15 Times Adulting Escaped All Of Us

Being an adult is a lot of hard work. We're all running around like chickens without our heads. However, while we all feel like we're failing, there are times we see and hear someone else who is failing way harder than us. Sometimes, we see people who are going through it pretty bad—so much that they can't do some pretty simple stuff that basically we thought everyone knew.

That's not how you change your oil.

Unsplash | Dan Gold

"A girl I knew in college. Her dad called once to remind her that every so often she needed to put oil in her truck. She did. Then her truck started smelling like french fries and then died. Even after trying to explain it, she couldn't understand that this was directly related to the quart of vegetable oil she put in the motor," -snowman818.

You can't just touch raw chicken and then touch everything.

Unsplash | JK Sloan

Reddit user whotiesyourshoes said that they had to tell their roommate that if they're going to cook with raw chicken, they have to wash their hands before touching other food and things. However, he did not seem to understand why.

Birth control does not prevent STDs.

Unsplash | Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition

One user shared that a friend of theirs slept with a new guy and when they questioned not using protection, the girl said that she was "on the pill" to prevent getting any STDs. That's definitely not how it works... at all.

Some people don't know how time works apparently.

Unsplash | Moritz Kindler

Reddit user gummygoob said that while working an overnight/graveyard shift with a coworker, they had to explain that 12:00 AM midnight made it a brand new day. The girl nearly had a heart attack when realizing it wasn't Monday anymore, it was indeed Tuesday.

You have to register your kid from school.

Unsplash | Austin Pacheco

"I had a relative try to put her son on the school bus his first day of kindergarten and got upset when the driver refused to let him on because he wasn't on the list.

She never registered him for school and just thought she could put him on the bus and send him," -whotiesyourshoes.

You're supposed to close your eyes when you shampoo.

Unsplash | Sidekix Media

A Reddit user, katartsis, said that their father always had red eyes after he showered and they couldn't understand why. Then, one day, someone asked him and he said, "Shampoo." Turns out, their dad doesn't close his eyes when he showers...even when he shampoos.

Emptying a vacuum is important.

Unsplash | The Creative Exchange

"My ex best friend had told me that she had needed to buy another new vacuum cleaner, the third that month. I asked her what was wrong with it and she said 'It's not picking things up anymore!' So I asked if she had dumped out the container... she didn't know that was a thing," -Winterlight8044

Imagine being an adult and never paying bills?

Unsplash | Jp Valery

"A friend who was pushing 40 had never paid a bill before. She had gone from living with her parents to living in a dorm to living with her parents again until she got married, then she got divorced and was living on her own for the first time. Got a text from her asking if my power was out too, then she realized it was just her," -ReddishWedding2018

That's not it.

Unsplash | Brittany Colette

Reddit user AnotherLizLemon said a friend of theirs took Mucinex so often, that it was genuinely concerning, even when they weren't sick. So, when AnotherLizLemon asked them, they said they took it because it's an expectorant.

"It turns out he thought you take an expectorant when you are EXPECTING to get sick."

Sounds like a big mess.

Unsplash | Erik Mclean

"I had a roommate at university whose 'cooking' method was to put baked beans in a Tupperware, seal the lid, turn on the microwave, and when the lid pops and explodes beans everywhere, they’re cooked," -Thejustinset

She literally almost made a bomb.

Unsplash l Sincerely Media

User walkingknight said that while cooking with his girlfriend, the grease in the pan made a small grease fire. His girlfriend immediately went and grabbed flour—which he was shocked at. He knocked it out of her hand, because apparently, she thought putting flour on a grease fire was the same as putting baking soda on it because "...they're both white powders."

Why do people think you can put metal in the microwave?

Unsplash l Edgar Castrejon

"Every few weeks I catch my roommate trying to put his metal tea strainer in the microwave.

This is in spite of the fact that our first week living in this apartment, he destroyed the microwave and had to pay for a new one because he put a metal tea strainer in the microwave," -MeesterPepper

Growing up will cell phones be like...

Unsplash | insung yoon

User shadownights23x said that there was a guy he knew that always asked him what time it was, despite there being a clock right near them. Turns out, he had absolutely no idea how to read a clock at all. Seems to be a problem in this new generation.

Not knowing your right from your left is a big issue.

Unsplash l Nick Fewings

"My mother-in-law still doesn't know the difference between right and left. When giving her directions I have to say 'like the hand you write with' if she needs to go right. She also doesn't know the difference between north, south, east, and west even though we live on an island where there are different elements (mountains and volcanoes) in each direction," -Papa_Smjordeig

h/t Reddit

The city doesn't mow your lawn, Janet.

Unsplash | Andres Siimon

"When my friend bought a house a month into homeownership she asked me, very pissed off, when the city was coming to cut her lawn because it’s starting to look like weeds.

It was awkward when I had to explain that she needs to cut her own lawn or hire someone," -theantpantsdance