15 Cake Designs That Ended In Disaster

An alarming amount of people think they know how to bake.

Don't get it twisted — I also possess the misguided belief that I could totally create an intricate cake with crazy fondant decorations. However, I'm smart enough to know I should never try it. No one needs to learn what their creative limits are, you know?

That's why baking and cake decorating are best left to the professionals. If only these people had done exactly that, huh?

What did Mickey do to deserve this?

"Birthday cake my mom's friend wanted a replica of vs. what she got."

Honestly, for 50 bucks, they kind of got what they paid for. Don't underpay artists, people.

Hey! Wow! This is awful!

"My son turned 1 yesterday. This was the topper to his space themed cake."

Someone tell me why they made his face look like a reanimated corpse of Dennis the Menace.

Finger lickin' good.

The saddest part of this is those limp, uncooked-looking fries. At least at some shading to those things to make them look crisp.

What happened to that chicken, and why was it stabbed repeatedly with a fork? Guess we'll never know.

Well, it's definitely a nightmare.

"My mom ordered a cake with this to be on top. She was assured by the bakery that it could be done. Spoiler alert: It apparently could NOT be done."

Please save him from this hell.

"We ordered the cake on the left and received the cake on the right...Elmo has seen better days."

That Elmo has been to hell and back, and what he saw scarred him for life.

Imagine doing this to a bride.

Imagine delivering this to one of the most strung-out, stressed people on the planet.

"[...] it was made by a good friend of hers who makes cakes as a side gig... and she didn't finish it until half way through the reception."

I'm chill in general, but I would have gone FULL bridezilla over that.

Poor Pikachu.

"My niece wanted a Pikachu cake, mum delivered."

Honestly, I'm going to give the abomination points for being made of icing and not fondant. Buttercream will always be better than fondant.

Mirror glazes can be hard.

One commenter pointed out that the big mistake here was trying to make a glaze with pink and green. That's baby barf right there, y'all. Baby barf and black licorice, what a combo.

It's the cake stuck to the box for me.

Honestly, that before pic doesn't look that appetizing, either. Not because of the contents, but because those flowers would have to be picked off and you KNOW a petal or two would get stuck in the icing. Nah. Pass.

Elsa, what happened?

Elsa looks like she's had a hard life of chain smoking, plastic surgery, and cheap makeup. I would be so horrified to open up a box, only to make eye contact with this abomination.

Sure, that's the same. If you squint.

This cake looks like it got slimed at a Kids' Choice Awards ceremony in 2006. Does anyone remember those Nickleodeon awards? Those were the DAYS.

Anyway, that cake looks like hot garbage, and was actually sweating! Ew!

New White Claw flavor just dropped.

"My girlfriend spent $100 to get me a White Claw cake for my birthday. She was less than pleased with the result."

I'd be getting my $100 back if I were her.

At least it looks yummy?

Reddit | u/tdbower

"My cousin didn’t want any writing on her valentine cake so she asked for 'Just a small heart please'."

I honestly would love to receive this cake/cookie mess. It looks delicious and it's so funny.

This was supposed to be a wedding cake.

"Yes an actual bakery. It’s an old, downtown catering company that also specializes in cakes. Food was great though. Took it to the back of the kitchen with the catering staff and asked if there’s anyway we could fix it and we all laughed."

The saddest baby Yoda in all the land.

Poor Grogu. He just wants to be hanging out with his friend Din, and instead someone jammed candles in his head and melted him. This is what a true tragedy looks like.