20 Times Something Unexpected Happened And Someone Snapped A Pic

The world is full of surprises. Even though, in our daily lives, we can come to expect certain things, there's so much weird stuff out there that we probably never would've thought of in a million years.

These people found some pretty unexpected things, and decided they were photo-worthy. Now, we can all share in the surprise of these super strange things.

"We bought a Bee Hotel made especially for native Solitary Bees, but woke up this morning to find its been slightly overbooked by a swarm of honeybees."

Well, those aren't the bees they expected, but they're still bees. That has to count for something, right?

As long as they stay out of this person's house, everything should be fine.

"An unknown orbital structure passing in front of the moon last night."

It's... actually hard to tell what this thing is. Some kind of satellite? That's possible. Some kind of bug that happened to fly in front of the camera? Also possible. Either way, though, it definitely caught me off guard.

"My cat's mittens perfectly line up with the top of the fridge."

Realistically, we shouldn't really try to expect anything from cats. No, not like that (they're great), just that they don't really fit the mold of how we'd expect to see our animal companions.

"6 Amazon trucks at the same gas station."

I guess all these Amazon drivers are starting their daily routes at the same time, which means they'd be getting gas at the same time. Not the kind of thing you'd expect to see at a gas station, but at least it's kind of cool.

"Almost got to the end of the rainbow."

Man, rainbows are so cool. I don't know about you, but I always feel kind of special if I'm anywhere near the end of one. It makes me want to reach out and touch it, even though that's kind of impossible.

"This morning’s sunrise was purple!"

I mean, it's not like I'm ever awake early enough to see the sun rise, but I still don't think they usually come in this color. That's amazing, actually! If sunrises all looked like this, it might tempt me to get my sleep schedule in order.

"56 year old Christmas Cactus! Pretty neat!"

So you're telling me this cactus was kept alive for over half a century, but I can't even keep a succulent from going brown after a couple of months? I need to know their secret. How does someone keep a plant alive for generations!?

"This river looks like the surface of Jupiter."

To be honest, it looks more like the driveway after you rinse your soapy car off, but that also looks a bit like the surface of Jupiter anyway.

This is a river, though. Not soap. I wonder what's making the water look like that.

"These leaves caught on a rock in a stream."

Talk about something happening that no one could've predicted. Seriously, how did all of those leaves just so happen to end up in the right spot to be stacked like that? They look more like a pinecone than anything else.

"This fig wasp I found in my fig."

Sure, it may be a fig wasp that was found in a fig, but that doesn't mean you should expect all your figs to be infested with bugs. I'd still be shocked if that was my fig. I'd probably even cry a little.

"My birdhouse grew a yard."

To be fair, this one might not really be too unexpected. After all, birdhouses are usually filled with bird feed, which is mostly made up of seeds. And those seed probably fall out and germinate and turn into little plants all the time. Still, it's cute.

"This massive blueberry vs a normal size one I found today."

That definitely is an absurdly large blueberry. It's, like, the size of four or five normal sized blueberries. It probably mostly tastes like water, but it's still a really cool little find.

"Walking my dogs. Our shadow looks like a centaur."

I guess if you have a big enough dog and you get the lighting just right, you can make your combined shadow look like a centaur, too. Don't worry, though, no dogs were harmed in the making of this shadow.

"Found the tiniest pinecone I've ever seen."

I'm not sure how anyone could be able to spot a pinecone this small in the wild. It's smaller than a penny, which means it can't be much bigger than a kernel of corn. Seriously, you must have eagle eyes to spot one of these out there.

"This vase that is also a puzzle."

Looking at this 3D puzzle vase from the outside, it almost looks like a regular vase with a puzzle piece pattern on it. But when you look at the inside, you can see how it's very much a puzzle. That's actually super neat!

"Stonewashed jeans use actual stones. Found this in pocket of new jeans."

Okay, I'm now putting two and two together here. Stonewashed sounds like one of those fancy terms they use to make jeans sound more rustic or something. But no, it's the process they use to make jeans, well, jean-like.

They could've at least made sure to remove all the stones before selling, though.

"The way these two trees line up."

Yup, this sure is unexpected. Talk about finding the perfect angle to take a picture.

It looks like the green tree has a tree skeleton sticking out of it, which is kind of cool, and kind of creepy.

"I found this rock with a perfect circle in it."

Yep, that circle sure is perfect. If I didn't know any better, I'd think it was made by aliens trying to send us a message. But, like, it's probably just the remnants of some painting project or something.

"So far the weirdest drink I've found."

In any novelty candy store, there's a good chance you can find bacon soda (or any other strange flavor of novelty soda). And yes, it tastes like bacon (talking from experience). I really couldn't recommend it unless you're, like, super adventurous.

"The way this screw landed."

It's almost like this screw woke up one day and decided it no longer needed to follow the laws of gravity or logic. It just fell in the most unexpected and specific way, it almost doesn't seem real. But here it is.

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