15 Unusual Solutions That Certainly Get Points For Creativity

Life is weird, so why shouldn't our solutions to life's problems be weird, too?

People have come up with some interesting ways to hack life before, sure. But this new crop of geniuses found a way to be entertaining while also being useful — and it's that just better?

Let's check out some of their most helpful solutions, shall we?

Never underestimate a good magnet.

"Use a magnet clip to hang a hand towel on the dishwasher so it doesn't fall off."

Boy, am I wishing my dishwasher had a metal front because this would save me from constantly dropping our hand towel on the floor.

This is so funny.

I can't speak to how effective that mask would be at stopping the spread of Covid, but I do know I find this hysterical. This would be perfect for those of us who miss walking around and drinking a beverage in public.

This has big "ditto" energy.

"So after I bought this house I was informed my neighbors do it big for Christmas. I spent a lot of money already buying a new tree and all the decorations for the inside, so I talked to my neighbor and we came up with the perfect solution. I promise I'm not really a Grinch!!"

Here's hoping this doesn't taste gross.

"A local bar started using pasta as straws instead of plastic."

Apparently, they last a lot longer than those awful paper straws. That's a relief for frozen drinks because, WOW, do things get soggy and gross when you drink those with paper straws. Ew.

This store is truly looking out for parents.

"Wegmans has a 'No Candy' Lane, so parents don't have to drag their kids past a wall of sugar if they don't want to."

Man, I would go through there just to stop MYSELF from buying candy.

When reading just can't wait.

"My fiancee's solution to reading in the dark while I try to sleep."

Someone needs to get this person a reading light or a headlamp ASAP. They are a genius for this one, though.

Social distance...or else.

"One pubs solution to social distancing."

This is the Star Inn in St Just, Cornwall, UK, and according to a commenter: "The owner keeps the fence off most of the time."

Good to know.

I can't tell if I would be mad about this or not.

"I found 100,000 pesos (This would be the equivalent of a 100 dollar bill) on the floor, it was actually just an ad."

I just have one question: is this even legal?

This never would have occurred to me in a thousand years.

"Have a slat bed that creaks and squeaks? Slide cotton swabs under the slats where it meets the frame."

Well alright! You win this round, cotton balls. But when it comes to taking nail polish off without your fibers getting stuck to me... you're still on thin ice.

I mean, I guess this works.

"Zipper always falling down? Use a key ring to keep it up!"

This would definitely technically work, but I'd be worried about the ring popping off if you sat down.

I'm gonna call this a win.

"I was tired of my cord falling down all the time so I put it through a nerf dart and taped it down."

I especially love the use of the nerf dart. It adds a little flavor to a standard duct tape hack, you know?

Rubber bands are so damn versatile.

"I use the rubber and from Asparagus double-looped for simple cleanup after clipping the stalks."

I am a big fan of the work smarter, not harder mentality, and this fits the bill.

Stick it to 'em.

"Rip up junk mail and send it back with the included business reply envelope. The business gets charged per returned mail piece."

Stop killing the planet with junk mail, you jerks!

Good kitties.

"My parent's cats have been killing too many birds in the backyard. Solution #1."

This is brilliant for two reasons. 1 — Obviously, it will save bird lives. 2 — Those cats look goofy as hell.

This girl is living in 2040.

A year into Zoom school, people have figured out all the tricks to make it look like they're in class. I really can't blame anyone who tries to grab some extra sleep — this pandemic is EXHAUSTING. Get your naps in, kids.