20 Funny Signs To Tickle Your Funny Bone Until It Hurts

It's impossible to venture more than 20 feet from your home without seeing a sign somewhere. Whether it be for advertising or awareness, alerts and news, signs are one of the simplest ways to get messages to a large audience.

Some sign makers are very aware of this, and thus decide to have a little fun with their signage, the results of which we get to see here!

"[New] office neighbour has a very sensible office door policy."

The way this one, simple sign conveys so much about this person's personality is amazing. They're aware of their limits and boundaries, but also have their priorities straight. I, too, believe every dog and cup of coffee should be urgent business.

"Good advice."

But machines have strict programming, which I don't have. I think they're way less likely to fail than my brain is. I make a million mistakes every day! This brain was not made to be around machinery, we do not computer!

"Watering hole."

If you, as a human being, are this desperate for water while out for a walk, I think it's high time to invest in a water bottle. Whatever the cost may be, it's still a far better deal than losing your dignity.

"Not gonna lie but... I kinda want to go."

Who wouldn't? This sounds sick! An hour and a half of just watching some guy run around and do tricks for my own entertainment, and I don't even have to pay? I'll dress up for the occasion. I'll bring snacks to this.

"My uncle has this hanging at his door."

Something about the random capitalization mixed with the font choice makes this sign even better. Psychologically tormenting every guest you have is already a power move, but doing so in comic sans? You'll have them trembling with worry.

"Sacred wine."

I understand that the idea is that because of this, I shouldn't let them go to waste, but really it just makes me scared. I don't want to face these grapes that apparently died for me, I can't handle that!

"I love my neighborhood. He changes this periodically."

There's something to be said about self love and the confidence this type of mentality takes, but this feels like a strange place to advertise it. Whatever gets the message out there, I guess!

"It’s Paws-ibile!"

Dogs with opposable thumbs really are the future of pet development. What else could we possible do to improve them otherwise? They'll be just as smart, but with thumbs we could teach them to do more things like this. Are there any downsides? I think not.

'My local farmers market has an album’s worth of these signs."

Unattended children threats are one of my favorite genres of signage, as the threats are always creative and funny. Energy drinks are a parents worst nightmare, and while swear words come naturally with time, learning them from a brit first will permanently alter them.

"Love my morning dog walks."

Well, doesn't this just sound lovely? Just a cowboy wanting to help people get in touch with their emotions. This sounds like some roundabout form of therapy, but hey, it works for him, and he's intense, apparently.

"Seen In Savannah."

If the advertising is false, does that mean the statement about false advertising is also false? Or is that part true? What about the 10% off? That's a good selling point so I wouldn't risk lying about it, this is all so confusing.


Making bad choices in exchange for good experiences is a rite of passage for life! If you don't have one moment in your life that you totally regret but also wouldn't change for the world, I recommend going out and living a little.

"They’re doing WHAT?"

Of course the lack of punctuation changes this sign's meaning a ton, but also the order makes it sound like not only are there people eating children, but you have to clean up after them, not your dog, like some sort of awful busboy.

"On the road to the Meteor Crater outside of Winslow Arizona."

"Honey I told you we should have gotten the meteor instead of the car, our travel time would be cut in half at least!"

"You and I both know you only wanted the meteor so you could pretend to race when driving around on your own."

"I will not be told how to live my life."

Did this area have a problem with people petting rattlesnakes in particular? It seems like an odd distinction to make. You'd think they'd be one of the less petting-urge inducing wild animals, but maybe they're a lot cuter in person than we're lead to believe.

"We Have Two Rules."

Someone in the comments pointed out that with the way this sign is formatted, it looks like they added 'no golf' afterwards. Once smoking was banned, everyone started golfing to try and curb their habit, but that also didn't work out so well.

"No chill on this sign in a grocery cart."

People are very concerned with the quality of their food! They want to eat things that are clean, healthy, and nutritious, overall good for their health. The people they hang out with, on the other hand? Quality matters way less.

"Threw some trash out in the dumpster this morning. Saw this. Made me chuckle."

Hey, good for that sign then. Not everyone's dreams look as glamorous as your own. Some signs want to exist on highways, some want to be neon or made of LEDs, this one is just happy living in a dumpster, and we should respect that.

"Whatever you may have expected this bus to do, forget it."

Given that it looks a little worse for wear, I'm not surprised that it does not. Maybe give it a break, give it a well deserved wash and lets its engine rest for a little bit and it'll do back to doing just like it did before.

"Having fun with the movie theatre marquee."

In his defense, this type of marquee is way more attention grabbing than any normal one would be. The longer I have to stand and decipher what movie title he tried to make, the more likely I am to go in and watch it as a reward for my efforts!