20 Strange People Who Shocked Us More Than Madonna Sprawled Across Fallon's Desk

There are some individuals for whom life is a constant rollercoaster. They are the sorts of people who are always getting injured in strange ways or coming across truly bizarre finds.

So, from people who got attacked by animals for absolutely nothing to individuals who had "ingenious" ideas, here are 20 strange people who shocked us more than Madonna sprawled across Fallon's desk.

"I was just trying to ride a bike near a nesting magpie."

Wow, that magpie really got him good! It doesn't look like this magpie takes very kindly to cyclists, they can be pretty annoying at times though I suppose.

"This just passed my friend on the highway in Universal City, TX."

You can just strap me right onto the roof rack of a car when I am on my way to being disposed of. Alternatively, just fire me out of a cannon into the sunset.

"Absotoothly not..."

If you want to remember a departed loved one, then keep a picture of them in your wallet instead of wearing their teeth on your hands! Also, why would you ever use a tooth that had a filling in it?!

"My boy just engineered the berg dawg... Out of pure desperation."

"I’ve made these for years. Why do you say? I did it as a joke but after tasting one on a hotdog roll, the ratio of meat to bun and condiment is prefect. It’s actually quite good," wrote another advocate of the berg dawg.

They Are Out Here Asking The Important Questions Though!

I mean, I think that a lot of dreams would be better if there was a buffet. Although, if it was a nightmare then that buffet would just be all of your least-favorite things, and presumably a punch bowl filled with Dr Pepper.

"I like KFC too, but just not this much..."

The nails that are meant to look like chicken are just...horrifying. They don't look like fried chicken as much as they look like stool samples from someone who hates their digestive tract.

"*Flicks strap* Yup, that's not goin' anywhere."

That dog looks like he is saying to his owner, "Get a load of that idiot, that just cannot be road legal! Get up real close and I'll bark aggressively at him Dave!"

"Wrote all my maths notes in erasable pen and left the book in my car. Turns out heat will erase it too."

Apparently, there is a fix to rectify this, as one person wrote: "Put it in the freezer. If it’s one of the Frixion pens it will return."

After trying it, the person who posted this explained: "thankfully chucking it in the freezer worked. Good thing [because] it was 140 pages of work."

"I am curious to know what happened there for them to forbid speaking french."

This is a weirdly specific thing to prohibit. Maybe they have just had a lot of problem with French people smoking in this area? I like to imagine that it is something much weirder though.

"It takes a village to raise my neighbor's cat."

Another dense cat owner added, "My cat that has similar coloring is also quite a slow, dumb cat. [Luckily] he's petrified of outside so he's relatively safe indoors except when he gets stuck on top of the refrigerator and needs me to come home to rescue him."

"Toddler learned how to use the microwave."

This person's child clearly has an eye for the weirder culinary dishes out there. I mean, a controller, some batteries, and an old shoe is a pretty Avant-garde meal to prepare as your first ever dish!

"How in the Hell did they manage this? The railing at the top doesn't appear to be bent!"

Maybe the car just always had dreams of being a boat? Just let this car live the life it wants to live for God's sake!

"Welp, there goes her brand new bed."

Looks like the whole floor is her bed now. She does look quite disappointed with herself though, as though she knows that ripping up her bed was not the right move in the long run.

Seems A Little Harsh!

"Booted my girlfriend's car in her mother's neighborhood in Ft. Lauderdale for backing in. Didn't see the sign when we pulled in at 11pm after driving [for] four hours," wrote the person who posted this. Why are places so against people backing in?

Tell Us How You Really Feel?

But, what kind of person doesn't like the music of AC/DC? Oh, that's right, absolutely anyone with any sense of taste whatsoever! I wonder if this bar's owner had a particularly bad experience while AC/DC was playing or if they just don't like the music in general?

"I'll just go see why the solar panel battery isn't holding a charge..."

"Can you just grab the other end of this wire please Steve?"

"Dave, that's not a wire."

"Look, just shut up and grab it, it's hissing an awful lot so I want to get it connected as quickly as possible!"

"I just really do not know."

A lot of people might dig this design aesthetic, but I cannot say that it is for me. And yes, I am very embarrassed about the whole "dig" joke. Look, just move passed it okay!

There Is Being Unlucky, And Then There Is This...

Can you imagine stepping out of a store and seeing your car underneath a plane? It would just feel as though you had wandered into a dream. The world clearly hates this car's owner.

"Saw this beauty on FB marketplace yesterday..."

It may not surprise a lot of you to find out that this project was on sale in Florida. I actually think that this is pretty cool, especially if you can't afford a yacht!

"A $60 cake that was returned and thrown straight into the trash because 'The 't' wasn't crossed.'"

I am sure that there would be plenty of two-year-olds who would be simply unable to eat a slice of cake due to there being a minor grammatical error on it!

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