20 Amazing Things People Actually Found In Real Life

The world is filled with shocking and astounding discoveries just waiting for those willing to look for them. Sometimes, those discoveries happen to those who aren't willing to look, too, those who just stumble upon them by chance.

This list is dedicated to those moments, amazing finds that people actually found in real life and managed to do so completely by accident.

A visible difference.

The author of this post explained what this tree's significance is in the caption, "The Wall-E special edition DVD came with a form you could send away for a tree seedling. This Wall-E tree is now about 12 feet tall. I’m going to trim the other stuff back a bit to see if it’ll flourish a little more."

"My Hotel’s Sun Canopy is connected to a wind meter, which automatically causes it to retract when the wind speed becomes too high."

This is some incredible intuitive design work. I'm not very well versed in the sun canopy world, is this a standard feature? It really should be. That'd be one less thing to have to worry about, which is always appreciated these days.

"This car is painted to look like a nebula."

Many were quick to point out that it's a wrap and not a paint job, but I think they're missing the point here. It's a car with galaxy print on it. I can't tell if it's a tacky nightmare, a glorious steed, or both.

"This pepper looks like it’s challenging me to fisticuffs in 1820."

"You think you could just come and pick me off the plant, eh? I'll have you know you picked a fight with the wrong pepper! Now put 'em up, you've shown yer pluckin' hands now let's see yet fightin' hands!"

"This recycling bin at Ibiza airport accepts bricks."

If you're anything like me, your first thought was probably asking why they'd want this. Someone in the comments said bricks are what drink cartons are called in Spanish, but someone else pointed out the image on the bin clearly shows building bricks. So, why is this a thing? We don't know!

"How the fence of the garage shows which floor it is."

This is SO much cuter than signs posted up inside, it minimizes visual clutter and is generally just a cute design choice! If more things like this could be integrated into architecture, the world would be a way easier place to navigate.

"A snake blending in with my tractor’s hydraulic hoses."

The fact that you were able to identify this is incredible. Most people would not be that perceptive and would wind up being bitten. Is this a common problem and that's why you're so good at spotting them? Are snakes known to try and blend in with hoses on purpose?

"This monster sunflower head from my dad’s garden."

Whoa, what a haul! You guys will be snacking on sunflower seeds for weeks, maybe even months to come!

Your dad looking so proud of his sunflower makes this photo even better. He should be proud, that's a beast!

"This Halloween themed ketchup."

Can this be sold year-round? There's something about calling ketchup 'tomato blood' that feels a lot more badass than just ketchup. Imagine recipes that call for you to add a quarter cup of tomato blood, how cool would that be?

"Big Ben has been under reconstruction that long, it's just part of the advertisement."

They're just trying to remain accurate, which I can respect.

Apparently it's not even made in England anymore, though, so they're still trying to connect with what roots they have left by being timely.

"This old steam engine I found during one of my hikes in Colorado."

Not only is this a pretty cool find, but it's called a steam donkey, which is the best possible name. Steam donkeys used to be very popular and were used mostly for logging or mining. In this instance, given the surroundings, this one was probably for logging.

"This cloud shaped like a great white shark."

Here we go again, this is an early warning sign of a sharknado. Given the size of it, it looks to be a bad one too. Best to start preparing now and get out of there before people really start flipping out!

"Peacock shaped door knob at my airbnb."

Fancy doorknobs are so underrated. We use a ton multiple times every single day, why not make them beautiful? Why not make them feel luxurious to use? It's a simple, small way to improve literally any space, get creative with 'em!

"In a textbook regarding differentiating between ISO and the OSI model."

In my academic career alone, I can think of many, many things that I believe were done deliberately to confuse students, let alone across every field possible. The worst part is, we'll never get a true explanation for it.

"My IKEA manual instructs me to throw away a piece included in the box."

People in the comments debated how this could come to pass, with many people believing it to simply be an ease of manufacturing choice. Maybe, though, they just want to start you off confused as possible just to see how the build goes after that.

"This cactus growing through a porchway roof in Collingwood AUS."

In their defense, I wouldn't want to try and trim a cactus either. Especially when it gets to that height, that's a terrible accident waiting to happen!

Then the longer you put it off, the worse it gets until it's growing through your home like seen here. The end.

"Robot cat waiter at my local restaurant."

Whoever designed this robot didn't need to make it a cat, but they still did. It could have just been a human-esque creature, or a new little robot character, but they went with a cat, and that's a choice I appreciate.

"My neighbor started a 'Dog-Stick' Library."

This way, they'll be able to get a safe stick that's been vetted by their peers, and their owners will have a convenient spot to throw away their poop bags and pick up new ones (as the bin supplied both, apparently). How sweet!

"My dog took the squeaker out of her toy. It says 'Game over. Your dog won.'"

A truly honorable opponent knows when to admit defeat. Though it put up a good fight, the toy is fully aware it was no match for the dog, and surrenders respectfully.

Despite all this, it looks like your dog wants to go a few more rounds.

"Coworker had a model cryptex, and inside were the LOTR rings."

People suggested that this would be great for a proposal, but I personally can't imagine anything worse than forcing your potential future spouse to do a puzzle in order to receive your love. It would be a lot easier to just do the knee thing.

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