30 Strangely Interesting Pics That Show The World Embracing Its Cartoonish Side

Life can often be dominated by boring tasks such as going to work, filling out forms, buying groceries, doing laundry, and all that fun stuff. However, sometimes the world surprises us!

So, from people who found mysterious holes in rock formations to individuals who were nearly ensnared by woodland folk, here are 30 strangely interesting pics that show the world embracing its cartoonish side.

"That time my daughter got her face painted (by an actual adult) at summer camp. She was very offended that I couldn't tell she was 'Elsa from Frozen.'"

I mean, what was the "adult" behind this thinking? Have they ever seen the film Frozen before?

"My friend and I found Sid in a wood post."

Of all of the cartoon characters you could be compared to, Sid from Ice Age is one of the worst. This piece of wood must have taken a real hit to its self esteem when this happened.

"My double and triple apples."

I reckon if you eat these then you will recover twice as many hearts as you would gain if you ate a regular apple. Everyone else can see how many hearts they have left in the top left of their vision at all times, right?

"All 5' foot 3'' of me wearing an XXXXXXL t-shirt."

This guy looks as though he needs to level up his character a bit more before he can reap the benefits of this new outfit he has found. One day you'll get there mate.

"My girlfriend is in China, she sent me photo of girl wearing Mickey Mouse shirt, but something's not quite right..."

Are Mickey Mouse's pants always that high up? I must have just blocked that out of my brain. That cannot be comfortable.

"My grandfather had a red-headed woodpecker land on his leg."

Is this person's grandfather a Disney Princess or something? Or do they maybe have a wooden leg and this bird is about to cause them a whole host of damage?

"A suspicious looking squirrel and a trap on the walking trail? I might have watched too many cartoons!"

I don't think that there is anything wrong with thinking that all squirrels are secretly out to get you. It's never done me any harm.

"Just a typical drive home from work today. Nothing to see here…except this truck with a full skeleton display."

I hate to be that guy, but this feels as though it is about to cause one hell of an accident! The skeletons could really confuse the police as well!

"I've been training my whole life for this one moment."

All I can assume would happen to me on this road is that I would be doing alright right up until the end of the road where I would fall off the track immediately and then smash my steering wheel in a fit of rage.

"My cousins had a paint party at their daycare and now they look like a cartoon character when a bomb explodes."

Dear God, their faces are completely devoid of expression. They have that vacant look of someone who is experiencing pretty intense flashbacks. What happened at that daycare?!

"When your daughter asks for Mickey Mouse pancakes and you give her an everlasting nightmare instead."

You not only gave your daughter an everlasting nightmare, but you also managed to give everyone who sees this image an everlasting nightmare as well!

"This fake toast in Hollywood."

Someone asked if it was stuck to the ground, to which the person who posted this wrote, "Yep, I kicked it." Kicking something is the obligatory test to see if something is moveable.

"My hands after washing the dishes for 20 minutes."

Wow, I do not think that I have ever seen a more pruned hand before. And there it is, today's oddest sentence. What a wonderfully strange gift each day is, eh?

"It is a step up from most other candidates..."

Look, I know that they have a bit of a bad reputation after what they got up to in Ghostbusters, but they also offer some great policy ideas on public transportation!

"If my extensive gaming experience has taught me anything at all, it is that I have not unlocked this part of the world yet."

Much like the guy who has not yet levelled up enough to wear his new shirt, this person needs to get some more xp before they can face the challenges behind this wall.

"I think my friend is a cartoon character."

I cannot believe that this person has actually got so many black shirts all hung up. Although maybe they are all subtly different shades of dark grey? Is this what 50 Shades Of Gray is really about?

"I relocated a spider (with its web!) to inside near my worm bin which became infested with little flies."

If you are as confused by the phrase "worm bin" as I was, and you should be, then this person did go on to explain: "[It is] vermicomposting…for turning veggie scraps into garden / houseplant fertilizer!"

"I saw some ants carrying a glove up a lamp..."

Maybe they are slowly trying to assemble a full human-shaped body suit that they can all crawl inside and operate as though they were a real person?! The ant overlords are coming folks.

"Found this rock with an oddly shaped hole."

I feel as though there must be some sort of key out there that can fit perfectly into this slot and open up a portal to another dimension. Now to spend the rest of my life finding it.

"My dog hanging out in the exact spot we tried to keep her out of."

She looks absolutely knackered, probably tired out from all of the plotting how to get over that fence! What is it with dogs wanting to be wherever you don't want them to be?!

Staying Positive Despite Being About To Be Eaten!

This must have been one hell of a depressed ice-cream if it is this okay about being devoured. You would think that it would put up a bit more of a fight than this!

"The council will decide your fate..."

Things really are not looking good for this poor little mouse. I think at this point the council is simply trying to decide who is the one to get the first bite! Just run little guy!

"Sprint is not very nice to me..."

I feel as though most companies could genuinely use this as a form of address when they are contacting their customers. Looking right at you AT&T, sort your damn crap out for God's sake!

"…or just horrify the staff!"

It is amazing the states that some people will leave a public toilet in. Also, until I worked in customer service, I didn't realise that there were people out there who just don't know how to use a toilet apparently!

"I found a lemon inside of a lemon."

This person cut the head off a pregnant lemon! How could they do such a thing? Although...who is to say that there isn't a smaller lemon in this second lemon, and then an even smaller lemon inside that!

"Check out these large pumpkins I saw on the freeway!"

By Christ, just think of what you could carve out of these monstrosities! The possibilities would be endless! It would take absolutely ages to get all of the insides out though.

"This squirrel in the rain using his tail as an umbrella."

Ah, so this is why animals have evolved to have tails, so that they don't have to carry an umbrella with them wherever they go! It all makes so much sense now that I think about it.

"This bird looks like it has human lips."

Well, that is just wildly upsetting and I am not sure why. I feel as though it is about to ask me what the time is or just shout, "What the hell are you looking at you lanky git?"

"The state of this carrot that my parents harvested today!"

"When my parents harvested it they sent me a picture saying 'This looks like a carrot who has to pee,'" this person went on to add. Now I cannot see anything else.

"I found my dad's old phone..."

Ah, do you remember the days when phones used to have novelty attachments like this? Now all you can do is turn your phone into a bottle of windex, not that anyone would want to do that.

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