20 Funny People Whose Sense Of Humor Is On A Very Special Level

Class clown, the funny friend, all throughout life the funniest among us are given labels to designate them as such. We cherish their places in our lives as they tend to bring a smile to everyone's faces.

They aren't always funny in the traditional sense, though. Like the people on this list, whose sense of humor is on a very special level.

"Found at my local 'mall sword store'."

Sure it's just a replica of a cartoon sword, but if I'm buying it it's because I want to swing it around and pretend I'm in said cartoon! I can't do that very well if the balance is all thrown off, now can I?

"I am going through a tremendously rough time, so naturally my roommate bought a mane for the cat to cheer me up. It worked.

It's nice to see that you and your roommate are good enough friends that they just knew that the one thing that would cheer you up was a lion mane for your cat. So specific, so spectacular, and so effective!

"I saw this at work today and I was crying."

Thank goodness the person who managed to do this had a good joke to cover it up with. No one can get mad at them for damaging the jug when it resulted in a good chuckle from everyone who sees it!

"Saw this today. First I laughed, then I felt bad..."

Be careful what your wish for, business that owns this sign. They just might start stealing your numbers next, then you'll have to resort to using smoke signals and morse code to advertise yourself!

"I think this stick figure is acting a little TOO nonchalant for my tastes."

You can practically hear the little innocent whistle this dude is doing as he strolls away from the fire he definitely caused. He would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for this swift artist drawing a live recreation of the scene!

"Lesson learned: measure your liquids before turning the stovetop on. Spent too long looking for my measuring cup."

Congrats! You've made the world's most dangerous, upsetting pancake. Make sure you flip it over though, should both sides should be golden brown before it's ready to serve. You can top this with just about any condiment you want, whatever helps it go down!

"My buddy is a Dodgers fan. I'm a Giants fan. We had a friendly $20 bet on who would win the NLDS. Here is the $20 I will be giving him Monday."

As far as petty moves go, this honestly isn't too bad. You had the decency to give them to him unrolled and in a single bag, so at least he can dump it into a coin counter and cash them in.

"Taco Bell doing the most."

I can so perfectly hear the absolutely dead tone the person who put this up probably had while thinking about it.

Though, I wouldn't put it past Taco Bell to create a monstrosity like a pumpkin spice taco. I hope they don't, but they would.

Taking sides.

The story behind this photo was explained by the uploader, "At Comic Con, my 5 y/o was terrified to take pictures with Ghostbusters, yet ran up to these fine folks and asked for pictures. He explained it was because they were 'on his side'."

"This sign I saw for a volunteer fire department."

There's something to be said about being honest! At least that way you'll only bring in people who really want to do the work.

Or maybe they'll just want the cool helmet, but that's fine as long as they stick around.

"I heard my 5 yr old say 'I just sawed dead people.' In a VERY concerned voice. Turned around to see this."

To be fair, I'd also be extremely concerned if I saw this, it's creepy! I think the people who were throwing them out stuck them in there on purpose. If you're going to toss some mannequins, might as well use 'em for one last spook.

"A few years ago a buddy and [I] had 300 pens made that said this. Gave them away everywhere. We still find them now and again."

Thank you for this, I now feel even more motivated to wash my hands and less motivated to ever accept a pen from a stranger ever again. I'll be buying my own from now on and carrying them with me everywhere.

"My parent's cats have been killing too many birds in the backyard. Solution #1."

Is this solution to humiliate them so the birds start making fun of them and they lose all their hunting confidence? That seems really harsh for a first solution. Couldn't you try sitting them down and talking about it?

"I was told I couldn't smile for the picture on my Drivers License. This is good to go though."

You're not allowed to have any obvious fun on your license picture. It all has to be subtle, like this. No open shows of goofiness, but goofiness that can be mistaken for crazed decisions is fine.

"My dog needed to get prepped for surgery tomorrow and I couldn’t resist."

Adding sunglasses to things to make them a face really is a behavior all humans share, huh? The only thing that could make this better is if you had some googly eyes under there. Remember that next time your dog needs surgery.

"I wonder if the owner realized the spelling was wrong at one point and just ran with it."

It has to be intentional, right? Who would even want to spell out their car's manufacturer in tape across the back anyway? Do people really need to know you drive a Toyota? Or, sorry, a Totoya.

"Just moved in and bought this sign…finally feels like home."

They say home is where the heart is. I have to disagree. Home is where the bitterness is. Where else can you be so openly, viciously bitter except within the walls of your own home, where no one will judge you?

"Guys help. I don’t own a cat."

You do now. It's too late to ask for our help, you've already been chosen and the cat has already claimed you. There's nothing left for you to do but open your arms, open your heart, and head to the pet store.

"My office refuses to take down this non operating antiquated piece of equipment , so I did the only logical thing."

Why list it like a museum relic when you can list it like an art piece?

"Office Communication Device, 1985, Plastic on Drywall, Artist Unknown. Believed to be a representation of modern corporate settings, the divide drawn between the elite upper management and the common employee."

"My mom swore she already made me a waffle, but we couldn’t find it. So she made another one and I grabbed a fork..."

Sorry, I can't even wrap my head around the action of placing a plate of food into a drawer in the first place, let alone closing it and forgetting it in there after! I may not multitask well, but I'm food-driven, I'd never lose a good breakfast.

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