15 Movies That Had A Great Premise But Terrible Execution

One of the most important aspects that go into making any film is marketing. A great trailer and a cool poster can go a long way when it comes to helping to ensure box office success.

However, sometimes even movies that appear to have the most intricate plots and cleverest twists wind up falling short. See what I mean and check out these 15 movies that had great premises and were terribly executed.

*The Witches (2020)*

The Witches was a caricature of the original film. The CGI was borderline laughable as was Anne Hathaway's performance. The film is a poor attempt at nostalgia for nostalgia's sake land it eft a bad taste in several people's mouths — including the disabled community.

*The Nun*

"Great setting, great premise, even had a good story imo but the climatic fight with the main antagonist (spoiler alert, the nun) was really stupid and kind of let it down." - Reddit u/cuz_throckmorton

This was arguably the biggest letdown of anything to come from The Conjuring universe.

*A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)*

The remake of Wes Craven's 1984 horror classic made one crucial error — they opted to use CGI for Freddy Krueger's face as opposed to makeup and prosthetics. Sadly, the technology at the time made Freddy appear more comical than anything else.


At the time, making a biopic about arguably the world's greatest military mind seemed like a slam dunk — especially when Colin Farrell was cast in the lead role. The reality of the situation, sadly, was a lot less exciting. Alexander is a 3-hour-long sleeping pill.


I have yet to meet a single person who has been able to intelligently articulate to me the plot of Tenet from start to finish. I shouldn't have to watch and rewatch a film 12-times-over to be able to grasp what it is I've just seen.

*Godzilla Vs. Kong*

On paper, Godzilla Vs. Kong seemed like it was going to be the heavyweight showdown of the decade. But due to poor dialogue and a totally non-existent plot, the film wound up falling flat on its face.


I have held off saying this for years but I can't deny it any longer: M. Night Shyamalan has officially lost it. Without a doubt, Old has to be the worst movie he's ever made — worse even than The Happening.

*Shutter Island*

I find Shutter Island to be especially frustrating because had it continued down the path it appeared to be leading its audience, it would've been a great film. Instead, it tries to force-feed us a twist that's both illogical and totally unrealistic.


"A movie with people being shrunk down to five inches, so obviously it’s about a boring romance and global warming," Reddit user Infammo jokes. "I think of it as a movie that thought it was too good for it’s[sic] own premise."

*Mortal Kombat (2021)*

Do you know how certain video games have load screens that you have to watch before you can advance to the next level? That's precisely what watching the latest Mortal Kombat movie feels like; like you're watching a giant load screen, waiting for a resolution that will never come.

*Candyman (2021)*

Up to this point, Jordan Peele has built himself a formidable reputation as the next hot thing in the horror genre. However, with Candyman, it would appear as if filmmakers were unable to properly commit to making a true reboot or just another sequel.

Also, it isn't scary — at all.

*Aladdin (2019)*

Obviously the live-action Aladdin movie had a great premise — it's based on arguably the greatest Disney animated film of all time. However, the latest remake contains none of the magic and charm of the original.

Also, I love Will Smith but he is no Robin Williams.

*Space Jam 2*

I was totally ready to pass on the Space Jam franchise to the next generation of eager young kids. but this wasn't that. Space Jam 2 is nothing more than a self-aggrandizing commercial for all Warner Bros.' past works. I very nearly shut this one, off.

*Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith*

The true origin of Darth Vader; the unedited account of how the Jedi were destroyed by the Sith — who wouldn't want to see that?! It's just a shame that they decided to cast Hayden Christensen to play Anakin Skywalker.

*The Many Saints of Newark*

This is not a Tony Soprano origin story. Rather, this is a story all about Dickie Moltisanti and his role/relation to the DiMeo Crime Family. Despite what you see in the trailer, Tony doesn't even come into play until well over an hour into the film.

If you claim to love The Sopranos, then under no circumstances should you watch this film.

h/t: Reddit