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15 Things That People Think Are Giant Scams

Some things in life are totally worth it and worth how much we pay, how much time we spend, and how much effort we put into it. However, there are other things in life that people think are worth it, that, in reality, are total and complete scams. Thanks to Reddit, you may avoid some of them because others are sharing their top scams.

Paying for health care.

"If you think about it, Health Care.

You spend thousands of dollars to do everything you can to keep yourself alive. What do we do as we get older? Spend more money on keeping ourselves alive. No amount of money makes us immortal, so what's the point?" -LexLuthorJr

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Paying for bottled water.

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Many people said if you live in a country with clean, drinkable water from the sink or fountain, paying for bottled water is a waste of money when you can use a reusable one and have the same hydration.

Telling people they have to "work hard."

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"How everyone is told to just "work hard" to be rich and successful. I feel like this comes down from the masters to keep the hamsters turning the wheels. In reality, all "working hard" will get most people is food on the table and MAYBE an OK retirement... maybe," -huuaaang


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"Banks. I'm not convinced that anywhere near the amount of money actually exists. Plus, if everybody were to go to the bank and want their money out as cash, the bank is incapable of doing that. Like a big Ponzi scheme," -BTdothemath.

Telling kids they need to go to college.

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Reddit user alp1ne says that the biggest scam is telling high school kids the only way to be successful is to go to college. There are tons of ways to be successful that doesn't include attending a 4-year college.

Funeral services.

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"Funeral services, preying on the grief of loved ones.

I understand that its really for the living to celebrate their lost loved ones, but when I'm done I just want my family to bury my dead ass in the backyard and throw a bash at the house in my honor. Doubt I'll mind considering I'm dead," -SingleFunction80

People who gamble away their money.

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Many who work at casinos on Reddit shared that gambling is one of the biggest scams of all time, especially at casinos where the "house always wins." Especially seeing as they work there, it's safe to trust their judgment.

The baby industry.

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"The whole baby product industry is based on making parents feel worthless and irresponsible if they don’t shill out for things that will be outgrown or unnecessary in six months." -mywifemademegetthis


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"Realtors, probably the most overpaid, under qualified profession. The commission based comp is crippling for some sellers, and if you try to sell on your own (FSBO), they will steer all their buyers away from you." -Dad6FMTX

Printer ink.

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holytaco57 shared that companies who sell printer ink are huge scam artists. Turns out, they are incredibly inexpensive to make, but anyone who has a printer knows that ink is so expensive—so much so we hardly ever use the printer anymore.

The wedding industry.

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"$20,000 - $30,000 for a single day, stressful-as-hell event. When I learned a photographer alone runs $5000 minimum I almost puked. And a lot of venues didn’t give a s**t about covid and hosted packed weddings, resulting in deaths because “wE gOtTa MaKe MoNeY sOmEhOw” Absolute slime balls." -CaptainPlummet

The entire capitalist economy.

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Many Reddit users said working 5-days a week just to have to spend all of your money on bills and necessities and still feeling worthless when you can't afford overpriced items is such a scam, that we don't even see it.

Meal planners.

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"Instagram fitness model meal plans. I cant believe people still pay them a lot of money for cookie cut meal plans and fitness advice. They are literally just pulling s**t off of google, copy paste your name, and make you think its personalized for you." - thascarecro.

Women's magazines.

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"Trying to look good for men by reading women's magazine articles! Throw those magazines away, take good care of yourself, make the best of what you've got and don't be defined by someone else's expectations of what you should be." -KatPrincess88

The American tax system.

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"In the US, doing my own taxes. The government literally has all my info and can do it for me, but their excuse is that "but Americans like doing their own taxes!". No. I especially don't like being forced to pay for a service like TurboTax either" -turnOn.

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