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20 Products We Apparently Didn't Know We Needed — And Still Don't

There's no shortage of unique products out there. Many of them are legit game-changers. Others, though, could have used more time on the drawing board.

Even impulse shoppers would be hard pressed to put any of these monstrosities on their credit card.

"For that dipped in mud look."

Reddit | ImRussell

This is like a more extreme version of those jeans that are 'pre-distressed.' Just like those jeans, it seems silly to make the product look like crap before you buy it. It's easy enough to make it look like crap all on your own.

"Nicolas Cage FTW."

Reddit | suktupbutterkup

Nicolas Cage is more meme than man at this point in time, and this pair of pants proves it. I'm not saying I wouldn't wear them, don't get me wrong, but I don't think I'd spend $13 on them.

"I wanted an Eleven Pez and they gave me Eminem."

Reddit | da_BLINSKY27

No offense to Stranger Things, but I think that, in the long run, Eminem will have more cultural relevance and staying power anyway. I'd be happy that my Pez looked like Em.

"The band ain’t safe anymore."

Reddit | lil_grocery420

Al Capone-era gangsters sometimes concealed tommy guns in instrument cases. I thought this was just a relic of a bygone era, but it looks like is bringing the old trend back again. It's kind of disturbing, really.

"Batman or Superman?"

Reddit | Person080

This is a mug for someone who likes superheroes, but doesn't want to play favorites. This mug gives everyone their due, and I think that's pretty commendable. Hopefully the other says "Ant-Man" and has a Superman logo.

"I don’t even own a chicken."

Reddit | Glitter_berries

To be fair, the only reason I don't need these is because I, too, don't own chickens. If I did own chickens, though, you'd better believe I'd be buying the whole set of these rad helmets.

"It turns out that I did not buy two Oreo packs."

Reddit | LargeDisplay1080

Well-known brands are always going to promote their iconic branding, and unknown off-brands are always going to be ripping off this branding. Sometimes they're so good at it that you can barely tell the difference.

"I like the packaging name in the background."

Reddit | generic_cucumber

There's a lot to unpack here. First off, I like the idea of colorful garbage bags. Second, I'm not sure that's what this ad shows because the wording is weird. Third, what's with that shark?

"This pizza truck from a local park (it says "Roman pizza" at the top btw)."

Reddit | CoconutPotato77

The tradition of putting bootleg kids' characters on random signs in an attempt to drum up business is a proud tradition indeed. If you love Monsters, Inc. and pizza, this is totally for you.

"Wish wilding for this one."

Reddit | PopeyeSeedBagel

It's a good idea to cover up your power outlets if you have little ones crawling around. It's a bad idea to cover them up with something like this. I think this constitutes an attractive nuisance.

"Adios amigos."

Reddit | ThikThak1

I think my favorite part of this pair of underwear isn't the humorous name, but the logo. It's perfect: they took the iconic Adidas three stripes and deconstructed them into a logo that looks like absolute garbage.


Reddit | polsica

Phone cases run the gamut from lightweight to heavyweight, colorful to understated, and come in every material imaginable. It was only a matter of time before someone jumped on the lucrative market of phone cases that look like frying pans.


Reddit | Salman_R

The good folks at Manuella cocoa hazelnut spread did their research here. They've aped Nutella's white label and made their own version of the orange and brown text. Personally though, I'm a Nutella loyalist and would just stick with the brand name.

"Don’t know if it been posted here before but my friend sent me this."

Reddit | tf-who-asked

You know, for seven bucks, it's almost worth the gamble to see if they ship you some kind of interdimensional trampoline pool. Like, they almost certainly won't, but you'll never know if you don't try.

"This 'Panasonic' battery that came with a calculator."

Reddit | the-dude9

I had my doubts when I saw that this wasn't an authentic Panasonic battery, but a poor off-brand imitation. But then I saw that it was 'super heavy duty.' That sounds pretty credible, right?

"I was looking at cat backpacks... but now I'm looking at dog hats."

Reddit | Trainer_Unlucky

Say what you will about the poor Photoshopping and the likely poor quality of these products, but you can't say that this woman isn't living her best life.

"Wii'lly close but not quite (from my personal collection) - Sport Vii."

Reddit | NextOnHoarders

If you search for 'bootleg Wii' and have some time to kill, you'll fall down a fascinating rabbit hole. Somehow, though, I don't think any of these things would play Wii Sports.

"Looks familiar but I can't quite place it..."

Reddit | GengarInHat12

This movie boils down the tropes to something we can all understand: an ape fighting a monster. Do they really need to add any further context? It's right there already, for everyone to see.

"Banana for Scale? The pin isn't THAT WTF really, but why a banana??"

Reddit | madscot666

I suppose a banana is a decent way to show scale (even if a ruler would have been far better), but I'm more focused on the pin. What exactly is that camera supposed to be printing out?

"Second degree burns on my thighs? Yes please!"

Reddit | cxntney

"You know what society needs? A mug that doesn't rest flat on any surface and needs to be awkwardly balanced at all times," said no one ever except the person who designed these terrible mugs.

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