20 Funny Things That Are Creepier Than Your Toast Screaming When You Take A Bite

There are some things that we stumble across in this world which may make us chuckle, but will also make a few of the hairs on the back of our neck leap to attention.

So, from people who ended up having to perform unsettling surgery on kid's toys to sentient chickens who threatened our wellbeing, here are 20 funny things that are creepier than your toast screaming when you take a bite!

"You can check out anytime you like. But you can never leave…"

Well, if I have ever seen a motel that looks as though it would be the setting for a horror movie, it is this one! You'd need to have nerves of steel to stay here!

"Local art in my town's yard sale page!"

I did not know what my flat was missing until right this moment, and that thing is a Jason Statham Cheetah! Time to get the hot glue gun out and try to fashion one of these delights!

Now You Can Build Your Own Wasp!

Christ, I only need the right back leg, but I suppose that I will just have to purchase the whole lot and keep the rest of the pieces as spares. You never know when you'll need them anyway.

Brush Your Teeth Kids, Or I Will Devour Your Souls!

Is this tooth actually Pennywise in disguise? Why do they always make tooth-care mascots so unbelievably terrifying? You're supposed to be trying to calm kids down about going to the dentist, not scaring the pants off them!

"Why does this dog look like it should be in a horror film?"

Okay, this dog is definitely Pennywise in disguise! The soul-devouring tooth had a look of Pennywise, but I can hear this dog saying "You'll float too" through this image.

"My 12-year-old daughter now makes creepy baby jewelry."

"So, why have you brought little Samantha in for therapy, is there something at home that is troubling you?"

*Places creepy baby jewellery on the table.

"Ah, okay, well it looks as though I'll be needing my crucifix..."

"Sweet dreams all through the night thanks to this wonderful Jesus lamp..."

Wow, Jesus can really up the whole Satan vibe when he wants to. The longer I look at the glowing eyes though, the funnier they start to appear.

"I still can't get over how creepy this dog is. It's been months and I cringe every time I look into his beady little old man eyes."

Every time I looked into his eyes I would just be waiting for him to say, "Do you fancy a brew? I'll pop the kettle on!"

"Well, that's not a good sign..."

I am not sure if this is my first time seeing this image before or not. Nice one sign, now I am doubting everything about reality! This is undoing years of therapy right now!

"FEeD bIG BeRthA!"

Did they really have to call her "Big Bertha"? That feels as though it is a needlessly unsettling name for a puppet that you have to throw things into the gob of. Although, is there a name that wouldn't be creepy?

The Most Terrifying Toilet Break Ever...

"I work at a kindergarten that’s in in a bush setting. I was going to the toilet (in our tent with a porta toilet). This was my view. The children were really creeping me out," explained this poor teacher.

"My daughter thinks the closet looks less creepy at night like this. That makes one of us."

Another person added, "I can imagine getting up in the middle of the night, not turning the lights on cuz you just have to go to the bathroom, and on the way back to bed you brush against this and think someone touched you. I would cry a little..."

"This kid mannequin..."

Who is responsible for this? The person who decided that an adult mannequin's head was appropriate in this instance needs to have their head looking at! Their actual head that is, not this head...oh you know what I mean!

"This Jack-o'-lantern with mold growing from inside."

Normally I have just known pumpkins to sort of crumple in on themselves, this actually is quite cool! Although, I don't think my brain could allow such a hotbed of mold to live near my house.

"That is one desperate chicken!"

He also looks as though he has sold his soul to the chicken devil. I suppose that he is trying to encourage the slaughter and devouring of his fellow chickens though. Gotta make a living somehow my guy!

"My new hobby is making creepy shopping lists and dropping them in random peoples' baskets at Costco."

There is a real sense of escalating panic the further you get down this list, as though the need for adult diapers was growing more urgent.

"Can someone tell me what the hell is covering the plate? Finger? Toe?"

I have absolutely no idea what is going on in that top image, but I don't think that I actually do want to know what it is.

"It is watching me every time I go to McDonald's."

I always used to find Ronald McDonald quite creepy, but they have really upped the creepiness with this new mascot. How did anyone think that he was a good idea?

"Win big prize money, just exit left."

I know that some people will do all sorts of things to get out of sitting in traffic on the highway, but entering the Squid Game might be a little too extreme, surely?

"Give Mom the gift of unending horror this holiday season..."

"Ah yes, this is just what I wanted! A nightmarish tapestry made from a mess of faces and teeth! How dud you know?"

"Look, I know you love faces and teeth!"