18 Women Who Took The Chance On A Short Haircut

If you've ever cut your hair short, you know that it can be quite a dramatic experience. We, as women, tend to grow our hair out for years.

But there comes a time when a change is overdue, and a short hairdo just might be that leap you need to take. These ladies went for it and definitely haven't regretted it.

1. This Awesome Chop

See what I mean, ladies? This lady had lovely long hair, but she decided she needed a change. So she chopped it all off, and it looks quite amazing on her. Don't you think so too?

2. This Cool 'Do

This pretty lady not only cut her hair much shorter, but she did something else that's commendable. She embraced her gray hair too. If I knew her, I would totally tell her how proud I am of her decision indeed.

3. This Bolder Move

Wow, I love how bold this woman's hair color is here. That's definitely different, huh? So I know this lady dared to cut it even shorter. Good on her. I think it suits her just fine.

4. This Playful Hairdo

I absolutely love this lady's curls. They suit her face a lot. However, I think her original hairstyle didn't show them off enough. Now, this new hairdo does them justice. Don't you think? I adore how playful her look is here.

5. This Superb Haircut

If you're planning on chopping your hair short, make sure you find a suitable hairdresser. After all, you want your mane to be handled with care so you can end up looking as fabulous as this lady here.

6. This Cool Style

Some ladies worry that a short hairdo will make them look less feminine. I believe it's all up to how you carry yourself. Take this lady, for example, she owns this entire look here. Don't you think so?

7. This Funky Look

Curly hair can look messy and frayed. But a talented stylist can bring it back to life and make it look manageable too. I think that's exactly what happened in this case here. Do you prefer the before or after?

8. This Polished Look

Okay, I have to tell you something. I had a friend who had a hairdo just like this lady here. I was always so impressed by how great it looked on her. I feel the same way about this lady here.

9. This Chic 'Do

Whoa! That's quite a change here, huh? I can't say I was digging this woman's hair before as it was so frizzy and frayed. Now, she looks like she totally means business and is ready to tackle her day.

10. This Playful Look

Oh my goodness, I can't tell you how much I adore this lady's finished look. Her hair was already in pretty tip-top shape, but now she has a style to match her personality, I'm sure of it.

11. This Updated Style

Don't get me wrong, long hair can be really great. I still can't chop off my locks, hee-hee. But sometimes it doesn't do much for you. I think this shorter do, fits this lady's features much better.

12. This Powerful Change

I have to confess, I really liked this lady's long hair. It was so pretty and wavy. However, this bold change here is making her look like a total badass. Don't you think so? Oh, yeah!

13. This Wicked Look

Ah, curly hair. It can be hard to work with, huh? I'm sure every hairstylist can attest to that. So to see it live up to its full potential here is really cool. Do you like it?

14. This Lovely Style

Here's a lady who's really happy with the way she looks. I liked her original hairdo, but it wasn't doing much for her. This new style suits her face a lot more. Do you agree with me?

15. This Total Game-Changer

Whoa, I can't get over how this lady looked before, huh? I mean, talking about a huge change in your look. She went from messy wavy hair to a super slick and polished hairdo. I absolutely dig it.

16. This Powerful Look

Here's another stunning lady with a gorgeous hue. It takes a lot of guts to go with color like this one, huh? And on top of that, she decided to go for shorter hair, too. Kudos to her.

17. This Sweet Transformation

Oh my, my, my — talk about a big transformation here, huh? This lady sure had a lot of hair. I hope she got to donate it all. I wonder if it feels weird to her not to have it there anymore.

18. This Pretty Hairdo

A new hairstyle should surely put a smile on your face. Am I right? I'm pretty confident that's exactly what happened here because this lady is smiling from ear to ear. What do you think of this transformation?

It's amazing to see so many ladies take the plunge and cut their hair.

As somebody with long hair myself, I know how difficult of a decision that could be. But judging by the looks of it, all these styles really worked out for them. What do you think?