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15 Incredibly Dumb Things Men Have Said About Women's Bodies

Men have a funny way of thinking they know everything about women. For people who don't have to live in a woman's body, they sure do have a way of making everything about how they feel about women and how they think things should go.

So, without further ado, here are the dumbest men on the Internet—you're welcome for the laughs.

The first time I've ever heard skirts were more modest than pants.

How is it possible that someone can get something so wrong? I have never heard that pants were more "sexual" than skirts or shorts.

Clearly, this person is bitter over someone who wore pants and probably rejected them at a bar.

Yes, that's how it works.

New Zealand is doing the right thing, but it seems that whoever decided to respond on Twitter has their sex-ed totally wrong.

Free period products won't "make anyone" get their periods at school because girls have their periods all day, whenever they have them. Silly.

This entire thing is a red flag.

A guy who says that everything that is "different" about a woman is "wrong" and corrupt is a bit of a red flag to me.

Everyone colors their hair, it has nothing to do with seeking attention. And, what if I like to smile?! I'm arrogant? Please!

Someone send him back to school.

Clearly, this man has something against mothers and wanting to provide the best nutrients for their children.

Not all milk comes from cows, first of all. Second of all, stop yelling about milk, sir. Go get a hobby.

Turn it off?

Excuse me, did this man just say "I know y'all can turn it off?" Is he for real? I wish I could turn it off. Do you know how great it would be to turn it off when I needed to? Wow, the endless possibilities.

That's the tell tale sign!

If that was the sign then I think the ankle chain companies would definitely go broke.

Also, women wouldn't wear them to their beachside weddings. Who wants to sport that in their wedding photos if it means they're a prostitute? Also, why is that a bad thing?


I really hope this woman blocked him over the fact that he thinks women drink milk to grow their boobs. What would lactose intolerant people do?

Never have any boobs? Why do all these men need to go back to sex ed?!

That's it. Def.

First of all, backpacks are easy to carry, convenient, and can hold a lot more than just a purse.

But, there's no way that it means someone is gay. I've seen married women with backpacks (AKA ME!)

What's with the red dye stigma?

If a woman wants to dye her hair red, she can dye her hair red without thinking that there is some mental breakdown going on over there.

The stigma with the red hair has got to go. It's tired.

Got a crush? No problem.

If you have a crush, you obviously need some zip ties and a clip so you can pull your skin back in every area of your body and make yourself appear skinnier than normal.

It's a whole trick.


It seems to me that this man has it totally opposite.

Women should put politics, socialism, feminism, and careerism before marriage because those things are imperative to their lives and to society overall.

I wish that's all we did.

If I could stay home and cry all day, text 15 guys, and that was it—I would be totally fine.

However, there are 100 things I have to do all of the time. Also, where do you think I'm finding 15 men to text?


Texting and driving is dangerous, no matter what. Men or women, you shouldn't be on your phone at all while driving.

In addition, I am a far better driver than my husband —just saying.

Why do they all assume we're lesbians?

Guys can't handle rejection or the idea that a woman may not like them, so they are convinced that if a woman doesn't want them, it must be because they want only other women and not men at all.

We definitely don't love it.

No woman wants a stalker. No matter what someone says or what they think, having a stalker is dangerous and creepy. We don't want any of that. Attention or not, I don't want to question my safety and have someone who can't take "no" for an answer.