20 People Who Were Luckier Than They Probably Deserved

I swear, some people have all the luck. They find the coolest things in the world, or even narrowly escape disaster (which is usually good, granted).

I think it's safe to say that the people who took these pictures were really lucky. On the plus side, though, they took pictures so that we could all see their strokes of luck too.

"All the stuffed animals I've won so far at the arcade."

Arcade prizes are so hard to win. Whether you're trying your luck at the claw machine, or just want to win enough tickets to buy a pencil, you're going to be there for a while. This person seems to have cracked the code, though.

"Finished my coffee to find a Bob Ross forest."

Seriously, what are the odds of finding something so cool at the bottom of a coffee cup? Seems like fate, almost. I'm sure Bob Ross would've been proud of how this person's incidental coffee art turned out, too, which is a fun thought.

"A real bug got caught in my fake spiderweb."

I'm not sure if this is luck, skill, or sheer randomness. Maybe it's a combination of all three. Still, what are the odds? This seems like the kind of thing that probably shouldn't happen, considering the webs are very fake. And yet, it did.

"My first major screw-up at the new job! It was a cable line and not a power line thankfully."

Well, the damage could've been a lot worse, especially in a place where the power lines aren't underground. But the real lucky break here would be if this person doesn't lose their job over this incident.

"I found a shell that looks like an ear."

I feel like finding something random like this will bring good luck to the finder. This is now a lucky shell. A good luck charm. Hopefully this person cherishes it forever and keeps it close, because it's bound to bring good fortune.

"This is a truck carrying the signs you see on the interstate."

I feel like you have to be really lucky to end up seeing something like this on the freeway. Sure, we've all seen interstate signs, but this is what they look like when they're being transported, which is a rare treat for sure.

"This rock that looks like my pocket knife."

Again, what are the odds of finding something like this? If I were this person, I'd probably go and buy a lottery ticket. You know, just in case their lucky streak is about to run for a little bit longer. You never know.

"A burn on my finger is fading into a heart."

I mean, getting a burn is never lucky. But the shape it makes can feel like an omen (good or bad). In this case, it's a good one. After all, who doesn't like the shape of a heart?

"A huge volume of superheated plasma just shot into space from the surface of the sun, and I was able to capture it using a special telescope from my backyard."

I think in this case, we're the lucky ones, since we get to see such an incredible shot of the sun in more detail than we usually can (please don't take this as a sign to look directly at the sun).

"Fractured my glass case but the RGB fans turn it into a lightshow."

Fracturing your computer case? Not so lucky. But on the plus side, this person gets to enjoy a really pretty light show for the next little while. You know, until they can replace the case with something that isn't broken.

"The sunlight through my back door created a rainbow 'eye' inside."

Man, light is so cool. It hits a certain spot at a certain moment, and all of a sudden you're treated to an amazing sight. And this is certainly no exception.

I really wish things like this would happen at my house...

"Took this on my mom's birthday. At the time my hands were shaky since it was cold and it came out like…"

Sure, this probably isn't the picture this person wanted to take, but it turned out looking so cool. So at the end of the day, they lucked out in a really unexpected way.

"Glowing rocks! A whole bunch of Syenite-rich Fluorescing Sodalite I found last night."

I swear, even when you know where to look, finding a bunch of cool rocks seems like winning the lottery. Of course, they're always worth more after they've been processed, but this would make a really great addition to any rock collection.

"I ordered a 119-year-old book online and quite a few pages are uncut- meaning no one ever read it."

This person definitely lucked out. They get to be the first person to ever read this book. Like, ever. In its 119 year existence. I guess it probably flew under the radar back when it was made at the beginning of the last century.

"I forgot I had some pens in my pocket when I did the laundry, nothing bad happened, but it did this to the pens."

Well, this could've been a lot worse. Those pens could've burst in the washing machine, getting ink everywhere. I don't know if it would've ruined the machine, but we thankfully don't have to find out.

"Found Amethyst pieces in a new gravel driveway."

I can't get over how lucky this is. Amethyst is such a pretty gemstone, and these ones would look even better after a proper cut and polish. If this person really wanted, they could probably sell these for some extra cash.

"My dining room table houses a secret spiral staircase."

The person who owns this house (and dining table) is super lucky. I've always wanted a secret passageway in my house, but that hasn't happened to me yet. There's always hope, though.

Seriously, this is the coolest thing I've ever seen!

"Wild Mules on my cousin's yard."

I literally don't even know where mules live, but it's probably not that common to see this many in someone's yard. Luckily, as far as wild animals go, they aren't very harmful. Which means it's just a cool (and lucky) sight to see.

"The very same table we bought used is on Murder in Amish Country!"

Wow, what are the odds!? Imagine having the same piece of furniture as the TV show you're watching.

Though, something tells me that the Amish didn't make this table... or the one on set. Still, it's a cool little detail.

"This intersection in my neighborhood."

I wonder if the city planners did this on purpose, or if this is a total coincidence (I guess it would depend on when the streets were named). In any case, I feel like finding an intersection like this near you would be pretty lucky.