13 Companies That Actually Impressed Us With Their Good Ideas

To me, it's not good enough to just design a decent product, but it also goes a long way to make your customers feel valued. That's why I'm always impressed when I see brands go over and beyond the call of duty.

Doesn't it feel good when you receive a personalized note when a package arrives? Or when you get something extra special you didn't expect? That's what I'm talking about here.

1. This Lotion Packaging

Ladies, listen up. Don't you hate it when you finish a lotion, but you can't get everything out of the tub? Ugh! It's so irritating, right? Well, this brand designed their bottle, so the top comes off. Now you can get every last drop. OMG, what?

2. This Tortilla Wrapper

Who here is a whiz at making a burrito? I always seem to forget how to fold the thing properly. I bet that's exactly what this tortilla company thought of because they put the instructions right on their wrapper. How neat is that?

3. This Sweet Treat

How would you feel if your order came in and there was a sweet treat included for you? Apparently, that's what happened to this Sweetwater customer, and I think it's indeed a nice gesture on their part.

4. This Cookie Packaging

How do you keep your cookies from going stale when you open the whole package in one swoop? Well, this design only lets you grab one cookie at a time, so the rest stay fresh. Don't you love that?

5. This Packaging With Purpose

When you order a pair of earrings, you don't expect to be able to grow wildflowers. Do you? Well, this lady found out that the packaging of her new jewelry does just that. Aww, I so dig that idea.

6. These Desk Assembly Instructions

I find it challenging to build a desk even if it comes with instructions. Usually, I ask my fiancé to do it, ha, ha! But if all the tools came assembled in these individual packets, it would make it that much easier. Am I right?

7. This Perforated Packaging

I don't know about you, but I get irritated that every package requires scissors to open it. But not this one. This one is perforated and has a place to put your fingers so you can rip it open. Amazing, eh?

8. This Truth Label

Isn't it super annoying when the bottle you bought is much smaller than its packaging? This company wanted to address this issue, and they show the outline of exactly what you're getting. Isn't their honesty refreshing?

9. This Protein Powder

I can't tell you how annoying it is when I buy a new protein powder and then I have to search for the spoon. It's always hidden inside. This company designed the top to fit the spoon right in. Isn't it so cool?

10. This Socks Packaging

Isn't it super cool when a company has a sense of humor? Oh, yes, that's right. Somebody got a pair of socks, and they found this funny "Nutrition Facts" sheet on the back. Oh my goodness, ha, ha! I love that.

11. This Beer Carton

Wouldn't it be cool if your beer packaging came with a fun activity? Well, what do you know? This one actually does, hee-hee. It comes with this sweet "Color by Numbers." No way! I wish they all had that.

12. This Fragile Package Handling Gauge

I'm not exactly impressed with how some shipping companies handle fragile parcels. So it's really reassuring to see something like this tilt watch gauge being used here. It tells you exactly how well your package has been handled.

13. This Medicine Packaging

It must be very challenging to buy medication when you're blind. After all, not all of the packages come with Braille included on the box, right? Well, this one does, and I applaud this company for doing so.

I absolutely love it when companies listen to their customers.

And then, they design their products with the consumer in mind. I know that doesn't happen that often, but when it does, we need to give them a huge round of applause. So let's do that now, okay?

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