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20 Wild Coincidences That Are Too Good To Be True

Sometimes, the most serendipitous thing happens to us and we don't know how to react. It just falls into our laps, leaving us amazed and sometimes humored at the situation. What else is there to do besides snap a pic so people know you're not lying when you tell the story later?

Those snapped pics are compiled here in a list of 20 wild coincidences that are too good to be true.

"My piece of fried fish looks like a fish."

It looks a little too like a fish. I'd cut into that just to make sure they didn't just stick a whole fish in the frier and send it my way. The last thing you want is a still scaly dinner!

"The way these chips match my countertop."

This is just a coincidence to you, but little do you know that this is the latest piece of spyware they're trying to push onto the market.

If they can create camouflaging food, you bring the tech right into your home without even realizing it, then one piece sneaks away and perfectly and remains hidden forever. A little complicated, sure, but it could work!

"My child’s alphabites had a number in them."

If this is what we're relying on to be teaching kids these days, we're doomed! We're going to see the return of leet speak, kids replacing letters with numbers, mixing the alphabet and numerical system, it'll be chaos!

"The way this pumpkin has rotted is just creepy."

It is, but for a jack-o-lantern, this is kind of the best-case scenario, isn't it? It's probably long after Halloween for this pumpkin, but the spooky season can be enjoyed all throughout fall in my opinion, meaning he still makes great decor!

"The pairing of this street name and this restaurant advert."

While the pairing is definitely funny, I would love to know who thought to name a street like this, and then give it a sign that looks so much like the word cannibal. Surely you all could have come up with literally anything else.

"The way this branch fell around this car."

This definitely marks the luckiest day of this person's life. I hope they wrung it out for all it was worth. Risky activities, lottery tickets, the whole nine yards. I also hope they never park near a tree ever again, industrial lots only.

"Came home to see a neighborhood black cat hanging out in front of our Halloween decorations."

His choosing to hang out here is either a compliment that they saw your house fit enough to accentuate or an insult telling you to up your decoration game so you don't need extra support. Considering it's a cat, though, probably the latter.

"I guess they ran out of facts?"

Over the course of the company's lifespan, they've written out every single fact there is to know. That's it. We've been taught everything we can. If we put our collective Snapple knowledge together, it'll cover all of human existence.

Congratulations, everyone, we made it.

"Mushrooms sprouted around the window in our fairy house! Now it's super legit!"

Are you sure it's just mushrooms randomly deciding to grow there? It is a fairy house after all, maybe a fairy thought it was a real nice crib and decided to move in? The added magic would account for excess flora growth!

"Found a candy corn in my bag of Jelly Belly Belly Flops."

Jelly Belly Belly Flops are bags of imperfect Jelly Bellies, right? So this fits, that's definitely one messed up Jelly Belly.

Whether or not the bag is a total waste because of one piece of candy corn is something I'll leave up to the comments. That's a heated debate I'd rather not get into.

"The carpet in the hotel I visited is the same pattern as the one from *The Shining*."

You truly only visited? Didn't stay overnight or anything? This is a discovery that would have me checking out before I even got to my room. I wouldn't be taking any of the elevators, either.

"Found out my mom and I made the same collage from our trips - 25 years apart."

Once a good print of a tree, always a good print of a tree! It's also interesting to see just where you got your creative eye from. Who knew things like taste could be passed down genetically!

"This is how the newspapers were stacked up at my job."

This is really considerate of those papers, actually. If I saw something like this, I wouldn't know whether to overthink it and worry or brush it off as nothing, but here they directly tell you to go for the former! Thanks!

"Catching the same fish a month and a half later."

You might be happy about this super neat coincidence, but that fish sure isn't. He's been through enough, toss him back and maybe find a new fishing spot next year instead of going for the third year in a row.

"The way my plate broke in almost even pieces

This has to be the world's easiest puzzle, which is great news for you if you were looking to repair it. Or you can keep them as is and use them as dangerous serving plates for slices of cake instead!

"I ran the same race yesterday that I did a year ago. Out of about a thousand participants, I got the same number."

That's your designated number now! The one the universe gifted upon you to keep forever. You can tell people its your favorite number, your lucky number, the number you choose when someone asks you to pick a number, it belongs to you!

"My dog, Flirt (left) found her doppelgänger!"

They had to have become best friends right? And you with the other dog's owners? It's quite literally the perfect match, you can't let that slip away!

Also, someone asked and yes, the dog is named Flirt because it looks like she's winking. How cute!

"My daughter injured her chin today and at dinner received this fortune cookie."

I don't know, keeping her chin up might make it prone to more injuries. Unless that cut was caused by a fall, in which case yes, here's hoping she keeps her chin, head, and entire body up!

"Just realised that the back of the chairs in KFC resemble the colonels tie logo."

Okay, I have a feeling this one is more a case of deliberate design rather than an odd coincidence, but it's still pretty cool. Brands will bake their image into every part of their establishment in some pretty clever ways!

Free souvenir.

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A story told by the photo's uploader, "So I was massaging a client and I didn’t remember this mole being there. So I turned on the light only to discover it was a seashell perfectly suction to her body. She just came home from vacation. Her nickname is now Shelly LOL."

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