20 Things As Annoying As Being Left On Read After Texting 'I Love You'

There are way too many annoying things in this world. Sometimes, they just kind of happen, while other times, they happen because the other people around us can't help but try to ruin our lives.

These things really annoyed the people who found them, and they'll probably annoy you, too. And yet for whatever reason, you won't be able to look away.

"When the teacher keeps the pointer on the task bar for the whole film."

I think it's, like, a student rite of passage to suffer through at least one movie per term where the mouse is on a distracting part of the screen.

At least until the older generations of teachers retire and the only ones left are the ones who care too much about mouse placement.

"Yeah, this display will probably make me take my eyes off the road, thanks, car!"

This is a fine display to show when you first turn the car on. But some cars feel the need to show this while you're in the middle of driving, which isn't very smart. It is, however, very ironic.

Do you think this person understood how reviews work?

I wonder if this person thought that 1 star mean you thought the place was #1. Or maybe they hit the wrong button? I don't know, this review just doesn't make any sense. And it's really, really bugging me.

"My Bic pen broke in my hand."

The only thing that can be said about this picture is that it's tragic. That's it. Just really, really tragic.

Hopefully the ink just got on their hand, and not all over their clothes. That would be even more tragic.

This annoyingly off center hallway light.

I'm so glad this isn't my house, because I'd be finding the builders and making them pay for this travesty (unless the house is, like, super old). How hard is it to center a light to a room? It's like they didn't even try.

...Whatever's happening here.

Did this room need a bunch of cables for different televisions or something? Did the electrician make a mistake and just covered it up with all those outlets? Either way, I don't think I could live there without being annoyed approximately 8 times a day.

"A sealed Amazon package we received today with nothing in it."

Amazon, oh Amazon. I get that the warehouse people are super busy and make mistakes every now and then. But that doesn't make receiving a completely empty package any less annoying.

All the excitement of getting something in the mail, just for it to be nothing.

This incredibly strange acrostic poem.

This would mostly be fine, but there's one thing in there that's really bothering me. In case you missed it, it's the fact that the fourth line reads, "analyze e data." The stuck an extra E in there for no reason. Ugh.

"Chik-Fil-A taunting me over the fact they forgot my sauces."

I guess whoever was making this order was in a hurry. That's the only way it would make sense that the dipping sauce is missing. Well, that, or the person working that day simply did not care. Which is so much worse.

"DoorDashed Chipotle and instead of two tacos, they gave me two empty tortillas. And instead of two sides of beans and one side of rice, they gave me… no rice and only one side of beans?"

Meanwhile, this Chipotle basically forgot everything. Hopefully this person can get their money back, because there pretty much isn't anything to eat in that whole box. Just sad.

"The space my wife gives me to sleep on our Queen size bed."

You'd think that sharing the space on a queen bed would be easy, since they're such large mattresses. But it's not always that simple; there's always got to be one person who hogs all the room, leaving the other with a tiny little corner to sleep on.

"They way they packed my Pringles genuinely has me annoyed."

The whole point of Pringles is that they stack on top of one another. Whatever happened here is making my head hurt. Though, I am kind of surprised that so many Pringles could fit in that way. It's like a little Pringles circle.

"When the Goodwill price is more than the original price."

Something tells me whoever priced this vase didn't look at the bottom. I mean, I probably wouldn't even pay $6.99 for it, but I'm still gonna be annoyed at this price debacle.

How do you look at something like this and decide it's $7.99 anyway?

"My colleague has been waiting all day to eat his donut. But when he finally got the chance, this happened."

You really have to be careful with donuts, especially the ones with chocolate icing on them. They melt way too easily, and if you don't eat them fast enough, you just end up with a sad, chocolatey mess.

This one caused me physical pain.

The worst part about this is that you can't even use a spare key because part of the key is stuck inside the lock. Talk about upsetting.

There are probably some quick ways to get that broken key out of the lock, though.

Seems like this park bench is being used for a whole different purpose.

It's almost like people looked at that bench and decided it was a garbage can instead. Because people don't know how to properly throw their garbage away, apparently.

Oh, this makes me so mad! The level of disrespect here is unreal.

"This ONE PIECE missing from this 2000 piece puzzle."

One piece missing from any puzzle is frustrating enough. But from a 2000 piece puzzle? That's just awful. Imagine going through all that work to put it together, just to find out you can't even finish it. Yeah, that's really annoying.

"I went in for food and when I came out my car got cheesed. What is wrong with my generation?"

Young people have always done some questionable things, like pranks and such. But it's even worse these days because they can film themselves doing it and post it online. All for a few clicks. Doesn't even matter if they hurt or inconvenience strangers.

"Had this election pamphlet put on my windshield right before a heavy rain."

I really wish that people putting pamphlets of any kind on car windshields wasn't a thing anymore. I'm sure there are better ways to get people to read about whatever it is you want them to read.

But this? Sigh...

"My husband thinks it's OK to butter toast like this."

I'm so confused by this. The way this is buttered, some parts of the toast are going to be bone dry, while other parts are going to be soaked in butter once it all melts. Here's a fun idea: spreading the butter evenly.