20 Things To Gawk At While You're Escaping Your Family By Hiding In The Bathroom

There are plenty of valid reasons for hanging out in the bathroom while you avoid your family. Everyone's been there, so we're not going to judge.

We've got a great list of random images to enable your procrastination and make your hideout session that much better. So give yourself some white noise, turn on the fan, and escape from your family awhile longer. We've got your back.

"Original iPhone camera VS iPhone 13 Pro."

Reddit | Redstone41

Camera arrays have changed dramatically on smartphones over the years, but this image also shows how the basic form factor of smartphones hasn't really changed at all. For what it's worth, I like the understated camera on the original iPhone.

"My son's Spongebob activity book is missing the word Squidward in the word search."

Reddit | schizm98

There are probably bigger issues in the world than poor quality control on SpongeBob word searches. That's still not going to stop me from being irrationally angry at this omission, though.

"This suggestively shaped snow globe at my grandparents."

Reddit | Kruton1122

This is just a snow globe. It's no different from the snow globes found at every grandparents' house in the country. If you see anything different, that's totally on you because, again, this is just a snow globe.

"How the fence of the garage shows which floor it is."

Reddit | posk4r

Parking garages tend to be plain, brutalist concrete structures. I like the flair that these number designs add, even if they probably aren't noticed by most of the people who park there.

"X-ray of my childhood bear, taken in the '90s."

Reddit | sleepy__fox

This image is creepier than I would have thought. It isn't going to give me nightmares or anything, but those blank teddy bear eyes are staring right into my soul. On second though, maybe it will give me nightmares.

"My Ikea manual instructs me to throw away a piece included in the box."

Reddit | m2soon

Seeing this makes me want to book a flight to Sweden so I can ask those jokers at Ikea what the deal is here. Like, there's no way they included something just so it could be trashed.

"My grandfather had a red-headed woodpecker land on his leg."

All of my interactions with birds in the wild involve them chasing or dive-bombing me for no apparent reason. But Mr. Nature over here has them eating out of his hand.

"Shadow coming out of other side of mason jar looks like an undead pirate or something."

Reddit | NamesJames0933

It's wild how random patterns on glass can manifest themselves in ways like this. Maybe this person's house is legit haunted by an undead pirate.

"I marked my taxes as Legally Blind, and they sent me my papers in Braille."

Reddit | kdods22402

This makes total sense, but it's still really cool to see. As an aside, printers that can print stuff in Braille are not cheap.

"A log loaded with coins I found in the Welsh countryside."

Reddit | christmasshorts

Why is this log filled up with coins? How long has it been filled up with coins? What's the approximate value of the coins in this log? I have so many questions.

"My hands after washing the dishes for 20 minutes."

I think this person might want to see a doctor or something. My hands never get pruned up to this extent, and I've been known to take epic hour-long baths.

"Went to Walmart. Parked next to a horse."

Reddit | jspangles313

Where was this photo taken, and why is it definitely somewhere in Pennsylvania? I mean, it might not be. Everything I know about Amish people came from a Weird Al song.

"Man wearing shoe protectors over work shoes on metro."

Reddit | pambeeskneesly

Seeing this guy taking such good care of his shoes makes me paranoid about going out in public without shoe protectors. Who knows what horrors lurk on the floors of subway cars?

"My girlfriend got me birthday cookies made to look like my cat."

I don't want to tell anyone what to do, and I don't know this guy. That said, he should absolutely marry his girlfriend right now because there's no way he'll find anyone more awesome.

"This restaurant puts a mesh net over your lemon so when you squeeze it, no seeds get in your food."

Reddit | alikat538

This is such an elegant solution to a common problem. Also, I can't think about anything other than fish and chips right now.

"This monster sunflower head from my dad’s garden."

Sunflowers are known to be pretty big, but this massive sunflower head takes things to another level. Staring into its black void feels kind of like staring into the abyss of space.

"My dad left his window down in his truck while he stepped away for a few minutes and a feral cat got in and ate all of his tacos."

Reddit | cascassian

Feral cats are pretty darn good at taking advantage of opportunities like this. You snooze, you lose.

"My coworker's keyboard setup."

The more I look at this photo, the more fascinating it gets. I can't possibly imagine this keyboard setup being workable or practical. But I think it would fit right in at the Museum of Modern Art.

"This apple at my local farm stand, New Hampshire, USA."

Reddit | vitaminmm

This apple is a big chonker indeed. I'm always suspicious of fruit that's too large or too small, though. Maybe my suspicions are groundless, but I feel like this apple would taste bland.

"This big ole' ball of wasabi."

Reddit | Wry-knot

This is an unusually large ball of wasabi, yes. Most of it will probably go to waste. That said, have you ever ordered sushi where they forget the wasabi? It's horrible. I'll take too much over too little any day of the week.

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