30 Weird Moments That Made Us Question Whether Life Was Just One Big Joke

Life is not necessarily meant to be a completely serious affair all. Sometimes, the weirder and more unsettling things that appear out of nowhere remind us that the world is a pretty daft place actually.

So, from people who found the most horrific squishy things in their soup to individuals who found that their Ken dolls had become sentient, here are 30 weird moments that made us questions whether life was just one big joke.

"Thanks, I hate everything about this..."

I was so distracted by the butter soda that I did not even notice that they were selling enchilada soda. I just cannot imagine how bad each of those drinks must be for your health!

"1970s weight loss diet..."

Thank goodness I have finally managed to track down a diet plan that I think I can get on board with! This sounds like just the diet plan for me, maybe with a few extra glasses of wine in there for good measure though.

"It takes a village to raise my neighbor's cat."

I feel as though my cat would need the neighborhood's help with staying safe, but she is terrified of going outside as it is. I suppose that if I could just sleep all day and have meals provided for me then I wouldn't want to leave the house either!

Can We Interest You In One Of Our Spicy Chicken Slushies Today?

I think that I would actually be pretty keen to try one of these — and I can safely say that as I know that I will never have to deliver on that assertion.

"I hate the idea of Boston Bean Donuts."

I think that it will be a long time before I am able to confidently bite into a donut without fearing that there may be beans inside of it. No one should have to fear there being beans in their donut.

"Passed this house today, seems legit."

Someone who lived nearby to this bizarre location added: "The sign must have gone up very recently. My wife and I were just laughing about it yesterday. The same house had a key cutting sign a few months ago and I think I remember an attempt at garden produce at one point."

"A tenant in the building next door got evicted. These are the empties the landlord pulled from the apartment."

I dread to think of what this place looked like inside before they cleaned it out. I have seen some messy flats in my time, but this blows all of them out of the water!

"What 'plumber' did this to my sink?!"

I am sure that this is very...effective. However, the thought of having to drink that blender's forbidden milkshake is making me feel as though I'm going to be sick. Let's move swiftly on.

Who Decided That This Was A Good Idea?!

Do you think that this should be called a "Chockle," or "Pickolate"? Personally, I think that they are both crimes against God, but I suppose I would go for "Chockle" if I was pushed into it.

They Had One Job When They Were Making This Weight...

This just proves it, life itself is clearly one big lie. Who am I? What am I doing here? Is there really such thing as pigeons, or are they just a construct of some higher power's imagination?

"Mud wasps turned this Ken doll into a horror show."

This is one of the most horrific things that I have seen for absolutely ages. The fact that "Mud Wasps" are a real thing is just wonderful as well. I was quite happy living in ignorance of their existence.

Why Did They Put The Security Tag Through The Cards?!

I suppose that this will definitely stop people from stealing them though! However, it will also probably stop a fair few people from buying any of them at the same time.

"Best workplace notice I've ever seen!"

It is almost as though toilets are designed to be used in this very specific way! And yet, I am certain that a worryingly high amount of people at this office will still find a way to get it wrong!

Tape Should Be Enough To Hold It!

Moving a dishwasher used to be such a difficult thing, but I did not realise that you only need a roll of yellow sticky tape to attach the washer to your car's boot!

"New lock out procedure."

This is the most Wallace And Gromit looking fix that I have seen for a long time. But hey, if it works, then it works! Looks like they managed to use the oldest wrench ever as well.

They Were So Close To Being Perfect...

The forlorn baker who posted this wrote:

"I made some bomb-ass cookies today and then wondered what the 'film' was over them. Upon closer inspection realized I forgot to take off the PLASTIC wrap that was covering them before I mindlessly popped them into the oven."

"Next to the dumpster at my apartment complex."

That appears to be a suit made of duct tape. I have no idea why anyone would ever need one of these — and I really, really do not want to know either.

"Towards end of my meal at a fancy restaurant I bit into something chewy, a cigarette filter."

Wow, you're really lucky to get one of those for free, they are usually a pretty expensive add on! They really add a depth of flavor to any soup, wonderful stuff.

The Latest In Family Transport!

I feel as though all that they are missing is someone holding the family dog to really complete this image.

Please, do not try this at home though, as much as you may want to!

"I'll do my best."

If people just put up signs that said, "Please do not have an emergency at this location," across the globe then that would solve most of humanity's problems! How did no one think of doing this before?

"Threw my 5-year-old a super fun birthday party and this is how she thanks me."

This seems like a bit of a harsh response to having someone throw you a party! Maybe this kid actually wanted their party to be really boring not super fun?

"My local ice cream shop definitely nailed it hear with their latest pun..."

This place must have a person that they pay to try and think up the worst puns possible. Whoever that person is, I guarantee that they are a father!

"I want to be a sensitive cowboy."

I can only assume that the person who runs this class is the guy in the photograph? He looks very happy in his work, which means he'll never have to work a day in his life!

"Something seems to be a little off on the back of that car..."

I cannot hear the words "Wange Wover" in my head without hearing them in the voice of Michael Palin playing Pontius Pilate in The Life Of Brian.


That looks as though they have landed here after being fired out of a car cannon, if a car cannon is a real thing that is. Did they learn to drive in GTA V? It looks like they did!

"I think someone is trying to tell me something."

I wonder if anyone has actually taken the time to look into some of the nearby zip tie factories and made sure there isn't anyone trapped inside one of the machines?

"Absotoothly not..."

Teeth really are not the nicest things to look at at the best of times, so I do not know why anyone would want one placed into jewellery. Even if it is a tooth from someone you know!

"I wanna know the story behind this."

Hmmm. Now I am thinking that there is definitely a secret exit behind there! Either that or they are trying to hide Narnia from the rest of us. Time to clamber through some milk cartons!

"Uhm.. I was leaving school and I saw this beauty."

I am struggling to determine whether the straps are holding down the debris on the top of the car, or whether they are holding the bumper on. It's a tricky one.

Today's Specialty Is Ceasar Salad...

Someone should start a whole Shakespeare-themed restaurant! Look, I don't know what else they would serve but I am sure that the puns would come thick and fast once they started! A Midsummer Night's Ice-Cream perhaps?

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