13 Times People Turned Their Tattoo Disasters Into Works Of Art

Getting a tattoo should be a well-thought-out decision. Don't you think? Unfortunately, many people rush through this process. They end up choosing a bad design or the wrong artist to create the work. And then comes the dreaded idea of a cover-up.

However, there are times when the cover-up comes out even better than the original tattoo. Here are some awesome examples of that.

1. This Beautiful Job

First of all, I'm obsessed with cats. So when I saw this cover-up, I was like, "yes!" The look on the face of this feline is mesmerizing, no? And the idea of using a watercolor design is so beautiful.

2. This Skull And Cat Tat

Guys, I beg you, research the person doing your tattoo thoroughly. This is what happens when you don't. I hate to say it, but this original piece was so ugly. I'm really happy somebody was able to fix it.

3. This Tiger Fix

This faded tattoo badly needed some TLC. So an artist came up with this idea to re-do it. What do you think of it? I absolutely love the tiger's face here, but I'm a little partial about the disproportional claw.

4. This Wolf Scene

If you end up with a crappy tattoo, it might take you many hours to fix it. In this case, this person had to sit for over eight hours to get this cover-up done. Yikes. That must've been uncomfortable.

5. This Amateur Mistake

When you go to some random shop to get your first tattoo done, that's not always a great idea. That's what this person did, and needless to say, they needed a cover-up years later. It looks much better now, no?

6. This Simple Design

You see, a cover-up doesn't necessarily have to be totally bold and big. You can keep the design simple and subtle. I really adore what the tattoo artist did here to cover up this poor tattoo choice.

7. This Terrible Koi Fish

Wow! What exactly went wrong here? I guess we will never know. Perhaps it was just a combination of a terrible design idea combined with an inexperienced tattoo artist. This new piece looks much better now.

8. This Dynamite Fix

Why would anybody get a snake with an explosion at its mouth? I don't get it, ha, ha! I think the cover-up design of an octopus is a much more fitting tattoo. What do you think? I quite like it.

9. This Hand Tattoo

I'm not really sure what the original tattoo said here. I'm guessing maybe it was someone's name, which of course, as you know, is never a good idea for a tattoo. But this half wing looks a lot more interesting, huh?

10. This Horse Tattoo

If you grew up with a horse, you would probably tattoo it on your body, too, huh? Well, this original work didn't do him justice, that's for sure. However, this new one looks absolutely fantastic, no?

11. This Cool Design

Oh my goodness. Is it just me, or do you love this second design, too? It's so unique. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. I'm really impressed with this overall idea here, and you?

12. This Awesome Rework

Wow, what was going on on this lady's arm, huh? I have no idea. I'm so happy she opted to do something about it. Now, her arm tattoo looks pretty epic. I love all the vibrant colors.

13. This Hummingbird

I have to tell you, one of my favorite birds is a hummingbird. I find these birds so beautiful and fascinating. So I was really thrilled to see this terribly drawn tattoo fixed so masterfully. Don't you agree?

Ah, I'm so glad to see these badly done tattoos got the love that they desperately needed, huh?

I bet these folks are quite relieved now. I know I would be, ha, ha! Have you ever gotten a poor tattoo that you needed to get covered up?

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