30 Pictures That Prove The World Is A Topsy-Turvy Sort Of Place

Who would want the world to be a purely straightforward place, eh? Well, quite a lot of people probably, but those people just have no imagination!

So, from people who nearly swallowed cutlery to individuals who built the most baffling animal homes, here are 30 pictures that prove the world is a topsy-turvy sort of place.

"How to transport your new refrigerator."

Well, I sincerely hope that the route they are taking home does not include any speed bumps! If it does then this guy could be going straight to A&E with a broken arm, at least!

"A napkin from a military pack."

I would definitely have eaten that, there is not a chance I would have thought that was anything other than a mint. I wonder what it tastes like...probably nothing, now that I think about it.

"Dropped my phone and the crack it made kind of looks like a hummingbird."

It took me a few moments to see it, but now it is clear as day. Maybe they dropped it onto a hummingbird? That would explain this crack...if you forget about how reality works for a moment.

"Everyday this guy walks by our house and lifts up his dog for a look at our neighbour's rabbit."

This is one of the most adorable things that I have ever seen. That rabbit must have have a pretty cushy life for it not to try and escape!

"My anatomy teacher's bathroom pass is a human leg bone."

The teacher would probably be very annoyed that this person did not identify what the bone was! I wonder how it would feel to know that one of your body parts would be used as a keyring for future generations?

"My aquatic snails ate this leaf and left a perfect ghost leaf behind."

That is pretty damn incredible, I suppose this is just like a vulture stripping a carcass down to the bone...but without all of the blood and such, obviously.

"The clear ice in my Absinthe looks like a chunk was cut out of it."

It looks like this person is just eating cubes of vaseline straight from the glass. Actually, that would probably make you feel better than drinking a glass of absinthe.

"This is still the best way to feed squirrels by far — especially on Halloween."

This is the best squirrel feeder that anyone could possibly own. Excuse me while I go and buy one of these before I do anything else.

"Amazon sent me 4 copies of The Aristocats. I ordered 0."

I mean, it is an absolutely fantastic film, but I cannot say that I would need four copies. I do not want to know why someone needed four copies if this film in the first place.

"These insect eggs look like little smiley faces."

Apparently, these were stinkbug eggs. I do not know why you may need that information at some point in the future, but I bet that you will! Perhaps at a really weird pub quiz?

"There is a 23 storey building in Duisburg, Germany with absolutely no windows."

Apparently this is filled with protected documents, with one person writing:

"No UV or outside contamination. Controlled environment. UV breaks down the inks or pigments and even destroys the paper or film eventually. There are even contaminants in the air that can cause damage."

"The difference between ground beef (on the right) and the liquid attractant that comes with the hornet trap (on the left)."

I guess that if you are looking to get rid of hornets then start cooking up some ground beef!

"Tire Jack's just aren't made like they used to be.."

Kids trampolines can be used for all manner of car repairs, if you just work hard enough at it! They are also pretty great at helping you to paint ceilings too!

"There is a colony of something growing in between the panes of glass on my window."

This is just bizarre. I did not realise that there was an organic way to turn glass into frosted glass. Time to get the microscope!

"My mom has an unopened Alice Cooper record from 1972, complete with panties."

Supposedly, these albums are worth quite serious money if you have them with the hall pass and report card still in them as well. Still, pretty cool thing to have either way.

Framing The Thing That Could Have Killed Him...

The person who posted this image explained: "My uncle got shot point blank in the head during a random bar shooting, survived, and now has the bullet framed in his living room."

"This restaurant puts a mesh net over your lemon so when you squeeze it, no seeds get in your food."

I have never seen such a genius move before, but it is so obvious. And yes, there are plenty of things out there in the world to be more amazed by, but this is my favourite level of genius.

"Live power line fell, it was so hot that it melted through the sidewalk and turned the sand underneath to glass."

One electrician did go on to add, "I like it when customers see what it can do. You can only work so rushed with electricity. Sorry it takes so long sometimes. We don't like getting killed."

"My son and I used molten aluminum to cast an anthill. These are the tunnels and rooms they built under ground."

I wonder what the ants thought was going on when they saw a tidal wave of silver careering down their arduously built tunnel systems?

"Someone put googly eyes all over the menu at my local Starbucks."

Even when the world is just fire and ash, there will be one person sticking googly eyes onto something. I love how much joy people get from something as simple as googly eyes.

"This just passed my friend on the highway in Universal City, TX."

Who really has the money to pay for a hearse in this day and age anyway? This is how I want to be carried out, either that or just throw me out with the bins.

"This tomato from my garden has seemingly stitched itself together."

This is absolutely incredible, it looks as though this tomato was put together by Dr. Finkelstein from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It is the perfect time of year for a spooky tomato as well!

"Four clawed lobster caught off the coast of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia."

I feel as though you should get some kind of special XP bonus if you catch this little guy. Although, I think that maybe I should stop playing so many video-games.

"My neighbor bought a lot of walnuts."

"Look, this is clearly not what I meant when I said that I wanted 'Walnut flooring'."

"Ah, okay, well it did seem a little strange when I was pouring them in. Still, it might grow on you!"

"A group of black cats out in the wild."

That is one hell of a big glitch in the matrix! I feel as though Morpheus would just have a panic attack if he came across this massive feline family reunion.

"A Pizza Hut opened up next to what was previously a Pizza Hut."

One Pizza Hut connoisseur pointed out that, "It's funny that they keep the same logo(the shape of the roof), but ditch the actual buildings that inspired it."

"A beer can fell out of our fridge and landed like this."

It took me a lot longer than it should have to notice what the hell was going on with this. That is also one hell of a flimsy fridge if it was cracked open by a single can.

"My brother got this pizza in Rome, Italy…"

Wow. I wonder if it at least tasted quite nice? Something tells me that it did not though. Why do they even have something like this on the menu, or was it a "lost in translation" sort of deal?

"This carrot in my garden spawned upside down."

How does this even happen? I know so little about gardening that this could be quite a common occurrence though. Any carrot growers out there need to let us know if this is normal!

"How the F***?"

"If you hit the tree at just the right angle, with enough momentum to lift the rear of the car, it could rotate in between the two obstacles and then come to rest as shown. I have played enough GTAV to know exactly how this all works," suggested one individual.

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