20 Moments More Disappointing Than A Skittles Packet That Is Only Yellows

Life can be slightly disappointing from time to time, but a lot of people like to share their moments of bizarre disappointment online to at least give others a bit of a laugh or a gasp.

So, from people who were betrayed by their favourite snacks to individuals who managed to get attacked by magpies while minding their own business, here are 20 moments more disappointing than a Skittles packet that is only yellows!

"So, they sell these felt kits for crafting toy cats."

I think that there has always been a market for toys that are a mixture of cats and giraffes. This person could be on to a fortune with this creation!

"My husband ordered a hand painted photo of us for our anniversary. It's humbling, to say the least."

The artist behind this really captured the smiles on both of their faces. I also like how they even managed to make the dog look miffed.

"Cat of the week awards..."

There is always one cat out there trying to ruin everyone else's fun! That Leo is nothing but a scoundrel as well, I have heard tell of his scandalous escapades! No idea why I turned into a 1920s detective there either.

"My bluetooth headphones stopped working while I was mowing my lawn this evening."

Yep, well that'll do it. Nothing like blending your phone up to make it stop working. Try turning the phone off and on again though, that might help it.

"My girlfriend spent $100 to get me a White Claw cake for my birthday. She was less than pleased with the result."

It actually looks more like a candle than it looks like a cake. It also looks like it would be a pretty damn dry cake to have to eat!

"Nightmare of a birthday cake!"

"My mom ordered a cake with this to be on top. She was assured by the bakery that it could be done," this person elaborated. However, it appears that it definitely could NOT be done.

"A relative of mine got a tattoo recently and didn't double-check the spelling."

If you are going to get something placed onto your body forever, then you should probably get a few sets of eyes to check over it for mistakes beforehand!

"Friend had a lawn service accidentally spray their entire lawn with grass killer. The kicker: they came back for a second application."

"Alright mate, I just popped back to finish the job."

"Do you not think that you've done enough?"

"Well I just saw a few bits that looked alive, so thought I'd finish them off!"

"Giant Teddy Bears Are Not Cheap By Any Means!"

Yeah, the horrifically long legs really make this an unsettling bear. I feel as though it is about to get up and start lumbering after me while trying to skin me alive.

"Heavy duty combat boots."

Fortunately, that currency is equivalent to about $25, so this person did not end up being down a thousand dollars as a result of this guff. They could probably squeeze their big toe into these boots though at least.

"I knew I was taking a gamble ordering from Wish... But still, I couldn't stop laughing when my blanket finally arrived!"

I mean, even calling this a "blanket" is a bit of a stretch if you ask me. It is always a bit of an adventure ordering something from Wish!

"I mean... He's not wrong though?"

People think that kids are meant to be joyous, care-free tiny humans with nothing but happiness in their hearts. However, anyone who has worked with children will be able to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.

"Husband tried to make a dolphin for my cocktail. It's the cutest eel I've ever seen."

"[He cut the] wrong side of banana. Mangled the umbrella trying to open it. Added a clove for the eye for extra cuteness/creepiness. But we're both laughing crying over the result. Way better than the original," this person went on to add.

The King Is Firing Shots!

I don't get why people rave about the McDonald's breakfasts, those perfectly circular eggs really creep me out! Although, I'd take them over anything from Burger King any day. That's right, I'm picking a side and sticking to it!

"The space my wife gives me to sleep on our Queen size bed."

Ah, here we have another person who has been reduced to having their arm flop over the side of the bed in the middle of the night. I share your pain.

"So... Are You Satisfied With The Service?"

"I once had a trash collection service whose motto was 'Satisfaction guaranteed or double your garbage back!' Needless to say I never complained for the whole time I used them..." wrote another individual.

"I was just trying to ride my bike near a nesting magpie."

I do not know why this guy's face kills me so much, I think it might be the strange fact that they captured this image when it appears as though he is really enjoying this moment!

Well, That's Unsettling...

"I don't understand this new place we moved into. We keep the sink empty, take our the trash when it gets full, and vacuum daily. However we still have so many fruitflies. This is the amount we've caught on sticky paper in a week," wrote this irate individual.

Facebook Marketplace Is A Wild Place...

I do not know what else I expected from this offer, but all of my TV remotes are now glued well as being glued to the couch. I suppose that I won't lose them again.


This is clearly the chocolate chip range, you should have purchased the chocolate chips range!"

"Are you serious?"

"Of course! You think that I got into the cookie-making business to make friends?! Nonsense! This is a business built upon cutthroat business tactics!"

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