a bit dense.

"I cancelled a call mid-presentation bc my 9yo told me water was running all over her bathroom floor…"

Look, it got you out of the meeting so what more could you want from your day? I think that this 9-year-old deserves some sort of treat for pulling such a perfect stunt!

"A Very Straightforward Coconut Weather Station."

They forgot to say that if the coconut is covered in mercury then the apocalypse is likely on the way, or already upon us. Also, if the coconut is hissing then it is likely raining acid.

"Just lost my foot after a motorcycle accident. This is the sticker my son chose to decorate my brace."

A daddy long legs sticker is just perfection. It looks as though this guy's kid is going to have one hell of a dark sense of humor when they are older.

That Old Adage Rears Its Head Again.

This seems like the perfect gift idea for anyone who is painstakingly meticulous when it comes to doing DIY. Sure, Uncle Brian, the cabinet will be perfectly measured but the process is agonisingly boring!

This Guy Has A Lot Of Feelings...

One relived person wrote, "Glad I don’t drive a black car." It would be even worse if they had to drive a black car with a giant black arrow protruding from the back of it!

"This container had like 10 different types of candy employees at work could take."

What? Do people really not like Milk Duds? One person did point out:

"Let's be honest. Everyone likes milk duds. But they want their teeth more and dislike the feeling of them being pulled out when chewing."

"This bozo..."

I just absolutely love using the word Bozo every now and again. It is a very under appreciated word that it is nice to whip out maybe once a year. I try to make a real occasion out of it.

"What a brilliant name for a barber shop!"

You can expect shockingly good prices from this barber shop! Thank you and goodnight!

*A chorus of boos can be heard thundering forth from the gallery, the curtains close, the reviews are poor...

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