15 People Who Thought They Were A Lot Tougher Than They Actually Are

One of the worst things to come from the age of social media is trolls. Proverbial internet tough guys (and girls) who only see fit to turn their mouth while behind a computer desk.

Below are 15 examples of people who thought they were a lot tougher than they actually are. Have a look below and check it out!

All we're saying is give peace a chance.

Clearly, this marine doesn't realize that he's been discharged and that his war is over. These kinds of people legitimately scare the crap out of me; are they just waiting around for someone to shoot?

Mess with the sun and you'll get burned.

I don't know about you but these days I'm rocking sunscreen that comes with an SPF of at least 50 — preferably SPF 60 if I can get my hands on it.

I don't think it works that way.

First of all, I'm going to have to go ahead and warn you about eating two times as much meat as a normal person should consume. You're going to wind up having a heart attack by the time you turn 35.

Something tells me that Sara didn't get the business.

I bet this poor unassuming client of Sara's was so taken aback by the onslaught of texts from her crazy boyfriend. You're not going to make it far in business with a life partner like that.

When people reveal their true self to you — trust them.

It's one thing to say the words, but to actually go and get them tattooed on your body for all to see — that right there is determination and dedication.

This probably isn't true.

If you need to get an "alpha male" decal for the back of your red charger, then I'm sorry but you sir are most assuredly not an alpha male. I bet you have a pair of chrome-plated testicles hanging off a pickup truck somewhere, too.

Silly, confused Blake.

I'm still confused. Even if it was a police car why is vaping in front t of it something to be proud of? This isn't illegal, so how is Blake rebelling at all? Can someone help me out?

When you're a straight-up savage.

What kind of a knuckle-dragging idiot would drop out of school only to then return with the sole purpose of vaping in class and beating up underclassmen? Clearly, this guy is going to go far in life.

Empty threats don't scare anyone.

So is the jealous boyfriend trying to challenge the co-worker to a weightlifting competition? Why else would he mention how much he lifts? Does he really think that would intimidate someone? And why would you say "I used to wrestle."

Boom! Roasted.

I love how the letters in the word MAN are all capitalized. Kudos for how the anonymous well-wisher was able to keep their cool and passive-aggressively take the jealous meathead down a peg or two.

Whoever did this deserves a slow clap.

I know that this might seem a little excessive to some, but I for one am all for it. The people at my grocery store park their cars like absolute idiots. so I'm totally bringing zip-ties with me on my next trip.

Batman would 100% disapprove of this message.

That tattoo looks like it was done on the back of a prison toilet. Clearly, this person needs to do some fact-checking on his Batman lore, because the Dark Knight would never act like the Joker to anyone — regardless of how he was treated.

No cap, this only makes we want to knock more.

Drunk, angry, and bored is a deadly combination. Still, if I saw this in real life I'd more than likely knock incessantly or ring multiple times before running away at the absolute last second.

This is America.

Did this guy just come from a Call of Duty cosplay convention or what? You're seriously trying to tell me that you not only need four separate pistols but also a detachable clip for each gun as well?!

If you have to advertise it, it probably isn't true.

I am almost 100% positive that this is the kind of man who also owns a t-shirt that reads "Guns Don't Kill People — I Kill People." You're sending the wrong message, pal.